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Type: LP
Released: January 20, 2015
Label: Moribund Cult Records

Part 1

Running Time: 41:47

1. Hell's Disciples
2. Embers of Will
3. Valley of Blood
4. Pre-dating god
5. Greed, Lust, Hate, War>
6. After the End
7. *See you in Hell

*Bonus track: (written by Nick Bowcott/Steve Grimmett; Grim Reaper)


Part 2

Running Time: 38:38

1. Fanning the Flames of Hell
2. Soul Wrent
3. Lady n' the Snake
4. As the Dead, They Sleep
5. Descending in the Shadow of Osiris
6. Reprise: Pre-dating god


Recording Members:

Leviathan Thisiren- Vocals
Patrick Evil - Guitar/Bass
Anthony 'Evil Hobbit' Lopez- Drums

Additional Information:

Recorded at Flatline Audio, Westminster, CO - July - September 2014
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Dave Otero
Engineer Assistance and Edits by Shane Howard
Executive Producer: Odin “The Old Goat” Thompson, Moribund Cult Records
Layout and Design: Evil Hobbit, WebSlave
Cover Artwork: Joe Petagno
Photography- Anthony Lopez, Tatyana Lopez, Greg Mills, & Mario Cianca Betancourt

Pre-dating god Part 1 Reviews

Venia-Mag -April 30, 2015

Translated from Croatian

Satan's Host is endemic. A rare type of band. They started as a heavy metal band, then switched to a death / black metal and return to heavy metal, but do keep a good part of the sound of death / black phase.

The story begins in Colorado in late 70s, when guitarist Patrick Elkins (under the pseudonym Patrick Evil), formed the band. In 1984, another band from Colorado, Jag Panzer, released his first album - Ample Destruction. After this, now cult album, singer Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin leaves the band and joins Patrick's band called Satan's Host, and instead of the real names used pseudonym Leviathan Thisiren to better fit the image of the band. The band will soon release its first (heavy) album, today the same cult, Metal From Hell (1986) and recorded the EP Midnight Wind (1987), which was never released due to the bankruptcy of the publisher, but bootlegirane versions of the EP can be found. After that, the band fell apart.

The second incarnation of the band began in the late 90s, when the band comes a new singer LCF Elixir. He was in the band retains 10 years and sung in 5 studio albums. I have already mentioned that in the second period, the band moved to the death / black metal. Honestly, poor me aware of that phase of the band, just superficially, because I've never been too in this genre.

The third period of the band begins when The Tyra ... oops, when Leviathan Thisiren returned to the band in 2009. As Jag Panzer is concerned, and they had a break-up of the late 80s, and phase with another singer, but recorded only one album. So it Leviath .. ups, so the Tyrant returned to Jag Panzer in the mid 90s. Circus begins when Hary Conklin, that Tyrant, and Leviathan begins to sing in both bands. And Jag Panzer and Satan's Host 2011 issued albums. Jag Panzer released his "last" album The Scourge Of The Light, and Satan's Host issued comeback album with Conklin By The Hands Of The Devil. The same year Jag Panzer breakup, and in 2013 some moving stories about the comeback concert with Conklin. Shortly after Conklin left the band, and returns, and leaves him ... No one knows what's going on. Basically, today again there are both bands, and Jag Panzer working on her comeback album. What is Satan's Host is concerned, they are issued albums regularly. After By The Hands Of The Devil issued Virgin Sails (2013) and the double album Pre-Dating God (2015). Pre-Dating God can be bought piece by piece, and can be taken in the package.

What is the sound of this third phase of the band is concerned, it is a mixture of the first two. Conklin heavy / power metal singer, and other instruments really letting more black metal than other genres. Production is polished, so that those who love dirty black metal sound will not come into their own. This is Jag Panzer with black metal riffs. To make things even more complicated, the third Conklin's band, Titan Force, suddenly became active, or more active than in the past 20 years. The man is at once the three active band, and I call them Jag Panzer, "progressive Jag Panzer" (Titan Force) and "black Jag Panzer" (Satan's Host). His name is still the highest in relation to the band, he Jag Panzer.

The album takes a little less than 42 minutes provides us with 7 songs. All songs are similar to each other. The sharp black metal riffs, blast beats a good deal, and Conklin's voice varies from normal, clean singing, over deep Grow up screaming to the heavens. The first two songs, Hell's Heroes and Embers Of Will are made ​​to the same "joke". Quick, with all the aforementioned. The third song, Valley of Blood, has all the above, only a considerably slower than the first two. The title track is a mid-tempo song that is the most distant from black metal riffs, probably because I was the favorite. The closest thing is something that would be found in Jag Panzer album. Greed, Lust, Hate, War song that works at two speeds: fast as light or slow as a snail, and sometimes finds himself and anything in between. Really strange song and does not sit too good. Current favorite on the album is definitely After The End. Almost ballad, this is the only song I can recommend a broader audience, because the easiest sits, is the most ringing, and Conklin's voice is brilliant. However, by the end of the song, "wild", so there is still a small minus. Personally, I think that's supposed to leave by the end of simpler, easier. Last song is a cover of the Grim Reaper, See You In Hell. Quite different from the original, what you personally do not support, or a big change from the original arrangement. BUT! This darker rendition is an excellent match to the rest of the album and therefore I give a finger up.

This material is not for everyone, and even Jag Panzer fans can this be considered a serious "material". However, if you're in the mood for something more, something more intense, then repeat the trip this.

-Alan Žižak

Rating: 4/5



Wormwood Chronicles -April 30, 2015

Old Nick is keeping his helpers in Satan's Host plenty busy. Hot on the heels of their superb "Virgin Sails" outing comes not one but two albums as a follow-up. A lot of bands that put out double albums fall prey to bloating and long-windedness. Will that dire fate strike "Predating God"?

To some extent, yes. Frankly, "Virgin Sails" is still superior to either of these offerings. But then that was a fantastic record that virtually reinvented Satan's Host, so it was always a long shot that the followup would surpass it. But these are still some strong efforts, very much in the vein of "Virgin Sails", only maybe even darker and blacker. Yes, I think a couple of tunes could have been cut and some others maybe trimmed, but this is still a satisfying listen for anybody who enjoys TRUE power metal with a dark side.

The band still retains the god-like vocals of Leviathan Thirisen, aka Harry Conklin of Jag Panzer. His lungpower is beyond reproach. He lets it all hang out over the course of both albums, including some incredible falsetto shrieks and more darkened growls. But most of his singing is in that clear mid-range that's so powerful. He is nothing but an asset to this band.

The music follows the Satan's Host pattern of melodic power metal mixed with thrash that typified "Virgin Sails". To go over every song over 2 albums would be tedious, but I felt that "Part 1" was superior, with killer cuts like "Valley of Blood" and "Embers of Will". There's also a great cover of Grim Reaper's "See You in Hell", with Leviathan's singing equalling original singer Steve Grimmett. Not an easy task!

"Part 2" has its share of good cuts, like the super-heavy "Soul Wrent" which begins with almost death metal like riffs and the epic "Lady N' The Snake". But things get rather monolithic with the same approach and "As The Dead They Sleep" and especially "In The Shadow of Osiris" are just too long and run out of gas. The last song is a reprise of "Predating God", which was on "Part 1", which did not make for a particularly special ending.

Maybe the ambition of Satan's Host got the better of them a bit here...but not to the point where I couldn't recommend "Predating God" as a worthy addition to your library of hellish tunes.


-Dr. Abner Mality



Metal Crypt -March 8, 2015

Only on very rare occasions do I get as excited about music as I did with Denver, Colorado-based Satan's Host's gigantic new opus, cleverly titled cleverly Pre-dating God - Part 1 & 2, which marks the band's 9th (and 10th) studio album(s).

This is a monstrous double album from this magnificently creative Metal act and is courtesy of the band's true soul and (evil) spirit, guitarist Patrick 'Evil' Elkins. The man has always crafted totally killer compositions for Satan's Host. In my sincere opinion, this time he has really outdone himself on both parts of Pre-dating God.

Ever since vocalist Harry "Tyrant" Conklin, aka Leviathan Thisiren, returned to Satan's Host (he left the band to join Jag Panzer in 1986) in 2011 to record his vocals for Satan's Host's 7th album, By the Hands of the Devil, things have been favorable, both creatively and successfully.

Pre-dating God is the ambitious culmination of the band's entire history. They have managed to maintain their underground Metal sound on this new opus of satanic verses and avoid kissing the mainstream's big and commercial butt. Harry has probably given his most ambitious effort on this album and uses his entire vocal range as effectively as possible while his band mate Patrick, as I said earlier, has enjoyed a very creative period in his life while putting the songs together for this record. Pre-dating God - Part 1 & 2 is packed with Patrick's sharp, epic melodies, catchy riffing and all the other sweet elements that make this album a mandatory purchase for every self-respecting Metal fan. As has been the case with every prior Satan's Host album, Pre-dating God - Part 1 & 2 has this ominous and evil aura around it making the album sound dangerous, but in a good way.

Trying to underline some highlight tracks off this album is unnecessary as they work best as a coherent whole and this makes Pre-dating God - Part 1 & 2 one of the most significant albums released in the recent history of Heavy Metal. I am 100% positive that the Satan's Host camp is well aware that they have accomplished their finest work to date. You can always reinforce that by buying this record. By doing so, you not only support the band but also the real underground movement. A very essential album for 2015.

Rating: 5/5, 100%

-Luxi Lahtinen



-March 5, 2015

Translated from German

Was as surprising as the return of ex-Jag Panzer singer Harry Conklin, as surprising was the quality grade of the last albums of Satan's host. Because with By the hands of the devil presented to a new, original style, in which also fit even the compositions. Polynuclear Power Metal with the typical Meistergesang Conklin meets black metallic gloom with their typical blast brachial sound. This could have well go wrong, it did but fortunately did not, but Satan's Host sound since 2011. hard and merciless on one side and bombastic raised on the other.

Anno 2015 is to be so obviously up higher and higher. For it is not only released a new album, but two pieces at a time. In this case, pre-dating God 1 and 2 do not differ significantly. In about forty minutes each one puts eleven new (long) songs as well as a massive and pretty good cover version of the old Grim Reaper number "See you in hell" and a remix ago as a bonus.

Qualitatively, the two albums did not really give something, even if Part 1 looks a bit stronger. Here tears the cloudy atmosphere of a number as "Hell's Disciples" or the mixture of solid hardness and large choruses as "Embers will fall" or "Valley of blood" offer something more with. Sophisticated songwriting is, however, on both halves. Satan's host will not get the easy route and beat her songs sometimes quite hook and immerse the listener in an intense sensual bath. Since it is then really happy that something lighter power ballads ("Descending in the shadow of Osiris," "After the end") or relative straighte power metal projectiles such as the title track and "fanning the flames of hell" appear.

Which is always great though, is the voice of Harry Conklin, who ascends its entire range in Satan's host. Since this is currently the only band in which you can hear it, this fact is still some more valuable. In the end, represents only one question: Did it really is a double album be? Without the unnecessary remix of "Pre-Dating God" (like a demo version sounds) would have the whole thing fit on a single CD - even if you had to take a deep breath at the end of this once drenched in sweat.

-Mario Karl

Rating: 15/20



-March 5, 2015

Lets take a minute to look at the history of Satan's Host. Started in 1986 by guitarist Patrick Evil and Leviathan Thisirenor you might know him better as Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin of Titan Force and Jag Panzer. They Released one album in 1988 entitled Metal From hell before disbanding. they Reunited in 2000 with a new singer before Conklin cam back in 2009, after playing the Keep it true festival in Germany the band kicked right back into songwriting mode.

The Release of Pre-dating God Parts 1&2(2cd) marks a huge comeback for the band and let me be the first to say that they came back with a thunderous roar. The back bone of Satan's Host is undoubtedly Harry Conklin. His Vocal range covers everything from deep lows to high piercing screams and patrick evils riffs add so much intensity to the songs. The Album starts off with hells' disciples adding a great start to the album with Conklin sounding a mix between Warrel Dane and Terry Jones of Pagan Altar. Keeping with the roots of heavy metal this album is kept very pure and old school from the first second to the last, while songs like "Embers Of Will” show that Conklin can sing very deep but still hit falsetto like screams this song in particular sends a very dark vibe. A nice surprise on this album was a fairly decent cover of Grim Reaper's "See you in Hell". Their cover has a darker vibe to it but their take on the chorus section with a steady double kick that adds so much power to an already incredible song.

Sometimes there does seem to be some repetitiveness in Patricks Riffs but that isn't necessarily a bad thing cause it lends itself to the classic feel of this album. It is not often that you find a band these days maintaining this level of old school meets classic heavy metal and Satan's Host is a band that deserves much more credit then they receive.

Highs: Deep Dark feel of the song Fanning the Flames of Hell and the Grim Reaper cover.

Lows: some riffs seem to be repetitive.

Bottom Line: great comeback album from a very under appreciated band and a must listen to for fans of Jag Panzer and Sanctuary.

-Scotty 'Dimetime' Nadeau



Metal Forces -March 5, 2015

I applauded Satan’s Host’s 2013 release Virgin Sails – their eighth overall – and I’m pleased to report that the Denver, Colorado-based demons are back at it again with two separate full-length monsters released simultaneously, which again offer up a venomous dose of traditional metal that has been described as “power black metal”.

Satan’s Host – who, believe it or not, formed back in the 70s – combine thrash metal with a classic power metal belligerence, which is also fused with a Mercyful Fate-style of imagery and Gothic savagery. It’s not an original sound, but it’s one so sincere and fiery that you cannot help but lose yourself as the deadly trio takes you on a journey into the fiery depths of what real metal should be about. Basically, we get a bunch of tales constructed on the strong vocal work of former Jag Panzer frontman Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin; although he prefers to be known as Leviathan Thisiren here.

Now, although Satan’s Host play straightforward metal, there is that old school air about it as they march through the thrashier workouts of tracks such as ‘Embers Of Will’ from Part 1 with its sizzling solos and rattling percussion. This is where the Mercyful Fate comparisons will no doubt be drawn, but in a sense Satan’s Host are more of a mischievous and occasionally sinister little brother to King Diamond’s demonically possessed older sister.

Although Pre-Dating God Part 1 and 2 may seem a lot to take in at first, it’s very much a mighty double slab of classy, no frills yet blazing metal which at times is truly demonic (‘Valley Of Blood’) thanks to Conklin’s versatile vocal tone where he becomes a sneering bestial manifestation of fire. The band is adept at crafting out traditional metal too, mind – as with the fantastic and melodic strains of ‘After The End’ with its plodding bass and Conklin’s clearer tone which is closer to Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson at times.

With this weighty package, there are so many gems to choose from; like the slow-building and foreboding ‘Pre-Dating God’ and the pounding cover of Grim Reaper’s ‘See You In Hell’. Nevertheless, Satan’s Host refuse to be stuck in that mid-80s creaky trudge.

On Pre-Dating God Part 2 they come out swinging with the pacey, thrash-tinged ‘Fanning The Flames Of Hell’, the utterly monstrous ‘Soul Wrent’ with its guttural growls and epic structures, the doomy ‘As The Dead, They Sleep’, and the progressive rock strains of ‘Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris’.

