Great American Scapegoat...666

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Type: LP
Released: 2008
Label: Moribund Cult Records

Running Time: 63:43

1. Invocation... 666
2. Ave. Lucifer
3. Dragons - Darkness
4. Azrael: Death Wing Angel
5. Great American Scapegoat
6. Hail Satan
7. 7 Strings, Sin
8. Black Order
9. Pyromancy, The Art of Fire
10. Xeper 22
11. Cursing, "Vampyric Evil-Eye"
12. Infernal Victory
13. Throne of Baphomet


Recording Members:

L.C.F. Eli Elixir - Vox/Lyrx
Patrick Evil - Guitar/Bass
Pete 3 Wicked - Drums

Additional Information:

Recorded at Flatline Audio
Engineered and produced by Dave Otero

Reviews CD Review

Satan's Host formed in the late 70's with Harry Conklin - most notably of Jag Panzer - on vocals and wrote two "evil power metal" albums in the late 80's (only one of which has officially seen the light of day) before the drummer died and the band broke up. They reformed in the 90's and have released a string of consistent albums.

Great American Scapegoat 666 is the brand spanking new 2008 release from the Colorado group now reduced to a core trio of L.C.F. Eli Elixir (vocals), Patrick Evil (guitar and bass), and Pete 3. Wicked (drums). It is a focused blackened, thrashy death album that is the most energetic and extreme I've heard from Satan's Host, yet there are still elements of their power metal roots in the classy, catchy lead playing.

The band worked with Dave Otero (known for his crushing work with Cephalic Carnage) at Flatline Audio, so I have a feeling that played a part in the overall more venomous attack that this album brings. Personally I prefer albums like Burning the Born Again as the power metal elements were more prevalent making for a more memorable listen, but the band still has the writing chops to make this an album worth checking into for fans of heavy, thrashy death metal.




Old Curtis St. Bar Show Review Nov. 11, 2008

Opening up this show on a Tuesday Nov.11, at Old Curtis Tavern in Denver, Co was Depths of Tartarus. I would describe their music as fast form of black metal mixed with some thrash influences. Drums were very fast and brutal with a lot of blast beats, while the bass playing had a lot of rhythm mixed with a lot of fast riffs. Guitars were very professional sounding with a lot of brutal black metal riffs that combined both modern and old school influences with some melodic guitar solos. I would describe their vocals as traditional black metal screams with some occasional death metal grows. As far as the stage presence there was the metal spikes and corpse paint and the band closed the show with a cover of Inquisition's " Crush The Jewish Prophet", In my opinion their version did not seem as powerful as the original and the vocals kind of reminded me of a younger David Vincent doing the vocals, other than that they put on a real good show and were the most brutal band of the night.

Next up on the stage were Washington State's Ceremonial Castings and they played a very dark and melodic form of symphonic black metal. Drums were fast with some blast beats and they would slow down at times to capture the melodic feel of the music. Keyboards were very dark and depressing sounding and captured the ambience of the music perfectly. There was no bass guitar present so the guitar player had to cover both the rhythms and leads of the music and he combined a lot of fast black metal riffs with some slow and doomy parts, while the solos were very melodic and epic. Vocals were black metal screams mixed with some occasional clean singing. As with the opening band Ceremonial Castings also had a very good stage presence.

Next up were Denver legends Satan's Host. This was their first show with their new line up and I would describe their music as a Satanic form of black/death with a lot of melody. Drums were very professional and tight sounding with a lot of blast beats, some slow parts mixed with a lot of variety and the drummer sounded like he really prepared for his first show with Satan's Host. As for the bass playing it was the strongest I have ever heard from this band and they combined a lot of fast and melodic riffs that mixed both Old School and Modern metal. Guitars were very dark and evil sounding and you could hear 4 decades of metal in the rhythm's and the solos could blow away any of the musicians in Colorado with its dark and sinister sound. Vocals were black metal screams mixed with some death metal influences and at times they sounded ritualistic. While the band didn't have the corpse paint and spikes like the opening bands they still had a dark image and the singer wore his cloak on stage and at times looked like he was trying to conjure a demon.

Headlining the show was Denver's own Orgy for Satan. Despite the name their music was not that dark and was it was mostly grindcore with a couple of black metal songs. Drums were very fast and basic with a lot of blast beats and they were the highlight of music while the bass guitars seemed to follow the guitars and drums and it seemed like there was a few technical problems. Guitars were all rhythms with no guitar solos and the riffs were fast, simplistic and other than when the band switched from black metal there was not a lot of variety. Vocals were mostly death/ grind growls with some occasional black metal screams and when they played their last song Creepy Chris came up and did quest vocals and in my opinion he had some better growls than there regular singer and he seemed more crazy and into the music than the rest of the guys. While Orgy For Satan were not a bad band they seemed weak in comparison with the rest of the bands that played that night and there was no stage presence and they have not seemed to add any newer influence's since their last show and album in 2001.

I would say this show was a really good show and I hope we get more shows like this in Colorado.


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Leviatan Magazine Review

Talk about obscurity, just look at Satan's Host! The band's original incarnation featured Harry Conklin as their vocalist before splitting after a famed debut, but guitarist Patrick Evil resurfaced again with new members and an utter transformation into black/death metal unlike other groups doing similar activities. Still, Satan's Host stayed dangerously consistent throughout dynamic recordings such as "Burning the Born Again" that pushed new frontiers beyond what eyes could see; charged with influences unbeknownst to expected ears, powerful progression moved the cosmos under Leviathan's comrades. So, thirty years have passed since conception, yet "The Great American Scapegoat" marks another stage in this group's fantastic legacy, focusing on successfully shoving the limits of death/black metal once again. You see, not all scapegoats are bad!

Through psychic walls, Satan's Host warmly embraces witchery that disguises itself in chameleonic forms. Bending like a slut, these gentlemen firmly grasp items melodic, furious, calming, chaotic, and generally awesome to one's eardrum. This record practices qualities most black/death metal bands preach, but still nothing generic when worshiped here: sharp tremolo picking, fantastic balancing between blast-beats and memorable patterns in the percussion sense, twisted vocals, and old-school solos. But who gets a trophy? Eli Elixir! Face it, the guy has a serious