These two are a cornucopia of darkness, a hot-bed of molten metal and with a cloak made of steel and eyes burning like hot coals. Satan’s Host once again couldn’t get any more metal, and prove that the Devil has all the best tunes.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Neil Arnold



HeadBangers Latinoamerica -March 5, 2015

Translated from Spanish

Very few bands on the current scene to which we could tell them they have a sound and a different and unique proposal. Satan's Host unfortunately not been discovered by many people and is a totally different band to rest. His proposal is fresh and invigorating in a scene so battered by the saturation of bands without a real proposal and that only mimic what others have done in the past. Satan's Host is a band with a dark, devastating and powerful sound. Musically it goes from a powerful and heartbreaking Death Metal to a fairly heavy with stunning melodic and powerful voice of Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, known for his work in addition to Titan Jag Panzer Force.

For years I have seen a big fan of Conklin's voice, which is very powerful but also has great versatility and is capable of transmitting many feelings with her. His re-entry into Satan's Host in 2009 made me wonder about the musical direction the band would take it knew that would not get to make guttural as vocalist predecessor, LFC Elixir. Recalling also that Conklin (Leviathan Tisiren as part of Satan's Host) had already been in the band 1986-1988 but the style was Satan's Host in those days was different in the way they would take on the 90s. I think that having Conklin in the band performing guttural would be a waste, although capacity has and it shows at times but his voice goes beyond that. The band, however, took the right decision, keep doing Death Metal as it had been doing for years but this time mixed with the melodic voice of Conklin and the result is just great and with a unique style and a proposal Advanced.

Pre-dating God is a blend of powerful riffs with high quality melodies coupled with the full range of colors that has the voice of Conklin who can carry a tune to a powerful sound and can give it calms the most powerful riff. The main difference between a disc and the other is that 2 is darker and powerful, despite being slowed by now. Musically closer to a conventional Death Metal while 1 is somewhat more melodic and more acute by Conklin. I think that one is the complement of the other. It is as if one does not exist without the other. A dual sort of yin-yang. Where the light part can not miss the dark and the dark part can not miss clarity. Maybe somehow we feel more attracted either by Part 1 or 2, but apart are only part of a whole. The band has always been distinguished by its extremely dark lyrics and no exception in this group called Pre-dating God, where since the title can see the ambiguous meaning it has, of course the title track to this work is repeated in both versions.

The production is up and the music quality is just great. A couple of worthwhile work in a fairly extensive discography and worth scrutinizing. Satan's Host is undoubtedly one of the greatest bands currently proposed and never ceases to amaze. While some melodic music listeners tend to neglect the extreme music and, likewise, fans of extreme music are wary melodic music here we have a band that unites both styles and could fall in prejudice on both sides, but I think beyond that we must be open and listen to music as a whole and not as a separate genus. Also clarified that decided to make this review as if it were a single job because, as I said before, one is the complement of the other.

-Edwin Martinez

Rating: 8.7/10



Metal Italia -March 2, 2015

Translated from Italian

The move sly of including Harry Conklin in the line-up of Satan's Host, materialized in 2009, proved not to be improvised and allowed metallers Colorado to keep a production rate from old industry Taylorist: considering "Pre-dating God" a single disc - the band released separatamentele two parts by which it is formed the concept, titled simply "Pre-dating God Part 1" and "Pre-dating God Part 2", but given the homogeneity of content we treat them together - we are the third full-length in five years. The return of coordinates classic metal, when for ten years Our dedicated themselves to a death / black rather extreme, devoid of the influence of the power away debut "Metal From Hell", can be seen as a sign of lack of consistency and great opportunism but we must say that the quality of the material is giving reason to Patrick Evil and companions. The cornerstone of the new, huge, work - about eighty minutes of music - is the one force of nature Conklin. His vocals are distinctive and dominant as usual, when he's in the lineup the first thing you notice are her vocals, then you begin to appreciate the rest. Compared to the work with Jag Panzer, prompted our hero even more versatility, because if the sound of Satan's Host is now fully classifiable in traditional metal, the aura left of the previous artistic phase remains: Conklin then lends itself to lines voice psychotic, demonic, touching in some cases even the growl and abandoning lyricism deeply it is rightly acclaimed. Or, when the musicians are dedicated to violent outbursts, or average time particularly gory, the singer is produced in considerable screaming halfordiano, lambent sometimes falsetto. Its yet another showdown is the icing on the cake in a lot of pieces that, while not boasting the songwriting first class of records like "Thane To The Throne", "The Fourth Judgement", "Mechanized Warfare", they defend very well in the current heavy metal. The individual tracks are in themselves rather ambitious; you try to mediate between an idea of ​​metal murky, prone to deviance and evil, and the epic, the trionfalità, the best power of US school. The tears of fury titanic emerge from a maelstrom of horror metal, doomeggiante and mournful as a rough version of Mercyful Fate. There is some filth in the music of Satan's Host and a streak of impulsiveness that pierces through drumming nervous Anthony Lopez. His trademark is the short accelerations and decelerations that crumble atmospheres anguished orchestrated by the six strings, to allow Conklin at his best on the most galloping. The pieces are tortuous, long, highly morbid, as if the scent of black metal mortuary had attacked as a trade mark for Satan's Host and the group no longer able to remove it off. The limit of "Pre-dating God" is the little melodic breath, in relation to the moments full of negativity; sections more pressing and high-sounding tones have a completely different caliber, and in fact the best episodes are the ones where you travel fast and destructive, with the double bass to hammer and drill the ear. The title track and "Hell Discliple" on the first half, "Fanning The Flames Of Hell" and "Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris" are our personal highlight. Taking a more general, "Pre-datingGod Part 2", a bit 'too feeble and extreme, loses slightly direct confrontation with "Pre-dating God Part 1", which from its spirit anthemico more marked and is for this more impactful. The Satan's Host still have released an album of value, worthy of their history and worthy of careful listening by all the fanatics of US metal and tornado voice on behalf of Harry Conklin.

-John Mascherpa

Rating: 7-10



Metal Invader -February 27, 2015

How do you review Satan’s Host. In my opinion they are one of the historic U.S. Metal bands. All their releases exhale a Satanic odor, I even like the ones that Leviathan Thirisen did not participate. Satan’s Host this time decided to present us their new work in 2 parts, Pre-dating God part 1 and part 2. To describe them musically is not an easy task. They are a classic love or hate band, all I can say is that they are the American angle of playing Black Metal through the prism of U.S. Power Metal. Loving, cuddly stuff you might say. Whoever expects to listen to Jag Panzer-styled metal, fuhgeddaboudit. Here Conklin sings from high-pitched to demonic growls.

At the first part of Pre-dating God, you will find everything, from black, power, doom (the title song even reminded me of Candlemass in parts) elements, all mixed up and played with passion and pure hate. The first three songs (Hell’s Disciples, Embers of will, Valley of blood) are close enough to their previous release. The song Greed, Lust, War kind of reminded me of King Diamond (solo, not Mercyful Fate) but in a more brutal edition, maybe because it has a more theatric rendition from Leviathan. One of the songs that stand out is After the End, it starts very melodic, bringing in mind the golden era of metal ballads and progresses into a great hymnic metal song. The first part closes with a cover song, See you in Hell, originally by Grim Reaper. Kudos for the choice and for the performance.

As for Pre-dating God part 2……HELL ON EARTH ! All the pseudo-satanic bands should hide, the demons (who we will call songs for our convenience) will haunt you forever. Part 2 is a click better than Part 1, Conklin is simply breathtaking. I tried hard to choose which songs are best but they are all amazing. To me this is one of the best releases in the history of Satan’s Host and even though we are at the start of the year, I believe this will be among the top releases. Satan’s Host did not let us down. They gave us 2 amazing releases. And even if usually I am not a fan of growling vocals, the addition to the palette of vocal styles from the Great Leviathan Thirisen was satisfactory. As for the other members of the band, holding a stable line up since 2008 does them good, everyone is great in its part. The outcome is that now in 2015, Satan’s Host who were an underground obscure band in the ‘80s known only to few, they release one after another top class CDs. Only thing I know await is seeing them live so they will haunt me forever and ever.

Rating: 4.5-6

-Elias Chatzialexis



Deadly Storm -February 19, 2015

Translated from Czech

American heavy metallers have this year put him on their shoulders a huge amount. Just released two full-length albums that follow each other, they go another text interrelated and will certainly gem in the collection of many fans of the band. Access reminds me perhaps the master himself King Diamond magic. Of the songs also feel a certain mystery, power and while with the band for a moment nevynoříme of stylistic limitations, it is definitely a very interesting feat. SATAN'S HOST play with moods, tells us his story metal, are distracted, mad, enthusiasm, but they can also be sad, annoying and blades. Musically, it is of course the classics of the rankest. I recommend listening when viewing old photos, while reminiscing with a bunch of old friends as well. Within the genre, of course, nothing revolutionary or not shocking. Effects of IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and similarly tuned part here feel almost at every step, but I think that anyone will not mind too much. Gentlemen do not conceal their allegiance to a glorious and honorable order of heavy metallers and it is actually everything in order. Not surprisingly, the band dates its origin to 1977 and is among the esteemed persona in the music industry. I do not know what is "forced" to take once such a difficult piece of work, but personally I am satisfied. Certainly the work is managed and blind spot I have not found one.

Plate I somehow evokes old times, maybe perhaps once heard a song on the gramophone parents do not know. Anyway, I feel there every step of the strength and sincerity (as I do not like that word). There is also a large piece patetismu, necessary poses a cliché. But of all this are the strong melodies, powerful voice and a kind of honesty that is hard to explain. Every fan but he knows. I listen to otherwise completely different, much harder music, and this double album I came across by accident. To me but does not prevent me to listen enjoyed their fill. Blaming band from retro to their "old age" is not too good, it really does feel that SATAN'S HOST firmly believe what they play. So if you fancy, sit back, pour a glass of something good, turn the volume right and let us tell ancient stories about heavy metal. I hope you enjoy as much as I do. A great achievement! Take my hat off and I adore!




Eternal Terror -February 19, 2015

Satan´s Host started out way back in 1977 but did not debut with "Metal from Hell" in 1986. Their progression from pure heavy metal to death to power metal have taken them thru eight albums and now they reach the 10 album mark with two consecutive releases "Pre-dating God part 1 & 2". Both albums are very good and it´s nice to hear that Satan´s Host are back on their heavy metal (with an ounce of black/death/thrash) vibe. Espescially on the drums you can hear the harder influences.

The trio fires on all canons on both Part 1 & 2 and this text covers both releases since their quite familiar both in musical direction and production.

Personally I´ve never been that big of a Satans´s Host fan but I´ve given them some playing time now and then up upon the years and I must say that when they give it all in the heavy department with some formidable lyrics on top the shiver is not far away.

Both albums have as mentioned very many similarities so why they are not combined as one double album is strange. Anyway, this is good heavy metal that spans on many genre´s and after giving both albums a couple of spins I must say that they are not just good, but very good. Never heard of Satan´s Host, now is your double chance.

Rating: 4.5/6

-Jørgen Garmann



Toilet Bowl -February 19, 2015

Pre-Dating God is a heaping helping of Satan’s Host’s signature blackened power metal, and I do mean heaping. Every song lands somewhere between really good and really goddamn great, and Conklin’s kickass falsetto makes me want to go get a dad haircut and age 30 years so I can be just like him. That being said, not even quality like this keeps after an hour and twenty minutes. Double albums are lame, dude. Bash my face in with righteous heavy metal tunes for 40-45 minutes, then back the hell off. Therein lies success. (Note: I typically dislike covers, and I typically dislike Grim Reaper, but the cover of “See You In Hell” is a serious jam.) Listen to: “After the End“, “Soul Wrent”>




Full Metal Attorney -February 12, 2015

Power Metal That's Not a Joke

Power metal is a joke. If you’re American, you’re probably going to agree with me there, and I’m guessing there are a whole lot of extreme metal fans around the globe that feel the same way. But then, there are exceptions to that rule.

Satan’s Host is exceptional. A few years ago they blew my mind with their blackened power metal, and now they’re back to do it again. There’s never been anything wrong with high-energy performances, soaring guitar solos, and dramatic clean singing. Never. What’s wrong with the rest of power metal is the cheese factor, and maybe even the particular feel-good metal vibe. Satan’s Host is not about to make a feel-good song, and it’s clearly non-dairy.

So, here we have two albums that could have been a double-album. I didn’t pay enough attention to the lyrics or promo material to tell you whether it’s a concept album or not, but at least the title track is built around a flimsy, laughable premise. But the key is, it’s dark. It sets the right mood for the music to follow.

Throughout, the band is running at high velocity. Powerful heavy metal riffs are punctuated by high-speed solos and magnificent vocal work. To me, every ingredient is essential, but the vocals are the standout feature. High, powerful, with just the right amount of falsetto screaming to appeal to the King Diamond fanbase. (If you’re not a King Diamond fan, then I can’t tell you whether you’ll hate this because of the falsettos. In fact, I’m not even sure we can be friends.)

The formula is the same as last time, and there’s no reason to change it now—particularly when no one else is doing it at nearly the same level. The mix is a bit louder this time around, but not overblown. The only real distinction I can draw is that it’s not quite the revelation it was before, and perhaps the writing isn’t quite up to the same level. But it’s fantastic nonetheless.

Rating: 4.5/5

-Full Metal Attorney



New Noise Magazine -February 12, 2015

These metal veterans come from Colorado and they’ve been making tunes since way back in ’86 even though I’ve just now heard them for the very first time on this extravagantly impressive record. You see, these guys have taken all of the styles that influenced them like thrash, power and death metal and combined it all into one incredibly memorable piece that you won’t soon forget. Not only do the songs have a healthy amount of thrash and heavy metal might, but they also contain slight instances of death metal wherein a growl will surface from time to time, which sort of sits their current style as sort of a power/death, which I can certainly get behind as there aren’t too many bands like that out there. But thrash fans are going to find themselves completely seized within the grip of this dual disc set, as they wonder at the same time where such air raid sirens and passionate guitar solos might have spawned from. It’s truly an immense piece of work, filled to the brim with everything that makes their mix of power and thrash metal so brilliant. Each song offers enough muscularity to keep the listener hooked, waiting for the next chapter in this extensively meaty saga. Additionally, all of the songs on this disc are well over the five minute mark, which shows that the band didn’t opt to making any short radio cuts within what is essentially a true representation of everything that makes up classic power metal and thrash. There’s no doubt in my mind that fans of Sanctuary, Iced Earth, Jag Panzer and several others in this vein will certainly adore the work presented here and hopefully more people will learn about the band from this release. With an act this potent and steadfast, it’s surprisingly that I haven’t heard them until now. It would be a wise idea to start with this record and work your way down to the band’s debut. With luck, this album will do so well that the band’s previous material can be reissued and available to those who may not have heard it as well. Satan’s Host might have been around since I was a two, but twenty eight years prove that they’ve still got it. Some bonus tracks are included on the record, just to make your purchase even more worthwhile. There’s no better time than now to observe this ancient beast.

Rating: 4/5

-Eric May



Lastrites -February 12, 2015

Satan’s Host has existed in some form or another, off and on for thirty years now. Their first record featured Jag Panzer vocalist Harry “the Tyrant” Conklin, who departed two years after to join Titan Force, and the Host lay dormant for over a decade. When they re-emerged, they did so without Conklin, who was replaced by LCF Elixir, and Satan’s Host’s blasphemous power metal took a turn towards acceptable, if average, black/death. That new direction persisted through four records, before the Tyrant rejoined, twenty-two years after his first tenure ended.

And with that, Satan’s Host changed dramatically, and for the better. Conklin’s multi-octave range and sheer vocal force added a melodic component to the band’s thrash-tinted blackness, pushing them over the line from decent black/death to first-rate American power metal. Two full-lengths followed, plus a compilation of re-recordings of Elixir-era material, all in four years’ time. Satan’s Host is stiking while their iron is hot, presumably heated with Hell's unholy fire.

Inspired by myths and tales of pre-Christian days, Pre-Dating God was originally intended to be one album, but there was too much of it, so now it’s two official albums released simultaneously. It’s the Satan’s Host version of Guns N' Roses' Use Your Illusion set, and overall, it fares about the same as those two.

Stylistically, the band’s approach hasn’t changed – this still treads the middle ground between black, thrash, and power metals, all heavy riffing and soaring melody. A few of the best tracks incorporate doomish tempo and darkness -- “Lady N’ The Snake,” “Valley Of Blood,” and “As The Dead, They Sleep” among the best tunes on either of the twin albums. The first of the Pre-Dating Gods is the stronger of the two, with the opening blast of “Hell’s Disciples” running into “Embers Of Will” and the moody groove of “Valley,” all three showing the Host at their best. Conklin sings, shrieks, and screams impressively, sticking primarily to a throaty belting midrange and offsetting that with sporadic falsettos and less frequent forays into black-ish growls.

When I reviewed the killer Virgin Sails a few years back, the only real criticisms I could level were these: One, Satan’s Host has a tendency to push everything a bit too long – almost every song is in the six-minute range, which is often about a minute too much; and two, everything is all about Conklin, all about those melodies and the impressive array of voices. The former remains true, and time management is a bit more critical now that there are two albums – like the Illusions, there’s enough quality material here to justify more than one album, but probably not enough to really keep one’s full interest through two entire records. Also, like the Illusions, the extended running time is padded with a good but unnecessary cover (which is thankfully not “Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” but instead, Grim Reaper’s classic “See You In Hell”) and an alternate version of one song, the reprise of “Pre-Dating God” that closes Volume 2. That second coming is somewhat explainable – it puts a version of the title track on both discs – but it could’ve been subtracted along with the cover, and maybe one or two other tunes like “Soul Wrent” or “Descending In The Shadows Of Osiris” and the whole would’ve been one strong record.

As for the second criticism above, well, it’s still true, but that’s probably just the nature of this unholy beast – Conklin dominates here, but he dominated in Jag Panzer, too. As I listen to this, the same thing happens that happened when I listen to By The Hands Of God or Virgin Sails: I sing along; I get into the music, but the melodies supersede the riffs, and only a few of those riffs stand out. Three albums in now, and I’m not complaining about that anymore. It's nature of this beast.

Sure, the whole of Pre-Dating God is a handful. But still, it’s hard to fault a band for giving you too much good music, and at least, with it spread out across two albums, one could argue that you don’t have to buy all of it. (Except, if you want it, you do.) Volume 1 is stronger, more consistent but not by a wide margin; and well over half of Volume 2 is equally good, so there’s justification for owning both, even if it’s not wholly necessary.

Satan’s Host is one of the best American power metal bands around, especially now that Jag Panzer has split up and left Conklin to focus on this, his more blasphemous side. If you’re looking for something equally melodic and aggressive, something powerful that steers clear of the “happy metal” goofiness that plagues much of power metal, then Satan’s Host is absolutely for you.

-Andrew Edmunds



Metal Only -February 12, 2015

Translated from German

Already a year before I was born, in 1978, the American formation Satan's Host founded. Many releases followed over the years and now she celebrate a musical mix of Heavy- power and melodic black metal values. So also on their current work "Pre-Dating God" which have been split into two parts: Mr. Full of expectation, I listen to the sounds of the first disc.

On this record, some representing what your heart desires. Fast riffing on the guitars, from a powerful drum banging are enhanced and varied vocals. Leviathan sounds while often by King Diamond, but is more flexible of the pitch and variations ago. There is even some places or bawled gekeift. In addition, the guys are working a lot in the choruses with polyphonic vocals.

The compositions range always somewhere between powerful Power Metal (in terms of speed) and melodic Black Metal shares, which is often responsible for just the guitar sound. In particular, the textual Contents are strong in the diabolical direction. A clear separation is not necessary because the mixture is in this form Simply become a real board!

However, the gentlemen can also post definitely quieter tones, as in the places slightly balladesque Piece "After The End". Even the Grim Reaper Cover the end of the first part is really well done and has its own special flavor of the musicians.

The second half begins just as crisp and powerful as ever Part 1. The track "Fanning The Flames Out" ballert fully to the twelve, and takes no prisoners. Furthermore, the result shows, among other titles, "Soul Wrent" Once again, the dark side of the band.

No only the lame and boring piece is included on the long groove. Each title is varied and versatile maintained and makes even after repeated listen fun. Even the degree with a "remake" of the Title track from the first half dims this impression is not massive. All in all, already close to a perfect Album.

Conclusion: Both of the instrumentation and vocals an enormously varied part. Satan's Host succeed a perfect combination between the old school and modern musical context. Rarely have I the mixture of said index belongs implemented so successful. A perfectly-occult entry in the first third of the new year 2015!


Rating: 9.5/10



Zephyr's Odem -February 12, 2015

Translated from German

The Americans Satan's Host crawl for ages inexplicably around in the Underground . Slowly it is about time that to change. Because until now nothing bad to have published . And they have is a rather unique mix of styles , the sound is rooted in the US Power Metal spiced with which sent black-metal bonds.

And since 2011 sings again Ursänger Harry ' The Tyrant ' Conklin for the band. He has 1986 debut 'Metal from Hell ' and the first ever officially released EP " Midnight Wind ' sung , then left the band and sung tank at Titan Force and Jag . Now there after the terrific ' Virgin Sails ' from the 2013 finally the look-up 'Pre - Dating God ' . And even as a double album . The two parts are available individually.

The style has remained , with Part 1 focuses a little more power metal and more accessible than Part 2, which focuses on more of the Black -Metallic side of the band . But Part 2 is therefore no worse than Part . 1

It is always amazing what the guys put here for a creativity to the day when every true song. You can highlight any song , everything fits together perfectly. There are epic riffs , black metal fury , it coordinated drumming and there is a Harry Conklin has never sounded better . Here he can indulge his complete vocal range . He sings as he is known by his other bands , but the garnished with a cracking falsetto voice or really evil screaming or growling . He has once again proved why he is one of the best singers of the scene.

Thanks to the good manufacturing these two gods gifts you can just indulge and enjoy the finest metal. These two albums are one of the first things to do in this young year.


Rating: 10/10



Twilight -February 8, 2015

Translated from German

"Bang your head for Lucifer" was in 1986 the Okkultmetaller SATAN'S HOST from the tranquil Colorado. The simple "Metal from Hell" titled debut, the band gained cult status quickly. But as it is with cult bands just the way rich , stakeholders are not so often .

Leviathan Thisiren, better known as Harry " The Tyrant" Conklin " , has returned in this decade back to his former band , and has since recorded two more albums with the boys. With " predating God Part 1 & 2", the discography of dark metallers will be extended by two more albums . Apparently, the band has been geküst of the Muse, so that 13 new songs with a total playing time of about 80 minutes of playing time incurred - hence the decision to bring two albums on the market. While the band's debut quite obliquely sounds and can be therefore rightly called in the same breath as the likes of MERCYFUL FATE , KING DIAMOND or OMEN , convinced " predating God" above all by a powerful production , which adds more pressure to the album than has been the case in the initial phase . Unchanged is of course the shrill voice of ex - JAG PANZER and TITAN FORCE shouter Harry Conklin . However, the sharp - angled voice fits well with the evil metal songs and you feel anno 2015 entirely to the gloomy atmosphere of a KING DIAMOND recalls , especially " The Tyrant" again and again descends from the high vocal cord spheres to shout angrily. Songs like " Valley of Blood" or "Hell's Disciples " likely to draw away the disciples occult metal compositions with evil atmosphere immidiately . But the hosts of the Horned also remain true to the music and not focus on simple 4/4 beat , but the songs resonates quite a progressive touch with , as we know from bands like JAG PANZER or SANCTUARY . With songs like the brilliant "As the Dead , They sleep" on the other hand, comes up in the waters of the magnificent CANDLEMASS , SOLITUDE AETURNUS & Co. The traditional roots of the band will be the latest in "See You In Hell" clearly , because here is the 80s Power Metal worshiped in all its facets . SATAN 'S HOST will probably hardly storm the charts in 2015 , but continued to eke out a niche as a cult band. This is not to interfere as long as the Americans continue to deliver such high-quality albums us .

SATAN'S HOST prove to the two parts of "Pre-dating god" as good hosts and happy matic dark and malevolent Metal delicacies on . Evilness is spreading !

-Thorsten Zwingelberg




Power of -February 6, 2015

This band is cult and I have to admit that the name was known to me, but not their music (shame on me). In 1986 they released an album called 'Metal from Hell", but that didn't get my interest back then. The vocalist on that first album is Harry Conklin (Jag panzer, Titan Force). After that album the band went on a break to return in 1999, but with L.C.F. Eli Elixer on vocals and with him the band released a few more albums. On this new double album Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin is back as singer (he rejoined the band in 2010) and with success. His typical aggressive power metal voice sticks to the music, but besides that he grunts and growls also.

The music is a mix of U.S. power metal with black and thrash, some slower doom parts every now and then and on top of that a portion of King Diamond influences. First I thought that 13 songs in a row would be too much, but I was wrong. Each song is different and in every song I hear something that makes it interesting. Maybe the album will not land after the first spin, but with every next listen it opens its beauty. All the influences mixed together made this a very dark and kind of occult album, which is true metal from start to finish and I think that fans of a lot of different genres will like it. It doesn't matter if you like old Sanctuary, King Diamond, Jag Panzer, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden (just listen to "Descending in the Shadow of Osiris") U.S. power metal, old school thrash or black metal, there is something for all. Mixing thrash, power metal, black and even some doom like for example in "As the Dead, They Sleep" (hello Candlemass) isn't an easy job, but when you are able to write songs like this band does, it all sounds so logical.

After the first spin I had some doubts, but now that I have listened to the entire album several times I hear the beauty and the class of the band. It is difficult for me to say which of the two parts is best, therefore the rating is the same.


- Reinier de Vries



Lords of Metal -February 6, 2015

Translated from Dutch

For those who do not know it after all these years, praise, Satan's Host has been almost 30 years working as a recording band and even founded in the seventies. After several years of experimentation could be with death and black metal with the return of singer Harry Conklin traditional metal picked up and fans of bands like Merciful Fate, in particular to the false insertion of the band, also will to Satan's Host their evil grin can not hide.

Very personal, I was talking about the period with predecessor 'Eli Elixir ", but the band used extreme good time to weave through their traditional metal, with even a stray grunt here and there. And Conklin is the range have become much larger, I have to give him. And the atmosphere that is put on a very comfortable way particularly nasty, but above all, it swings like crazy. Here it must be disclosed in that it will probably remain forever a cult band, but for those who come through there, it really is a great band to delve into you, because it captures the essence of evil metal knows. In this case, moreover, fans are treated not only two albums, but also a bonus track in the form of a Grim Reaper cover, with the song "See You In Hell". An excellent choice. That gives nice weather you can expect from Satan's Host.


Rating: 78/100



Streetclip.TV -February 3, 2015

Translated from German

In 2011, as' By The Hands Of The Devil came on the market, SATAN'S HOST had our monthly title pretty deserved, 'Virgin Sails' 2013 would have had a reason. So now the third attempt: Congratulations, Patrick "Evil" Elkin, Harry, "Leviathan Thisiren" Conklin, Marcus "Margar" Garcia Lopez and Anthony Lopez! Congratulations on 30 years unbent musicianship. And respect for the tenacity to hold despite all the critics at the Tavastia own idea of ​​hard metal.

The since returning from Sangesheld Conklin increasingly sophisticated style mix of black metal and classic US steel sounds to the two new albums 'Pre-Dating God 1 & 2' ( review here ) homogeneous than ever and should also stubborn ignorant of the boards the forehead tear.

"Harry's return has opened doors to create better and even more original music," says Patrick. 'Harry can develop more freely with us and more facets of his voice as show in JAG PANZER. "The foundation stone for the reunion was the invitation to KIT been 2010 for the first time gambled on the SATAN'S HOST with Conklin.

The productivity in the studio is at the Colorado Härtnern but in stark contrast to the activities in the live front. "No man booked us for a tour," says Patrick. "Instead of having aimlessly, we are constantly working on new material. It is quite possible that our next album yet "Even though renewed unworthy depressurized produced 'Metal From Hell' debuts SATAN'S HOST want to take the end of the year in attack, as a new recording of' Midnight Wind' disc including some published in autumn. Never released songs from this period. The fire burns at SATAN'S HOST. A band name as an obligation.


Even diabolical wonâ? Or 81 minutes much good music on a single disc? In a cover version already known from KIT sampler ('See You In Hell' - GRIM REAPER) and the title song represented in two mix versions can see the label and band strategy Moribund Records and SATAN'S HOST doubt. However, there's the album two parts there in the package cheaper price - and the music on 'Pre-Dating God' is anyway a poem worth every penny become!

Even the Harry Conklin comeback disc 'By The Hands Of The Devil' of 2011 and the 2013 ausgeborene successor 'Virgin Sails' pocketed totally a right to the highest scores in the underground scene with their unique blend of black metal riffs and Harry's fantastic vocals, the brand new " Double Decker "is homogeneous in its wealth of variety even represents an increase.

Deeper than ever are immersed SATAN'S HOST in the classic, slightly dodgy US metal à la JAG PANZER or SANCTUARY, let it almost continuously her love for the European masters MERCYFUL FATE recognize without losing even one millimeter at a private profile. "We have our songwriting evolved," says band founder and guitarist Patrick "Evil" Elkins. "One reason is that we now have five years have the same lineup - SATAN'S HOST as stable've ever been." And that does not go unnoticed. Where the stylistics of the predecessors partially not fit together perfectly, forming rage and melody on 'Pre-Dating God' a true symbiosis that is in terrific songs like the title track, the ballad 'Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris' or Conklin- (KING DIAMOND has the best song to Kim Bendix never written) compositions 'Valley Of Blood' and 'Soul Wrent' manifested. No single failure, to said, very good cover version - no, in this work are also the JAG-tank and TITAN FORCE fans who have not made a bow to the Deibel, not over.

-Ludwig Krammer

Rating: 8.5/10


Top -February 3, 2015

Translated from German

2015 starts with a hammer. In the face. By starting from hell. How else can you call it when the hardest representative of the US metal contact immediately with a double album? Since the revival of Leviathan Thisiren who gave up his worldly existence as "Tyrant" Harry Conklin at Jag Panzer to 2011 and settle an unholy Double Swipe his successor and predecessor LCF Elixir, provided that demonic alliance to Oberteufel Patrick Evil only Large from; especially by maintaining an independence from the mix of Heavy Metal and Black / Death. The question now is: can the Dark Lord whether his sometimes effective weapon since 1986 again the litanies of the victory chant, or loses the black flame of power?

Seems surprising at first that the double album "Pre-Dating God" will be released back to Moribund Records; certainly an interesting label, but considering the reputation of Satan's Host more of a chip shop of death next to an elementary school. Of evil. The lettering on the banners of the darkness has changed and goes from very black metal-like symbolism of his predecessor back more towards diabolical mainstream. The beautiful album covers differ only in color. "; Part II" "Part I." pestilentem in green and red of the third stage of Dante's Inferno.

Why the kitsch in the review? Because the lyrics of the disk (s) to the normal listeners are similarly embarrassing as before. Especially considering what Leviathan Thisiren was asked to sing in his worldly manifestations, the language of Satan's Host is still a disaster that can not be an excited sit in front of the booklet. But that is not even necessary, because the nonsense is sung with a sovereignty that Ecclesiarchal of Asphodius can only envy. As in the best of times (or have only just begun?) Intones, shouts and snarls the front demon that is a very warm the heart. The Growlparts that there were increasingly heard on "Virgin Sails" be installed again.

The fact that the songwriting of the effective simplicity of a "By The Hands of The Devil" more along the lines of the progressive predecessor, is commendable; nachzuhören in the "Valley Of The Blood", which is only surpassed by the title track. The pre-release track "After The End" stands against these serious orgy with a comparatively gentle beginning, and its versatility. Likewise, the Grim Reaper -Cover makes "See You In Hell" fun and is the only remnant of the loosely-metallic nature, Satan's Host about "Black Stele" tended to "Metal From Hell". So much for the first part. "Pre-Dating God Part II" has a slightly higher average length and has a bit harder, but comes without doubt from the same sessions and should therefore be seen qualitatively in the same environment. "Lady n 'The Snake" and highlight "Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris" are recommended here.

Where the work is in a discography, consisting almost entirely of highlights, classify, is quickly told: It has finally recorded right after the two already excellent predecessors and delivers the best thing to do with the skills. The highest possible rating is almost denied because the lyrics, but who does not rub against it, "Pre-Dating God" can no doubt see as a 10-candidate and early contender for album of the year. The armies of heaven sound whether this news just storm in Stryper.


Rating: 9.5/10



Metal Kaoz -Janurary 27, 2015

SATAN’S HOST have been a strange case in the Metal scene; they’ve been around since the late '70s when they started out as a pure Heavy Metal band, only later to endorse extreme/Black Metal elements in their music. They released the now infamous “Metal From Hell” LP in 1986 having behind the mic none other than Harry Conklin of the JAG PANZER fame. When Conklin left the band to head for TITAN FORCE, the lineup disappeared but reunited without their frontman in the '90s and released a string of unsuccessful CDs in the '00s... With Harry returning to the fold, SATAN’S HOST embarked on a new trip in the Metal business and 2011’s “By The Hands Of The Devil” marked a second youth for the Colorado-based outfit.

Now, four years later, the quartet strikes back with two releases under the “Pre-dating God” general title. What’s obvious from the very first audition is the fact that the band is in fine mood with its creator Patrick Evil (guitars) delivering a bulldozing set of riffs to satisfy even the more demanding fan. The tempos vary but blastbeats are all over the place while the bass lines are thunderous. The Black Metal dimension of the music is equalized by the Power Metal singing of Harry - he goes with the name Leviathan Thisiren here, I have to remind you - whose vocals are sky high or brutal where needed. The result is a weird mix that some may find peculiar enough to swallow but overall does justice to the band’s aim, which no-doubt is to create an unorthodox mix of blackened Heavy Metal with malice and extremity. And the band has the experience and technical skills to succeed in this sector...

“Pre-dating God” is a two-part combo that confirms SATAN’S HOST is running its second youth. If you are a fan of the band, then you have no reason to wait for some audio samples. Else, try to digest the band’s complex music at first and then decide if you wanna invest your money on this recording. The album though is notable by all means.

Rating: 7/10

-Grigoris Chronis



Ave Noctum -Janurary 25, 2015

OK, for such an epic release, first a brief history lesson. I’ve heard a few bits and pieces from Satan’s Host before, but it wasn’t until I did a little research into the band for the purposes of this review that I realised they originally formed 2 years before I was born! Sole remaining original member, guitarist Patrick Evil has been part of Satan’s Host since 1977, where the band played classic heavy metal (alongside Harry “Tyrant” Conklin of Jag Panzer, who joined the band in the 80s and is again the vocalist of the project). Splitting in the 80s, and re-forming in the mid-nineties (which is where I originally heard their stuff), they changed their style to a death/black hybrid. 2015 sees them sounding different again to what I recalled to my previous taster, and with two albums worth of material to devour no less.

Firstly I’m struck by the standout style of the releases, which are of a broody thrashy/ blackened fair, with a very much trad metal vibe echoing through their bones musically. Add in classic/power metal vocals alongside a few guttural growls here and there to balance out the falsetto shrieks, and that’s a rough approximation of what you can expect. Fans of the bands Satan and Hell most recent releases would certainly get a kick out of this musical approach, albeit this being a more extreme version of their style. I must commend them for certainly having a very recognisable, refreshing sound – I can count on one hand bands that have a sound remotely like these guys. Mercyful Fate on PCP and steroids!

Kicking off the adventure, ‘Pre-dating God Part 1’, has a great trad metal vibe to the song structures, whilst retaining the speed and crushing end of extremity with blasts of blackness mixed with its power metal heart which pounding strongly. Whilst the riffage mixes in so many styles, it just works so well you’d barely notice. The black metal runs mould in to the classic metal chugs before you know it due to their flawless execution, and the overall powerful, bold sound really grabs you by the throat. During tracks such as ‘Greed, Lust, Hate, War’ and ‘Embers of Will’ (my personal favourites from the 6 original tracks on this part of the release), you’ll find yourself being dragged through their twisted worlds as you sit mesmerised by it all, such is their ability to tell a story in music as well as lyrics. It’s a wild ride, for sure. Finishing ‘Part 1’ off is a cover of ‘See You in Hell’ by Grim Reaper, but once twisted into Satan’s Host own style, you’d barely notice it was a cover if you didn’t already know the original.

‘Pre-dating God Part 2’ carries on right from where the first part left off, but perhaps with a little more grit and aggression. Opening with ‘Fanning the Flames of Hell’, there seems to be more a snarl in the vocal work, more of a speedier, angrier attack to the music too, with blastbeats and some red hot fretwork melting your subwoofers with reckless abandon. ‘Soul Wrent’ and ‘Lady n’ the Snake’ are chugging brutes in style, bounding forth with a super heavy sound and some ridiculously high falsettos ringing around that would make the King himself blush. Before you know it, the last true track ‘Descending in the Shadow of Osiris’ has tied things into a much more classic metal style, with heartfelt vocals mixing up with blackened rasps amongst the weeping guitars, all wrapping things up pretty tastily. A classic metal mix of Pre-dating God from part 1 closes things as a bonus track, pretty much an un-needed addition in terms of the album flow, but still interesting enough to warrant addition.

All in all, I really got a kick out of these two releases. There’s a lot of material to consume, but it’s all of a high quality and they both work together so well, it’s clear to see why they were released as a 2 part epic of a singular vision. Satan’s Host are like a dream come true for trad metal heads that aren’t afraid of dabbling in things a little darker, harder and faster than the standard fare. But when you write albums like these, who would be surprised if many an ‘extreme-only’ metalhead is perhaps turned too? Killer stuff.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Lars Christiansen



Planetmosh -Janurary 23, 2015

Satan’s Host are one of those rare bands that the much over-used musical terminologies “cult” and “underground” most definitely can be applied – and liberally!

After forming around the nucleus of guitarist Patrick Evil and vocalist Leviathan Thisiren (otherwise known by his real name of Harry Conklin, frontman of Jag Panzer and Titan Force) in 1986, the band promptly laid down a statement of intent with their debut ‘Metal From Hell’ album that same yeart – and then promptly disappeared from the moshing radar, emerging 13 years later, this time with a certain Eli Elixir on microphone duties. This incarnation of the band (with first Pete 3 Wicked and then Anthony ‘Evil Hobbit’ Lopez on drum duties) went on to record four albums over the next decade, before Elixir quit, to be replaced by – yes, you’ve probably guessed it by now – the man he in turn had replaced, Thisiren. Now, as they enter the latter stages of their third decade in the business, they have taken the rather unusual (and brave?) decision to release not one, but two new albums – not as a double package, either, but as two separate, if somewhat indivisible, entities.

Are you paying attention so far? Good… as this is where things start to get complicated. Because, despite their name, the titles of their albums – take your pick from ‘Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy)’, ‘Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick’ or ‘By The Hands Of The Devil’ – and their adopted stage personae, Satan’s Host are NOT a black metal band. At least, not in the aural sense. Because, while they may take their lyrical influences very much from the darker side, musically they are very firmly in the 1980s classic metal sound, in the mould of (still extant) contemporaries such as Chastain and Exxplorer (whose about-to-be re-issued debut album we’ll be reviewing next week).

Coming across as an abominable amalgamation of the DNA of Grim Reaper, ‘Stained Class’ era Priest, ‘…Beast’ era Maiden and ‘Melissa’ era Mercyful Fate, this inglorious package is a definite throwback to the glory days of when we didn’t care about how many zillion chord progressions could be squeezed into a 300mph solo. By the way, those seemingly negative adjectives are meant in a positive way, as this is a great, if slightly dated sounding pair of albums. Patrick Evil is a decent guitarist and a good songwriter, very much in the old school tradition of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-breakdown-verse-chorus-finish in the latter regard, while Thisiren is a more than adept vocalist, possessing a great range which by turns reminds of the late great RJD (see ‘Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris’ for a primetime slice of Dio-era Sabbath) and a youthful Halford.

It’s nothing original. Far from it, indeed. You heard these riffs a million times before. But, it’s good old-fashioned, solid heavy metal, firmly rooted in the ethics and mythos of the genre. And it works.

Rating: 4/5

-Mark Ashby


Top -Janurary 23, 2015

Translated from German

Old band, big name, a solid substance, yet almost unknown. Sure, scene experts have concluded Satan's Host in her heart before moons. Since the US metallers from Denver (Colorado) will remain, because with this truly iconic sound of the mainstream is even in 2015 remain a far cry. A band so that you will not be snatched away and despite her ambitious music the Underground is maintained for a long time - one would think.

Satan's Host have been founded in 1977, 9 years later released an album in 1987 'ne EP carved out and stood once the resolution on the plan. 1994 went on, however, did not come until 1997 with the next EP from the hip and only the millennium drew the second album in the band's history in local stores. This was followed by 3 albums until 2008 and since 2009 it has now landed in Moribund Records, a US label from Washington, the previously published five studio albums of guests Satan. (2x the current edition included)

Big name? Those who risk an ear will soon realize that this voice is not only one band in the world gave their distinctive sound. Harry Conklin, Goldkehlchen and upper screamer, was doing his work already in Jag Panzer, which he left in '85 and later joined them, at Riot in Tyrant and Titan Force.

I have no further questions, the biography of the band reads like a maze, but suggests a lot of experience. What to post in the 80 failed, namely albums regularly want Satan's Host obviously make amends. "Pre Dating God Part 1 & 2", as the name suggests, consists of two complete albums that shine all the way with balance and variety. Not only the well-known and multi-faceted voice of Harry Conklin makes the album very interesting, but convince sprawling song structures that will conjure up the listener not only once a fat smile on your face. What then is the long and short of it? US Metal pure! No lard, despite melody! Down to the essentials limited, despite a change! 2 albums that simply stop listening so and convince with everything the inclined Maniac required to happiness.


Rating: 8/10


Top -Janurary 02, 2015

Translated from German

"Virgin Sails", the eighth studio album SATAN'S HOST, was one of the most uncompromising power metal albums of the year 2013. After decades of Darbens in total background of the time appeared for the self-proclaimed "Power Black Metal" from Colorado now come finally to a little bit of success to hope.

A new album can of course only be beneficial, but commit SATAN'S HOST a significant error: Publish "Pre-Dating God" same as "Part 1" and "Part 2" - the fan is therefore equal to twice be asked to pay , What would basically okay, because if sufficient material was available. However, both parties scrape together only minimally to the maximum playing time of a single CD - the smells (yes, alright, Underground and financial success, clearly ...) a bit after a quick cash-in.

If now a potential buyer can scare them, that would be doubly bitter because SATAN'S HOST go to "Pre-Dating God" more consistent and uncompromising to work as the "Virgin Sails". Blast beats, insane guitar parts, furious roller coaster rides, jet black black metal dynamics in addition filigree, knitted in the best US-style power metal - and all sits a on ingender in incredible shape Harry Conklin, who - you can hardly believe it - better singing than ever before. Whether powerful at high altitudes, whether bloodcurdling screams or sounding on the border of madness frenzy - the former JAG PANZER-frontman sings all other metal singer times just on the wall.

CONCLUSION: Choices are what for pussies. SATAN'S HOST succeeds on both "pre-dating God" portions of the perfect mix of power metal and black metal. The album is furious, varied, intense, all wearing. And if that's not enough: Harry Conklin sings like a young god. Or in this case, probably more like the devil himself. Even though it is perhaps unfortunate to release two CDs parallel: Both albums are worth their money without a doubt - Part 1 sets a bit more attention to the US Power Metal, Part 2, however, a corner is colored blacker. In the end, it's not "or" but "and". Compulsory purchase!

-Lothar Hausfeld

Rating: 13/15



Ashladan -Janurary 22, 2015

Translated from German

Satan's Host is pure cult, so this band will be in the general public are not actually known. Whole will prove wrong after listening to the new (double) issue of this pure heavy metal band from Denver, Colorado. Predating God, Part I & II is the world released by the obscure Moribund- label.

The band name may possibly ring a bell with few, the name of the singer might be. In Satan's Host listening this boy if you call Leviathan Thisiren. You say? I hear you think. Well, this name is none other than Harry Conklin hiding. And of course everyone knows him from bands like Jag Panzer and Titan Force.

Harry is in his second tenure with the band, after wandering in the aforementioned bands. Satan's Host has been operating since 1986 and has been a firm catalog released on albums.

What can you expect exactly? Well, in any case no metal for sissies. This is true metal or pure metal as it is called. Metal with whom you can go to war. The songs are like a house, with great guitar riffs and great solos. The vocals vary from chillingly high to grunt. Harry can do it all because. Here you go hear licked things, let alone keyboards or other 'untrue' elements. You get all presented in real US style. Do not expect sing-along songs, but songs that you should be able to record. Listen Turn after listen. And then you find it getting better. This is power metal that grabs you by the throat and you bled leave. Just listen to songs like Hell's Disciples and Embers of Will, where flashy solos and doomy guitar work perfectly coexist. Almost all the songs on this double album of the same high level and worked out fine. One track on the album will know almost everyone. The band coverde namely the song See You in Hell Grim Reaper and made ​​this an honorable salute.

We remember so that we know a band that everyone here already long had heard. A singer who sings the stars to hell and a combo whose incredible attitude goes. Track on this disc and convince you.

-Jurgen Callens

Rating: 80/100



FFM-Rock -Janurary 22, 2015

Translated from German

Since its inception in 1977 SATAN'S HOST already some forms of metal have plowed and even came after 1988 the split, the reformation of the band came in 1994 and now the Americans put same time working towards a double. Let's start with Part 1 and as you can tell in "Hell's Disciples" immediately what's going on. Singer Leviathan This Irishman is back and the band makes a delightful mixture of heavy metal, US Power Metal, Thrash and light black metal influences, so that they can cover a wide fanbase and falls just the vocals on that the good man also likes Screams the brand King Diamond has it. The piece powert and is partly supported with brisk parts, so that one is excited about what is served. And that makes me very particularly fun because "Embers of Will" slaps in fine Death / Thrash / Black style straight forward, the screams are horny and in the further course is very good, powerful and clear singing melodic power elements, which is times a damn strong mixture of what we are served up here. With "Valley of Blood" presents the band in a mystical orientation, the piece offers excitement and power alike, where one might think in the song, the King had stood godfather. For "pre-dating God" itself increases the pace of mid tempo melodic power to speed with a lot of pressure, while "Greed, Lust, Hate, War" in the lower speed is at home more, and again this has conjuring Mystical itself. Betankter of motor power, hmnienhaften Parts and many melodies is equipped "After the End" and the fans are still on top of what comes in the form of bonus tracks "See You in Hell", which is a Grim Reaper cover and is very well done.

Part 2 begins with "Fanning the Flames of Hell", which could be described as a mixture of speed and power melodic thrash. The extravagant and high vocals and the enormously horny sound still exist and this power you get to also clearly felt in the massive "Soul Wrent". Here the pace of pressure above the Solo is down sharply and the play is just living the Metal. Even with "Lady n 'the Snake' is the beginning of slow and full force, the onset of double bass drive the power up, the riffing saws metallic racy and the variable vocals are great. This continues seamlessly in "As the Dead, They Sleep" continues and there are also a couple of times harsh and brisk passages added which make the playing time of over six minutes like fly by. About seven minutes has "Descending in the Shadow of Osiris" to offer and come out on top as the classic heavy metal roots out, at a later time, the vocals are harder and the music takes places make plain sailing, but can also convincing melodic hymn-like game. "Reprise: Pre-dating God (Classic Metal Re-Mix)" is a stunner in terms of heavy metal, the piece was properly trimmed on raw, old school sounds like the sow and always knows how to please. Hammer, what the guys go up here to powerful Mucke and especially the intensity with which the work pieces, I would not have thought of. Part 1 is for me a slight advantage and gets 8.5 out of 10, Part 2, however, is not far away and managed to get himself 8.1 out of 10 points.

-Jochen Strubel

Rating: 8.5/10-8.1/10



Angry Metal Guy -Janurary 21, 2015

This is a strange metal saga, so bear with me. Satan’s Host formed way back in 1977 as a classic American metal band not far removed from Priest and Maiden. Though lurking in the shadows for years, they weren’t able to get anything released until 1985 when the band was joined by the ever mighty Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin of Jag Panzer fame. Their Metal From Hell debut attained a sort of cult status for its hijacking of Mercyful Fate‘s sound and the mystery of who was and wasn’t in the band (thus making them the original Ghost). They broke up immediately thereafter, only to reform in 2000 to record a follow-up that never saw the light of day due to Spinal Tap-esque drummer issues. Conklin walked and the band inexplicably shifted direction, releasing five albums of thrashy black metal. Unbeknownst by this deeply shamed Tyrant fan until a few weeks ago, Conklin came back for 2011s By the Hands of the Devil, which combined their more extreme direction with their traditional roots and power metal, and 2013s Virgin Sails continued the evolution.

And that convoluted history lesson brings us to their new double album, Pre-dating God Parts I and II. A double album you say? Why would such a marginal, chronically unstable act attempt such a thing? Well, obviously they just don’t trust fate to be kind, so they recorded everything they ever scribbled on a cocktail napkin or bathroom wall. But can such a metallic version of Use Your Illusion actually work?

Pre-dating God continues the band’s multi-faceted approach, mixing thrash, Mercyful Fate and Painkiller era Judas Priest, with nods to Jag Panzer and American metal acts like Helstar, but it’s way heavier with black metal influences creeping in and out. Though Tyrant has always been a metal wailer of the Dickinson, Tate school, he ups his game considerably for the more extreme material. And they don’t call him Tyrant for nothing. He may look like your dad or Assistant Regional Manager, but the man is a leather-lunged demon of the netherworlds. Opener “Hell’s Disciples” is typical of the modern Satan’s Host sound, with heavy, thrashy riffage providing the foundation upon which Tyrant wails and screams like a vengeful banshee. Progressive it ain’t, but for sheer metal giggles it definitely works.

This is the pattern throughout Part I and II ; lots of speedy, angry odes to excess, with Tyrant’s booming baritone and insane screams commanding center stage. He also lapses into King Diamond falsettos (“Embers of Will”) and borrows King’s sinister crooning (throughout “Valley of Blood” and “Soul Wrent”). “Fanning the Flames of Hell” features quirky riffing akin to Falconer or Tyr; they dabble in grinding proto-doom on “Soul Wrent” and adopt a classic metal style during “Lady n’ the Snake.” All work and entertain.

The best moments come when they dial back for more epic, Dio-esque brooders like the classy “After the End” and the oversized “Descending in the Shadow of Osiri.” Both allow Tyrant more room to breathe and paint with the broad brush that is his golden throat. The latter features touches of Iron Maiden and as Tyrant’s vocals slowly build toward the epic, it’s tough not to think of Dio during the Heaven and Hell / Mob Rules era.

While no song is bad, all suffer from chronic Metallica-itis and run two – three minutes too long. This has the same feeling as …and Justice for All, where songs make their point, then stick around drinking your milk and eating your sandwich meat. On the standard length album, this is a problem, but on a double album it becomes a blight.

Harry the Tyrant ConklinThe bigger issue however, is the same that haunted Metal From Hell. Not all songs are truly memorable or catchy. You’ll enjoy them while they play, but several don’t stick and you’ll be hard pressed to hum them as you powerwalk to Sunday mass.

Issues aside, Tyrant is a helluva unholy ringmaster, sounding like classic Tyrant, but also like Russ Anderson of Forbidden and a whole lot like King Diamond too. It’s amazing how well his voice has held up considering he’s been at this since the early 80s. His highs are as high as ever, and though he goes off-key here and there when hitting the stratosphere, it’s hard to criticize the man’s mammoth pipes. Founding guitarist Patrick Evil has a solid outing too, providing a mighty host of power thrash riffage and solos of the manic and tasteful variety. He does a lot of interesting things, even on the songs that don’t fully click.

At over 80 minutes (just shy of the average Dream Theater platter), Pre-dating God is mighty long-winded and tough to absorb in one sitting. It’s also pretty brickwalled, making for an even tougher listen. Overall, Part II is the stronger of the two albums, with more memorable moments, but Part I certainly has its merits.

It’s great to have Tyrant back commanding the mic, and while I wish he was still fronting the vastly superior Jag Panzer, this is a respectable fallback, likely to appeal to fans of Helstar, Iced Earth and Overkill. A strange, but interesting release by a very strange band.

Rating: 3/5

-Steel Druhm



SDMetal -Janurary 19, 2015

Those who live and breathe for a modern polish on the classic legendary nature of heavy metal will absolutely fawn over the traditional licks and true-to-life tributes to our heavy metal ancestors that shine through their latest album Predating the Gods. Anyone who craves storytelling riffs, a captivating vocal range, and the eternal mantras of “victory in war,” “metal will never die,” etc., will be thoroughly entertained by this album. Guitarist Patrick Evil and metal-lifer Leviathan Thisiren (Harry Conklin of Jag Panzer fame) impress the ears with sonic re-interpretations of those nostalgic riffs we all know and love from the days when heavy metal legends roamed the earth with vigor and vitality. From the blistering symphonies of “After the End” to the vibrant Grim Reaper cover of “See You In Hell,” it is clear that the techniques that once made metal an inhuman art are still worshipped and respected to this day. It is nice to see that there are still bands who care so much about the meaning of their music that they write twistedly entertaining stories that synchronize to form memorable artistic entities, particularly noticed in my two favorite songs, the seductive theatrics of “Lady n’ the Snake” and the echoing desolation of “Valley of Blood.”

When I first heard this album, all I could think about was how much King Diamond and Dio influence this band was spewing. I had no idea that this band had been around for nearly thirty years, and thus I came to a horrible misunderstanding that Satan’s Host was not an original band that determined to create a new sound for a new generation. On one hand, I was right in that there is now an ever-present nostalgia trend that is pointing its arrow toward the NWOBHM and so-called “classic metal” scene. With bands like Night Demon and Satan’s Host putting out these classic sounding albums, though they might be entertaining pieces of music, it is beginning to demonstrate to me that the generational gap between metal lifers and metal youth is growing wider by the minute. Predating God replicates what any King Diamond, Cage, or power metal fan would call their audial sanctuary. While in my mind the album does not contribute to the continued growth of heavy metal sound, it does keep history fresh in our minds and reminds us to respect our metal ancestors. Because God [Lemmy] only knows, we are going to need that respect to keep metal thriving and prosperous.

Rating: 3.5/5




Dead Rhetoric -Janurary 19, 2015

Seems that it wasn’t too long ago that the critically revered yet publicly underrated Satan’s Host had released the excellent Virgin Sails, but low and behold, the band is back and ready for more in the form of two separate offerings of Pre-dating God Part 1 and 2. Not much has changed, but for a band that practically invented its own genre it’s definitely not a prerequisite.

As with anything By the Hands of the Devil and thereafter, it’s fascinating to listen to how Satan’s Host manages to blend together so many different elements into their sound and still be so cohesive. Their knack for being able to fire up the best of power, thrash, death, black, and doom into their unique slurry of musicianship. From the mellower and more epic finesse of “After the End” to the neckbreaking thrashy tempo of “Embers of Will” to burly death metal steamrolling of “Soul Wrent,” it’s impossible to get bored listening to these guys. You are always waiting to see what is around the bend. They even take it back a few decades with a thoroughly ripping cover of Grim Reaper’s “See You in Hell.”

Even with all of the musical diversity, Satan’s Host’s ace in the hole is still that of vocalist Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin. Even comparing Pre-dating God to previous effort Virgin Sails sees him furthering his vocal approach and technique. In addition to the air siren screams and traditional metal territory, he further extends his reach into the extreme metal arena with some occasional burly growls and screams. He is a serious force to be reckoned with and should be considered one of the genre’s treasures at this point.

The only nitpicking here is of the presentation itself, as two individual albums seems a bit of a stretch with two “bonus tracks” (one of which being a reprise of the title track) and a total run time of about 80 minutes. That being said, every minute here is worth hearing and Satan’s Host continue to do an astonishing job of keeping things fresh and entertaining, particularly so for one whose debut (Metal From Hell) is soon to be thirty years old.

Rating: 9/10

-Kyle McGinn



Crossfire -Janurary 18, 2015

Translated from German

With a double whammy ring Satan's Host in the New Year. Two single albums that can be only used by the color of the cover and the title of Part 1 and Part 2 differ from each other. Together with producer Dave Otero they have worked back in the Flatline Studios, and it was created more than eighty minutes of material here that they now publish on two separate discs on two consecutive days. You are now in year harder areas of power metal road, about a level more than Jag Panzer predominant. First and foremost is rebuilt on the indestructible Riffwerk Schecter guitarist Patrick Evil that hits tightes thrashing with a lot of double bass. "Embers Of Will" reveals quite high vocals of Jag Panzer gold throat Harry Conklin, the 'Leviathan Thisiren' is called here, and the song may also have a certain mystique as on the "The Warning" album of Queensryche. "Valley Of Blood" is afterwards something straighter and grounded, and "Greed, Lust, Hate, War" again demonstrates the singing skills that make this one of the best vocalist in Metal. "After The End" enjoys a softer start, with an almost caressing voice that you would not expect from the Colorado metallers, because in the past thirty-eight of their history, the band was more in extreme climates at home. And finally, there is something for the heart: covers you for a bonus track "See You In Hell" by Grim Reaper, of course, in the style of Satan's Host. Drummer Anthony Lopez Announces continue to Large, that Satan's Host is to be expected in future. And he certainly thinks so not only the twin disc "Pre-Dating God Part 2".

Joxe Schaefer-

Rating: 8.5/10



Battle Helm -Janurary 18, 2015

Totally insane man – if one album wasn’t enough then try two!!! Denver cultsters Satan’s Host, made up of long time underground legends Patrick Evil and Jag Panzer / Titan Force screamer Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin, return with a double album made up of 13 blistering new tracks. Mavericks if there were any, Satan’s Host have defied the odds – indeed the forces of nature – in delivering the same blackish power metal that started back in 1986 with the release of their debut “Metal From Hell”. It’s sure to rile up critics (probably just the way the band like to anyway ha ha) with scarcely any signs of progression other than in using modern production technology and their own increased musical capability. Indeed, I would say the band actually sound better now that ever before from Conklin’s faultless falsetto delivery that screams and wails with its air raid siren power threatening to blow your eardrums throughout the album as Evil’s masterful true metal riffing, exotic breaks and diabolically dextrous solos certainly allow him to live up to his name (and featured artist at Schecter Guitars) with his well deserved cult recognition! Bringing up the rear comes Evil Hobbit Lopez’s power from hell drumming that once again pummels it perfectly between power and technicality in the true heavy metal vein. When these three musical maestros are unleashed on tracks like ‘Valley Of Blood’, ‘Fanning The Flames Of Hell’ and ‘As The Dead, They Sleep’ you appreciate the cult sound that is perfected to be all their own. Cheesy to their detractors, confusing to modernists, and yet seventh heaven to those who can appreciate this retro style for what it is i.e. an early amalgamation of what were then the acorns of today’s established self styled genres, Satan’s Host close to three decades on are not just delivering cult true metal to the masses but bolder and better than before!

-Shan Siva



The Metal Observer -Janurary 17, 2015

Originally formed in 1977 by Patrick Evil, Satan’s Host is a Colorado-based metal band that, aside from a six year break between 1988 and 1994, has been steadily slogging away since their formation. In 1986 the band released the now-cult classic Metal From Hell, with the enigmatic Leviathan Thisiren (also known as Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin of Jag Panzer fame) at the helm, showcasing nine tracks of dark traditional power metal. When the band was reformed, years later sans Thisiren, they returned with more of a black/death metal sound, steering away from the traditional sound of the earlier material. After five full length albums between 2000 and 2009 with L.C.F. Elixir handling vocals, Thisiren returned to handle vocal duties. While many thought a return to Metal From Hell was imminent, the band turned heads with 2011′s By the Hands of the Devil, which combined the band’s later blackened sound with thrash riffing, traditional power metal and the soaring, acrobatic vocals of Thisiren. In 2013, the band, with the same lineup, dropped Virgin Sails, which continued the band’s blend of blackened power metal to largely favorable reviews.

January 2015 sees the release of two albums, Pre-dating God, Part 1 and Pre-dating God, Part 2, which, according to the band, are a set of albums encompassing the same concept. Both albums are available individually or as a package deal through Moribund Records. Pre-dating God, Part 1 showcases seven tracks and slightly over forty-one minutes of play time. The songs flow naturally between rollicking palm muting, mid-tempo plodding and balls out thrashing, with no forced transitions to be found. Satan’s Host certainly shows their strong chemistry, as everyone seems to be playing off of each other, with no members overshadowing another. Featuring Patrick Evil on guitar, Margar on bass, Evil Little Hobbit on drums and Thisiren on vocals, this is the longest tenured lineup in Satan’s Host history.

The music certainly continues in the vein of the band’s last two albums: an incredible blending of blistering double bass runs, fast paced trem picking, beefy power metal riffing and thrash-styled hooks. The album fires away from the start with “Hell’s Disciples” and “Embers of Will”, which both bring near blasting drums and rollicking rhythms alongside stellar lead guitar licks. Thisiren is in fine form with his signature soaring croon, even belting out some crazy falsettos. Though the album starts off with a few barn burners, the overall feel of Pre-dating God, Part 1 comes across as brooding and almost ethereal at times. The title track showcases this with its constant mid-paced crunch and “After the End” which starts off with melodic picking akin to ’80s hard rock, building into simmering saunter. Surprisingly, Thisiren brings a few section of deep, growled vocals, which may or may not have to do with a statement by L.C.F. Elixir in which he remarked that Thisiren couldn’t do harsh vocals.

The band finishes off the first portion of their double concept with a rendition of Grim Reaper’s classic “See You in Hell”, which has been a live staple of the band for some time now. Infusing their blackened touch into the classic track adds some venom, giving the song a harder edge. When combined with the soaring vocals of Thisiren, it manages to outshine the original. Pre-dating God, Part 1 is a well-balanced effort that sees Satan’s Host throwing on the brakes compared to previous efforts. That’s not to say there are moments of blistering blackened heavy metal, because it’s chock full of it, but the moody, tempered nature of the songwriting brings a rounded effort that highlights the amazing vocals of Thisiren. It’s not the fast furious album that Virgin Sails was, but it’s another fine offering from Satan’s Host, especially when combined with the second, slightly amped-up album, Pre-dating God, Part 2.

Rating: 9/10

-Shawn Miller


Top -Janurary 17, 2015

Translated from German

The most original active US metal band delivers the first annual highlight.

Who sees with what unbridled creativity SATAN'S HOST goes to work since reunification with frontman Harry Conklin that it should hardly be surprised that the exceptional singer currently no great pleasure it has, by his somewhat in terms of career planning fickle become ex-colleagues JAG PANZER again for another attempt. All in good time, as one might say, and now is time for SATAN'S HOST just because a band that brings at least one bears strong new album at the start since the reunion every year, deserves to enjoy absolute priority. After all, were the last three releases of the Colorado metallers in our sound check Platz 2, # 4 and # 1 reached in a row, and that's even an announcement, right?

Exactly, and now the guys come also with a double album around the corner, which is divided into two separate recordings, but also can be purchased at much lower double or single. Some might now fear that the gentlemen would implement band founder Patrick Evil now on quantity instead of quality, but "Pre-Dating God" proves quite impressive the opposite, namely splitting the skull, issuing riff monster 'Hell's Desciples' on. The band bubbles actually with creativity, they can Harry Conklin vocally absolutely free hand, and the good man uses these artistic freedom from heartily: it shows facets of his singing talents that were asked at JAG PANZER nor TITAN FORCE, and he entranced the inclined Fan with glass a piercing falsetto of the intensified Check-king-League, with its bell-normal vocal range and beyond articulated with fine, yet still amazing vicious screams and growls, of course, taking up less space than the clear tones of voice that nevertheless the character of the band shape and together with Patrick still unique riffing make up a large part of their autonomy.

The terms of reference are clear: SATAN'S HOST When everything is the same, and the quality of both new albums is as impressive as one might expect this after "By The Hands Of The Devil" and "Virgin Sails". It starts again with the great, only color that is different Joe Petagno artwork, which have long since become a trademark of the band that goes on in the production of which something organic and classic presents itself this time, although the self-assessment the band applies only ensures that even the drums sounded less sterile, because Anthony Lopez chops and staples in the background to be very loud and aggressive. Nevertheless, this is now seen as a Trade Mark of the band. Ultimately, however, it is the compositional strength in the "Pre-Dating God" culminates: The thirteen new songs, cover the full range of the band, and always let the fans of the other bands of the front man sit up. The anthems at the grand title track is somewhat reminiscent of JAG PANZER, playful nature 'Greed, Lust, Hate, War' or in the entrance to the dreamy 'After The End' would also TITAN FORCE to shame, but ultimately we made it through the very own blend of aggression and Hymnenhaftigkeit always unmistakably to do from crystalline clarity and nastier with SATAN'S HOST wickedness in pure form.

Although there remind pieces such as 'Valley Of Blood' and 'Embers Of Will' by the nature of the drama and the melody of KING DIAMOND, but the handwriting of Patrick always unmistakable, so that even a brute groovy cover of the NWOBHM classic "lake You can be in Hell "(GRIM REAPER) to complete the first CD still perceived as profitable and not just as a lurking infusion. The second CD admits then completely with the notion that a handsome Achtzigminüter almost inevitably must contain filler which you also could have saved. Whether the quick, chopping Thrasher 'Fanning The Flames Of Hell' kindled the fires of hell, or whether 'Soul Wrent' doomy and pitch black like lava from the boxes flows before speeding up again noticeably attracts and shreds the guitar of the main songwriter and solos as if there were no tomorrow: to "Pre-Dating God" really sits every song! Harry Conklin is the nagging Deibel, the siren-screaming demons, the dramatic intoning military leader; and to adapt the great backing choirs as chalk and cheese.

That "Pre-Dating God" overall a bit traditional and presented a tad less frosty black, one can approximately at tracks like 'Lady N' The Snake 'moor that presents itself very doomy and BLACK SABBATH also pays homage to such MERCYFUL FATE, but here break Patricks shimmering riffs over and over again train. In 'As The Dead, They Sleep' is replaced by the black metal influence higher weight, but even here there are fabulous, insinuating vocal melodies that go deep under the skin. The sets the DIO-heavy, anthemic and relatively quiet, halbballadeske 'Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris' in terms of conciseness and urgency one better before the reprise of the title track, the album decides befitting.

This leaves another fable work in my eyes and ears current best and most original US metal band of the eighties, the no ifs and buts the first major highlight of the year 2015 marked the still young in the end. Not have the full score that under this review is solely because the very expansive but still entertaining double album but still needs some time to get as much about deep bake in the soul as in his ingenuity and uniqueness of his time completely unexpected 2011's Comeback " By The Hands Of The Devil ". Apart from that, "Pre-Dating God" but an almost perfect album even has what it takes to hold the top spot of the discography of the band in a few months.

- Rüdiger Stehle

Rating: 9.5/10



STORMBRINGER -Janurary 17, 2015

Translated from German

New material is available from the underground heroes of SATAN'S HOST who had achieved something with their 80 album "Metal From Hell" as a cult. After a long break without official release, the Americans had, 2011 "The Hands Of The Devil By" pretty respectable returned with, and now present after their last output of 2013 new material. After brimful "Virgin Sails" the Americans this time round the corner with the same separately with two full albums, but will be published at the same time.

"Pre-Dating God Part 1" plays concise 42 minutes and includes seven songs, including a bonus track. The Americans have, for they do not know, an interesting mix between Black-backed securities, a pinch of Thrash and a great bite to US Power Metal. Never heard Something? Then you should at SATAN'S HOST quite even risk an ear, because the gentlemen can record a pretty unique sound for themselves, the effect in conjunction with its expansive, sometimes unfolds a little progressive structures. Lyrically, there are no big surprises, it dominate, one is almost tempted to say, typical occult themes of Satanism and black magic.

Especially in the almost seven minutes counting "Embers Of Will" the musical mix is ​​very nice, the title is neither tough despite its length, yet he is boring. The instrumental group, led by guitarist Patrick Evil, may let off steam on the title track "Pre-Dating God", and can dart quickly Geshredder perfection shoot out of the speakers. "Greed, Lust, Hate, War" picks up the pace a little out partially, and convinces with its changing between tough, pounding riffs and lightning-fast blast beat passages. Towering over the sprawling musical construct convincing singer Leviathan Thisiren (aka Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin of JAG PANZER) with convertible vocal intonation, and thus gives the title to one of the highlights of the album. Also from the stunning vocals of living bonus track of the disc, the GRIM REAPER Cover "See You In Hell", which is down more than convincing.

With its compared to "Pre-Dating God Part 2" somewhat higher proportion of traditional Power Metal American origin, probably "Pre-Dating God Part 1" will be a bit more easily digestible than the sister epic. Despite the length, tempo changes and cantilevered structures the song material remains straight, and the sawing guitars milling inexorably into the ear canal. Also, production technology has splash out, and the slices geklöppelt a properly rich sound that ripped at full volume to exclude certain good for the neighborhood Schlagerkonsumierende to terrorize. Since you can so do not complain, and the thumb pleased upward stretch.


Rating: 3.5/5



Metal-Temple -Janurary 07, 2015

SATAN'S HOST is still a very reputed name in the Underground American scene, it was the band vocalist Harry "Tyrant" Conklin joined after leaving JAG PANZER in 1986. He appears under the name Leviathan Thisiren to fit better with the demonic image of the band. He sang on the only 80's official album called "Metal from Hell" still considered today as a real cult disc.

After the release of this monumental album SATAN'S HOST recorded the famous Bootleg "Midnight Wind" which never got official release, but it has been bootlegged many times notably along with "Metal from Hell" reissue, after it went out of print all over the world for years to come. The band broke up in 1987/88 after Harry left to join the more mainstream Heavy Metal band TITAN FORCE and consequently SATAN'S HOST broke up in early 1988. After a bunch of some low key releases in the 2000’s, and many hassles in the team, finally Harry Conklin rejoined SATAN'S HOST In 2010.

The new come back album "By the Hands of the Devil" was recorded with longtime producer Dave Otero (ALLEGAEON/NIGHTBRINGER). The album was a hit in the global Metal market and has received critical acclaim and worldwide appreciations.

SATAN'S HOST then put out a second 2011’s release "Celebration For the Love of Satan" which commemorates the 25th anniversary release of the famous classic "Metal from Hell" via Moribund Cult, the album contained 12 tracks, 2 new and 10 tracks spanning off all the bands catalog, also acquiring rave reviews globally. A good introduction for the beginners, a recommended compilation!

On Late 2013 "Virgin Sails" was released, the follow up to "By the Hands of the Devil" ,has eight complete full tracks with two guitar interludes. As always the album gained great respect and honor all over the Metal microcosm and stated as a confirmation of permanent return in the line up by mighty vocalist Harry “the tyrant” Conklin…But the best was yet to come!

2014, also saw the band beginning the production on the ambitious “Pre-dating god” saga, a two single albums set for worldwide release on January 20, 2015. “Pre-dating god Part 1” and “Pre-dating god Part 2” were recorded once again with Dave Otero, this 80+ minute monster opus spans 11 new tracks, a stupendous cover of “See you in Hell” by NWOBHM legend GRIM REAPER, and a special Reprise for the title track in a Classic Metal mode Re-Mix.

Axe Master Patrick Evil still unleashed his hellish chainsaw Metal sound but with a new found precision and The Tyrant’s ultra high pitch devilish singing and powerful screams with constant harmonized howling are still mesmerizing and epic in every sense of the word!

Harry "Tyrant" Conklin aka Leviathan Thisiren’s legendary range and his dedication to Metallized vocals are obviously improved even reinforced or developed in the course of the listening session because his stellar performance in the “Pre-dating God” adventure is the pinnacle of his whole vocation, every little inch of the panorama is covered brilliantly from dark and deep growls (“Soul Wrent”) to insane falsetto.

The pace is mostly quite fast but some really Heavy & Doomy moments are still ringing in between the fury of the drumming attack ("As the Dead, they Sleep") and the strong gang vocal mania; the production is one of the best of their whole career but still keeping this special underground flavor, a real killer sound in perfect concordance with their Dark spirits!

Those veterans based around Denver, USA are still on the edge of modernity with as only stylistic equivalence the almighty KING DIAMOND and early SANCTUARY, both for their common Evil & Blackened nature but also for their imaginative and technical song structures (“Fanning The Flames of Hell” or the almost seven minutes long “Lady n’ The Snake”).

Each disc is better than the other part, the dual concept is intriguing but SATAN'S HOST is clearly in a maverick and an artistic approach, so this fact reflect superbly their unique personality : If perfection is not from this world, SATAN'S HOST and their masterwork are however here and damn real, it's Hell on Earth my friends!

Rating: 9/10

-Yngwie Viking



Markus' Heavy Music Blog -Janurary 08, 2014


The story of Satans Host started many years ago. The band begun in 1986 on initiative of guitarist Patrick Evil and Leviathan Thisiren. The last one mentioned is better known as Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin; the voice of Titan Force and Jag Panzer.

The band released their debut called "Metal from hell" in the end of the 80's before the band dibanded. They re-appeared on the metal scene around 2000 with a new singer before Conklin came back to the band in 2009. Playing on the Keep It True festival in Germany was a kind of kick-start again and the band went right into a songwriting mode.

2015 is the year in which the new album from Satans Host will be released. It get published end of January and the name of the longplayer will be "Pre-dating God part 1&2" - actually it is two discs. The line-up nowadays consists of founder Patrick Evil (g) and Leviathan Thisiren (v), plus Margar (b) and Anthony Lopez on drum.

The release will be a highlight for all fans of US-metal. It is kept more puristic and oldschool what makes it for me very exciting. The backbone of Satans Host is without doubt THE metal voice Harry Conklin plus the riffs from Patrick Evil. But it's especially the voice of The Tyrant that enriches the songs quite a lot. His vocal range covers everything between deep singing (almost growls) up to siren-like screams. Yes, Thisiren is a well chosen alias. And Conklin gets the opportunity to show all of this on the new release.

Secondly it's the guitar riffs of Evil together with the guitar lines that give the songs the necessary heaviness but also structure. Take "Hell's disciples" as an example. It is a might riff that opens the first of the two records while "Embers of will" shows that Conklin can sing very deep while having almost parts with almost falcette like screams embedded in the track as well. The song in general spreads a depressive vibe and leads you towards "Valley of blood". I had to think about Sanctuary when I heard it the first time. The vocals, the melodylines as well as the riff are similar to the Seattle based band. Beside this it's one of the best tracks on the album(s).

The title track and "Greed, lust, hate, war" are kept in general a bit slower and "After the end" even starts with a nice acoustic intro. The song develops into grooving power metal track that doesn't take any prisoners. The decision of having a cover version of Grim Reaper's "See you in hell" on the album is OK. Satans Host performs the song in very powerful way and it also fits into the context of the other tracks.

"Pre-dating God part 2" follows the same pattern as part 1. A song to mention is the brutal "Soul wrent". It is a track that is based on a really heavy riff and the songs is kept in a moderate pace.

The beginning of "As the dead, they sleep" is a bit misleading. You could get the impression listening to a doom metal track a la Candlemass. But after a while the track takes up speed including a furious guitar solo half way. "Descending in the shadow of Osiris" has the same structure as "After the end". It starts silent and builds up into a hypnotic riff anthem that gets pretty fast towards the end. It is with more than seven minutes the longest track on both records and it provides enough ideas and twists to make it exciting from beginning to the last note.

The remaining question is, why they have chosen to release to albums at the same time. Wouldn't have it been better to select two different release dates or, even better, release a double album?

However, Satans Host releases an album that brings US metal back on the scene. Something I missed in such a quality for quite some years and maybe it is the spark for a kind of a bigger US metal firework in 2015. And it's a pleasure to hear The Tyrant singing anyhow.


Rating: 8/10



Rock Overdose -Janurary 07, 2014

Translated from Greek

The train had entered the rails back in the distant 1986 with "Metal From Hell" debut, going with the momentum to date showing very good quality (except for one / two disoriented apply) releases, only this time the train is flash and twinkle ! When after so many years, returns in such a short time from your previous release not one but two (so why can my child eh) this level trays (placed together on the same day), enclosing the sense of heavy metal, then you can take pride that you're another common representative of the genre. Yes, the "Pre - Dating God Part I & Part II", is the whole. Heavy metal in its purest form with one of the best throats ever sang this kind of music. The (in cover Joe Petagno) "Pre - Dating God" is above all heavy but is prog, is doom, is death, is black, is theatrical, is atmospheric sick, everything is all we could say but above all is metal!

I deliberately avoid the deeper endoscopies in the musical content of these two releases because some disks are not described with words but experienced. Both parties have such weight characterized asikota and as metal as this definition the nth power can withstand. So that by the end even the first hearing, has opened crater! If you love heavy metal and you're no passerby who drift from the current fashions (there are fashions in metal; I do not think Taki) saw light and entered, make the gift yourself and experienced both sides of the "Pre - Dating God" listening to them properly (ie stereo) with the necessary commitment and the volume at the end and only winner will come out. Something such releases distinguished men from the boys and hopefully this divided into two single movement but also Satan's Host , take (at last some time) the recognition they deserve and not learn them / read about them in downstream a tribute to the column of hidden treasures. On the other, because I have the impression that again among us would say? Maybe some things are written stay forever among the few. To epic "Pre - Dating God" from the beginning to treat it like one (and indeed it is a single musical work) even though divided into two equal musical parts.

-Dimitris "Maiden" Bakool

Rating: 88/100



Metal Music Archives -December 27, 2014

Satan's Host have been around for a long time and explored various corners of the metal universe, including traditional metal, black metal, thrash metal, and power metal... yeah, blackened power metal is a reality! One constant element has been satanic blasphemy and that's one of the things that we love about Satan's Host. In 2015, they are going to release an epic double release entitled "Pre-dating God".

Part one takes a more thrashy direction and may be described as blackened power-thrash. And the blackened element does not just reside in the satanic lyrics, as these guys make use of blastbeats and other elements from black metal which they seamlessly blend in with US power metal elements (as heard in, for instance, the rather heavy 'Greed, Lust, Hate, War'). While some tracks are fairly balanced in terms of power metal and thrash metal, some lean more towards thrash metal, as in the case of 'Hell's Disciples', 'Embers of Will', and 'Valley of Blood' while the title track draws more on power metal and traditional metal with a few melodic black metal bursts.

Overall, however, the first part of "Pre-dating God" leans mostly towards thrash metal and is, in my book, a bona fide power-thrash release. The musicianship is top notch, and Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin's (aka. Leviathan Thisiren) soaring vocals suit the music style extremely well. The production is not too polished, so those who do not like the so-called sterile production of much modern metal should appreciate this release.

In my book, this is an extremely well put together album, which combines US power metal and thrash metal into a style which is both melodic and aggressive, and satanically larger than life.

Rating: 5/5



Pre-dating god Part 2 Reviews

Crossfire -Janurary 18, 2015

Translated from German

With a double whammy ring Satan's Host the new year, and with a brilliant tour de force of the second-born Rundling entitled "Pre-Dating God Part 2". In contrast to published the day before Part 1, only six instead of seven tracks are included, but get with the opener "Fanning The Flames Of Hell" a starting point that makes the bangers immediately the neck soft. "Soul Wrent" develops from the midtempo out in faster plains, while "Lady 'n' The Snake" can without warning. The style of "Descending In The Shadow Of Osiri" allow the description Ballade no windows, but includes the regular part of the double shock of Colorado metallers from so impressive that the handset is already raised to a more emotional level of a finale. The second pre-dating disc is increasingly relying on double bass, but much more homogeneous than on "By The Hand Of The Devil" from 2011 is also especially resorted on closer production. For the artwork was once again Joe Petagno responsible, who had previously worked for Motörhead, and gewohntermaßen delivers a hammer job. Terminates the Part 2, by the way the same tune as Part 1, with one bonus track, this time with a reprise version of the title track. About the concept with two individual disks has been discussed controversially, the "Use Your Illusion" by Guns 'n' Roses was published in two separate editions as the early 90s, rather than cheaper double CD. But something is always ...

Joxe Schaefer-

Rating: 8.5/10



The Metal Observer -Janurary 18, 2015

Denver, Colorado’s legendary Satan’s Host has been on fire since their grand reunion with Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin in 2009, although he goes by Leviathan Thisiren when performing with the band. After dropping two extremely well-received albums, By the Hands of the Devil in 2011 and Virgin Sails in 2013, it was pretty much evident that this incantation of Satan’s Host wasn’t just a fluke. Combining the traditional power metal of their early material with the black metal sound from their mid-period, the band’s sound is best described as blackened heavy metal. The band returned in January 2015 with another offering, a concept titled Pre-dating God, which spans two simultaneously released albums.

While Pre-dating God, Part 1 showcased a moody almost ethereal sound. There was still a healthy dose of double bass runs and fast paced thrashy riffing, but the overall approach focused on mid-tempo crunch. If nothing else, it really allowed Thisiren to play with his vocals, not only offering one hell of a performance in his usual soaring style, but adding some deep growls and piercing falsettos. If the first part could be seen as the brooding portion, then Pre-dating God, Part 2 should be viewed as a heavier, more aggressive beast. From the opening riffs on “Fanning the Flames of Hell”, you’re guaranteed to have a wild ride across the Styx and back.

Combining galloping guitars with blistering double bass patterns, Pre-dating God, Part 2, brings riff after riff of blackened heavy metal. “Soul Wrent” pulses with an unholy swagger while “Lady ‘n’ the Snake” pits downtrodden riffing against fast double kicks. Classy solos swirl in and out of the fast paced blackened heavy metal attack, bringing a traditional feel, but the galloping riffs and blasting drums keep things from sounding the least bit dated. It’s not all fast paced belting though, as “Descending in the Shadow of Osiris” focuses on mid-tempo pacing, even if the drums are still on fire for the entirety. The instrumentation is stellar, yet everything is overshadowed by the vocals of Thisiren, as he brings his most diverse and intense performance of his career.

With only six tracks, and one of those being a remix of a track from Pre-dating God, Part 1, this is a quick and intense affair. With By the Hands of the Devil and Virgin Sails both nearing the hour long mark, it’s understandable why the band split this concept into two concise albums. Pre-dating God, Part 1 may have some dark and brooding undertones, but with Pre-dating God, Part 2 the band delivers a quick and effective chunk of blackened heavy metal. If the band’s post 2009 material hasn’t convinced you yet, then Pre-dating God, Part 1 and Pre-dating God, Part 2 will completely seal the deal. Fiery and blasting yet controlled and melodic, all set to the power of Thisiren’s stellar vocals.

Rating: 9/10

-Shawn Miller



StomrBringer -Janurary 17, 2015

Translated from German

"Pre-Dating God Part 2" is now the sister slices to "Pre-Dating God Part 1" , the brand new double album, the all too familiar in the metallic SATAN'S HOST Underground. Album number two differs from Part One, that while it is the same artwork, but used in a different color, has a title and some play time away, and stylistically somewhat different from his sister.

You could still push Part 1 mainly in the power metal embossed corner, the classification in Part 2 is somewhat more difficult. Musically, it is at times harder, and the influences of various styles are a tad more pronounced. This makes the album a total of more varied, but by mixing a little harder to grasp than Part 1. Overall, this album thus acts in direct comparison darker and more aggressive than the much catchier twin.

In "Soul Wrent" is already relatively coarse, gerifft with overhang in the Black-Metallic area with a barrage of staccato riffs that one is thrown out of the boxes opposite. "Lady 'n' The Snake" result sounds much harder and tougher, but towards the end wins again considerable momentum. Similar comes stomping "As The Dead, They Sleep" Therefore, in parts but again shines through the Power Metal with that.

Completely different afterwards "Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris", which begins unusually gentle, and grows to a varied stylistically hardly be classified epic chunk of time just over seven minutes and filled up the way for some Hördurchläufen blossomed into a highlight of the disc. Finally, there is a bonus not a reprise of the eponymous title track "Pre-Dating God", interpreted in edgy 80s style. As the heart of the Metal purists will miss a beat with certainty during spoiled by modern productions metallers will probably take the infusion of the title track rather shrugging note.

Even with "Pre-Dating God Part 2" SATAN'S HOST convincing, even if the discs can be a bit miss the catchiness of Part 1, but this can be corrected through the stylistic range much larger loose again SATAN. Only the 80-heavy version of the title track had it not necessarily needed, but compensates the otherwise clean production with which one can move the native walls to wobble in the upper volume range. Who is keen on something more complex, musical kernigere food should strike here in Part 2, the fans straighter, eingängigerer structures are probably better off with Part 1. SATAN'S HOST supply in any event both flavors with the two separately sold parts of their double album "Pre-Dating God".


Rating: 3.5/5



Metal Underground -Janurary 04, 2014

Translated from German

While you can pre-dating god Part 1 slide corner due to the high traditional metal content in the US Power Metal, people at Pre-dating god Part 2 despair rather on in the musical assignment. As with siblings album also this monolith is opened with a hybrid of both styles, but where Part 1 refines the style on some pieces, is held here (except for the last song) everything in this style. The opener Fanning The Flames Of Hell is simply perfect! Here alone the divine Screams of Leviathan Thisiren would already provide an exclamation mark. How to do it but also creates a traditional solo with black metal so skillfully and comprehensible to connect is revolutionary. Will be continued this symbiosis with the doomy Soul Wrent and Lady n 'The Snake, whose oppressive atmosphere again reminiscent of the dark side of Metal. Even during the intensive As The Dead, They Sleep genre boundaries blur completely. The leisurely start again builds to a Thrash board par excellence, which leads with Black Metal attacks and US Power Metal melodies the term crossover absurdity. However, the sheer madness knows no limits, because Descending In The Shadow Of Osiris begins incredibly melodic, the singing is always above everything and everyone. And then those just vowed melody is kidnapped in pitch black regions just shortly after landing with a hammer chorus as a relic of the holy shrine Heavy Metal.

Pre-dating god Part 2 includes with its seemingly easy game with the styles, the epic rhythm work, the varied melody and singing some of the best metal songs of all time! The search for his own style, the band began in 1986, tilts 30 years seems finally to an end. During Pre-dating god Part 1 with its gloomy mood, as in the review mentioned that among the best US Power Metal songs for a long time and having thus represents a reference work in this genre, Pre-dating God Part 2 itself is compared to the "comeback album" By The Hands Of Devil morbid homogeneous and trailblazing!

You notice two albums, the protagonists enjoy their artistic freedom, because not only Leviathan Thisiren is the Pre-dating god Albums his best performance from. The same must be attested Patrick Evil and Anthony Evil Hobbit. So here you have listened spellbound as the guitars on any Satan`s Host album. And so fast and yet precise, as the tempo is changed, I have not heard it yet.

Part 2 is a goddamn masterpiece, which closes the loop between Black, Death, Thrash and Power Metal consistently. Together with Part 1 has to take the best chance as the most groundbreaking work of this decade in the annals of the history of this metal double whammy.


Rating: 5/5



Metal Music Archives -December 27, 2014

Satan's Host have been around for a long time and explored various corners of the metal universe, including traditional metal, black metal, thrash metal, and power metal... yeah, blackened power metal is a reality! One constant element has been satanic blasphemy and that's one of the things that we love about Satan's Host. In 2015, they are going to release an epic double release entitled "Pre-dating God".

Part two of this epic opus picks up on the power-thrashy style of part one, and starts out with an extremely aggressive thrasher in the form of 'Fanning the Flames of Hell' with its soaring chorus and raging guitars. 'Soul Wrent' is a heavier affair and reminds me a bit of King Diamond's at his heaviest, and 'Lady n' the Snake' goes even heavier and incorporates elements of epic doom metal. 'As the Dead, They Sleep' is within the same heavy style, albeit less influenced by doom metal, and 'Descending in the Shadow of Osiris' is an epic track with a slight touch of King Diamond.

Compared to Part one, this is one is generally heavier and less thrashy - despite the aggressive opening track. It is just as entertaining though, but with a darker edge. As with part one, the musicianship is top notch as is the vocal performance.

Dans of power-thrash and US power metal should definitely check out both parts one and two of this epic metalfest by Satan's Host.

Rating: 5/5




METAL SQUADRON Interview- January 2, 2015

SATAN’S HOST: The gears of hell grind fast

-Per-Ola Nilsson

It’s been a turbulent three decades years for Colorado’s Satan’s Host. After the cult classic ”Metal From Hell” (1986) the band dissolved to fade into obscurity before guitarist Patrick Evil resurrected the band in the late 1990’s to churn out some pretty extreme black metal albums for the next decade to come. Following the unexpected return of original singer Harry Conklin in 2010 Satan’s Host again chose the left hand path and have released three slabs of death/black metal style music held together by Conklin’s clean but powerful air raid siren.

In 2015 their struggle to carve their own niche has reached its ultimate goal with the devilish double assault ”Pre-Dating God” parts 1 and 2. Satan’s Host drags you down into a maelstrom of apocalyptic heavy metal devoid of limitiations, defying description. Metal Squadron guest writer Per-Ola Nilsson hooked up with Patrick Evil for a chat about the past, the present, the future and the devil.

Why are you releasing two full length albums simultaneously?

- We recorded a ton of material and with the concept and all we thought it would be easier for the fans to grasp if it was two albums rather than one super long. When I listen to ”By the Hands of the Devil” (2011) and ”Virgin Sails” (2013) I love them but when I get to the end I feel kind of worn out. Even though I love all the songs it might have been too much for people and maybe it hurt us more than it helped us. If you look at the old days like when we did our first album ”Metal From Hell” all albums were about 45 minutes. We wanted to give it more of a classic feel that way. Now let’s see how people react to it. It was really easy for us to record these albums. We wanted to go with a more classic feel overall. We have had kind of click-e-ty sounding drums on the last couple of albums but now we have been trying to make them sound bigger and more real and record the actual drums instead of using triggers.

Would you prefer for people to listen to the albums as separate entities or as one?

- Often people will pick up the first one and they’ll like it so much they get the second as well. They’re kind of grouped together. It’s all one concept. We put everything we had into it. I’d say the second part is a bit heavier while the first has got a bit more of a dreamy feel.

How do you feel you have progressed musically since vocalist Harry Conklin rejoined in 2010?

- Getting Harry back into the band gave us more inspiration. It brought us more of a palette to work with as far as the colors in the music and our sound. Harry had read something that Eli (aka LCF Elixir, Satan’s Host singer 1999-2009, editor’s note) had put out that Harry could never do what he did. Harry took that as a personal challenge so he’s trying to do the death growls and all his operatic vocals at the same time. I think that has opened up the doors for us to make more unique sounding music. Better music, I think.

I hear a lot more classic heavy/power metal influences and less black metal this time, but how would you say these two albums differ from, let’s say the first album you did after Harry’s return, ”By the Hands of the Devil”?

- I think that we’ve developed our writing skills a little more. I love ”By the Hands of the Devil”, I love every album that we have done, but I think we got better at song writing and structures. We have got more comfortable with each other. We have had the same lineup since ”By the Hands of the Devil” which is probably the longest any lineup of Satan’s Host has stayed together. That makes a big difference too because we can develop chemistry together.

What lead up to Harry coming back to the band in 2010?

- Eli was getting really unhappy with the band and Harry had contacted me about doing the Keep It True festival in Germany. I agreed to do it with him and once we started getting back together the chemistry was there. We always knew we would get back together because we never split on bad terms in the first place. We just couldn’t get guys to do what we wanted at the time back in the old days. After we started playing together again we knew we would stick together. It worked out really great. We’re writing another album already that we’re going to record probably in March or April. Since nobody wants to book us, we really want to tour around the world but nobody’s offering us anything that’s worth our time, so instead of just wasting our time practicing for nothing we just keep writing new music. We kind of got our own studio now where we can write and archive our material. We’re on fire now as far as writing goes so we might as well catch as much as we can.

Why doesn’t anybody want to book you?

- I’m not quite sure. We had offers but nobody makes it worth our time to go around. We’re trying to set up our own tour now trough our label for the summertime in America. We’re probably gonna do that, go all around America in support of these albums. Then after that we’re probably gonna have the next album out in October or November. It will already be recorded when we go on tour. We’ll see if that can open up more doors because we got some people that want us to go down to South America and do a bunch of shows.

Would being on a bigger label help get the touring rolling?

- It would probably help us but so far Moribund is the only label that’s really offered us anything. We went out and played in Las Vegas but the guy from Century Media seemed like he was more interested in getting Jag Panzer back together. Harry didn’t really have any interest in getting back with Jag Panzer. He told the guy that Satan’s Host is his band. We all love each other and we have a good time so we stick together. Jag Panzer is a great band too but I think we have opened up doors for Harry to use more of his vocal range.

So why are you able to keep him in the band but Jag Panzer is not?

- Me and Harry are such good friends. All of us in Satan’s Host have the same ambition. We want this band to go really far. I’m not quite sure what the deal is with Jag Panzer. Mark Briody is a good friend of mine too. Harry has just told me he’s really comfortable with us. I just think we give Harry all the freedom to do whatever he wants. Not sure exactly what goes on with Jag Panzer but I know that they kind of had a fallout that made Harry mad. I’m not quite sure the reason why. I’ve told Harry if he ever wants to do Jag Panzer, Titan Force or whatever I’m not gonna hold him back. Like I said we’re all on the same page in this band. We sit down and have meetings and try to figure out what to do. Since we can’t tour and get on a bigger label all we do is write and have fun you know. We don’t let the business interrupt and get us all pissed off at each other.

Once Harry was back and you started writing what was to become ”By the Hands of the Devil”, what kind of plans did you have about what you wanted to create with this new lineup?

- We all had been doing this for so long, although we never enjoyed the success that many other bands did, so we all knew we had the talent to channel all that anger instead of getting angry at each other and feeling sorry for ourselves. We thought ”what would we want to buy if we were kids out to buy music?”. That’s how we approached it, like when we first started. We kind of searched our roots and just started writing.

The direction probably surprised a lot of people that thought you were just gonna try to copy your debut album ”Metal From Hell”.

- We learned all those songs when we first got back together and it really wasn’t a challenge for us to play that stuff anymore. It’s a lot easier now that we have Hobbit on the drums. I had some of the new songs already and me and Harry and Hobbit just got together and started writing. We all kind of threw in our ideas and it started coming out like magic. We didn’t realize how much music we were writing at the time. It just kept coming. We have songs that we recorded but didn’t put on ”By the Hands of the Devil” that we’ll release at some point.

Is it important for you not to be a retro band that would try to do copy your first album?

- I don’t know if that really ever crossed our minds. We love ”Metal From Hell” but at the time and with the lack of label support and people that didn’t understand us we really couldn’t get our vision 100 percent clear and recorded the way we wanted to. Even though we love that album and it was magical we felt like we never showed people what we could do. We tried even harder now to put out the music that we wanted instead of listening to other people.

Does having a traditional heavy metal type of voice like Harry’s instead of the black metal type of voice you had for so many years make you go diffent ways as a song writer?

- I think that has influenced the song writing a bit but mind you Harry is a big fan of black metal. He says a lot of that is more challenging to him than the operatic stuff. Sometime he’ll sing a whole song in black metal style and then just start laughing. Harry has so much fun when we play and experiments a lot with his voice. We have versions of songs we’ve recorded that don’t sound like what will be on the album and when we get to an album recording we don’t really have a set way for what we’re gonna do. We just do what we feel at the time and seems magical to us. Harry experiments so much with different voices he probably records a hundred tracks per song.

I guess having such a versatile singer gives you a lot of options?

- Yeah, and Harry is a really good song writer himself too. We got a song called ”Soul Wrent” on ”Pre-Dating God Part 2”. He actually hummed out the guitar riffs and stuff to me and had all the ideas. ”Valley of Blood” on part 1 too. Harry kind of just went with it and wrote those songs. Me and him just sat down, he gave me his ideas for guitar riffs that I refined and I had ideas for vocals and we just worked together on those songs. I think those are some of our best songs. Harry likes a lot of the black metal and death metal more than he likes traditional heavy metal. I think it is because he never really had a chance to do that with Jag Panzer and it represents a challenge to him.

Would you say Satan’s Host is or ever was a black metal band?

- We don’t really consider us any style of band. We just like being heavy metal or metal from hell like we call ourselves. We still remember when Venom put out an album called ”Black Metal” and we never wanted to be put under that kind of label that was another band’s idea. We always wanted to be original, that’s why we called our album ”Metal From Hell”. That’s what we consider ourselves. I think putting labels on music can strangle you. We can play anything. Like on ”By the Hands of the Devil” we put ”Bleeding Hearts of the Damned” which is a mellower style. We even throw in some traditional blues in some of the new stuff we’re working on now.

How do you feel about the LCF Elixir fronted ”black metal period” of Satan’s Host today?

- We still love doing that. We actually got some new songs now that are even heavier than anything we’ve ever done. Harry just loves black metal. He wants us to work more in that area so we’re doing a couple of songs. I really enjoy a lot of the really technical death metal. Hobbit really likes the traditional heavy metal like Accept and Saxon while Mark likes really strange bands like Orange Goblin so we all have different influences and bring different ideas to the band.

Why did you decide to release the album ”Celebration for the Love of Satan” with mostly songs from the ”black metal period” rerecorded with Harry on vocals a couple of years ago?

- We had our 25th anniversary since the release of ”Metal From Hell”. Moribund wanted us to do a compilation album but I told them I was never really into that, so why don’t why record it like it’s a brand new album and rewrite the songs a little to give the fans something new? This way they could hear where we were at with Harry. I thought that was a much better idea. We’re gonna do the same thing for the 30th anniversary in 2016.

Has any other band ever really hammered out the kind of black metal music with almost solely a clean heavy metal voice that you did on that album and ”By the Hands of the Devil” in particular?

- I have never really heard any other bands do it. I noticed a few more that are trying to do that now but they don’t quite do it like we do. We always try to progress as a band, grow and learn to play new styles. Having Hobbit really helps on the drums. I had Pete 3 Wicked before and he did most of the really extreme albums we did but he was more like a machine and I couldn’t really expand. Hobbit knows how to make the music flow a little better and I think the combination of him and Harry really just changed our sound to a crossover between both worlds.

Speaking of rerecordings; will you ever completely rerecord ”Metal From Hell” and the unreleased ”Midnight Wind” album like you have talked about?

- We’re gonna do both of those albums. We will release the originals and rerecord them and put them all in one package kind of like a box. We already got that planned for 2015. Probably by the end of the year we’re gonna start recording. We already got all those songs rehearsed plus we got extra songs that we never put on ”Midnight Wind” but were supposed to be on there that we’ll put on. Then the fans get to hear even more new stuff from us. That’s the question I get the most, how do we come up with all these albums and ideas? I come from back when bands would put out an album or two every year. I think that’s what we should do. Going on a tour cycle for three or four years before the next album bores us. We want to put out fresh music for the fans all the time.

Once and for all – what is acually wrong with the final producion of ”Metal From Hell”?

- When we recorded that we went to 17 different engineers because they would all freak out when Harry would bring in upside down crosses and burn black candles and being in his black robe when singing. I’d come in and I’d be on fire and all evil and I just don’t think people could handle it around here. We’re in the bible belt here in Colorado. We couldn’t find a studio that would really record us properly and between the record label switching engineers they wouldn’t really let us go in and mix it down. They took the recording and did whatever they wanted. It took two years for that album to come out. We originally recorded it in 1984 and it came out in 1986. The album is actually missing all the rhythm tracks and I don’t know what they did to my guitar tone. The drums got lost somewhere along the way too. We wanted to remix it but the two inch tapes weren’t stored right so they were shot. All we have is the master tape so we don’t have any chance to remix it. We do have ”Midnight Wind” all separated and ready to mix though.

I thought ”Midnight Wind” was never properly recorded. Wasn’t that just a rehearsal room recording or something?

- It was recorded but the mix was just a really quick mix. They just set the levels, threw a little bit of echo on and gave it to us. It was just supposed to be a demo. We were actually working with Metal Blade to sign to them at the time but Web Records kind of fought with us and kind of sabotaged that whole thing.

In the mid 1980’s the lyrics and imagery of Satan’s Host must have been pretty extreme, right?

- It was but we get more people getting pissed of at us now than we did then which I don’t understand. I get people writing us telling us we’re devil worshipers and whatnot, but I don’t care. Weak people got to open up their minds. It’s not like we’re religion, we make music. That’s what a lot of people forget. We just love music and we like to write about the left hand path and the darker things in life. We’re not trying to push being a Satanist or anything down people’s throats. We do take it seriously but we’re not gonna go out there and be representatives of the Satanic church and preach to people. I hate when people preach to me.

So there is some kind of ideology behind your lyris?

- Harry and I have both been in the Satanic church for just about all our lives and we’re part of Luciferian organizations and stuff but that’s all in our private lives. We just enjoy the darker side of life. We try to open up people’s minds. The whole concept behind ”Pre-Dating God” isn’t that we’re trying to go against God; we’re trying to show people that there are other thing in life that the government has hidden from us throughout the centuries. If you go back to the beginning of time and look, there are scientists that say that our gene line pool has been manipulated by aliens or whatever you want to call them. That’s kind of where we went with ”Pre-Dating God” because we believe in that philosophy ourselves. We’re trying to show people that we’ve been lied to and there’s things that pre-date God out there if you learn about them and have a more open mind. The whole bible is just a moral system. They were trying to get morals for society because we’re such savages.

What is it that makes Satanism meaningful to you?

- Instead of having a fear of God and thinking we will go to Hell and suffer like they try to teach us when we’re young, I think we need to be more open minded and learn different things. You can study every different religion in the world and learn something. Satanism is kind of empowering at first. A lot kids get into Satanism and think they’re just gonna conquer the world all of a sudden. Throughout the years you learn that you need to learn, open your mind, find out and expose all the lies we’ve been told. The whole school system and belief system in America have lied to us all along. If we get more people to expose it maybe things can change for the better for everyone. That’s what we believe in.

What does the idea of the devil represent to you?

- I think we all have the spirit of the devil, Satan and Lucifer inside of us. Lucifer is enlightening. Once minds are enlightened you start having free will and free thinking. Opening up your mind is the devil because it’s going against what they want us to believe. It’s been going on for centuries. Look at the witch trials or how the Romans killed people. They even killed Jesus you know. If Jesus ever existed that is. Nobody’s ever proven that so it’s not a fact. That’s part of the big lie we’re living. The church and the whole belief system try to tell us it’s a fact but it’s not. It’s faith, which is not the same thing as fact. So I think the spirit of the devil lives inside of every person. Especially in metalheads because we enjoy extreme metal and it evokes a feeling inside of us. It awakens that primal spirit within us. It awakens our true will and our true minds and that’s what the devil represents to me. The devil is more of a frame of mind than a person. I don’t think there’s actually a devil with a pitchfork that’s coming to kill you. Neither do I think there’s a God out there that’s such a savage he’s gonna throw you into Hell to let you suffer. If you look at the concept of God that all these people want to believe God is supposed to be a loving and caring being, but if you look at the God in the bible that guy is way more ruthless than the devil ever was. He’s a warrior, he’s got a sword and he’s ready to kill you if you don’t believe what he wants you to. I can’t accept something like that. I believe that everybody’s got some good inside of them. I think every person has got strength and a use. Well, there are useless people too you know, because they just don’t want to wake up.

What kind of reactions were you getting back in the 1980’s?

- We were getting protesters and there was this organization called Mother’s Against Satan’s Host. When we were going on tour with bands like Possessed, Kreator, Dark Angel and all the different bands we played with people would protest outside. We still get that when we go out and play in America. I don’t understand it. There’s bands like Watain out there that are more extreme in what they believe than we are. They’re all good friends of mine. I guess if you have the word Satan in your band name it just scares the hell out of people. When we first started we didn’t really start the band as a Satanic band. We just wanted a band name that would stick out even next to Black Sabbath. We were always Satanists but we did it our own way. We never wanted to be blasphemers like Deicide. There are enough bands doing that. We want to separate ourselves from that and seem like we have more intelligence so when people read the lyrics they will think a little more.

Was the protesting good or bad for your trying to make a career?

- Sometimes it would piss us off that it was holding us back from going to where we were wanting to get but we’re so far into it now that we would never change the name of the band. If people can’t accept it it’s their loss. They miss a lot of great music. The ones that do understand it get to be fans for life. We build up a fan base that will have longevity and never go away. When we’re gone the music will still sound fresh to them. That’s what we’re trying to achieve.

In today’s climate, is it even possible to start a band that would be extreme and stick out?

- I think you could do it but the problem today is you get labeled so much you might just fall into the same circle as all these other bands. It’s hard for bands to just be original. There’s so much competition out there. Listen to death metal. There’s so many great death metal bands but I can’t tell one from the other. They all sound the same. Same with the black metal. Half the black metal I listen to I can’t even tell you the name of the band. You got to have your own signature sound. I think, no matter what style of music you play, when you put on the CD or vinyl you got to be able to hear yeah that’s Satan’s Host, that’s Black Sabbath, that’s… whatever band it is you should have your own sound. Once you can do that you know you’re doing something special.

Do you think you have achieved that?

- I’m trying my best and I think we have. When I hear our music I can definitely tell it’s us and a lot of other people tell me the same thing. We don’t really try to sound like other bands or be influenced by other bands.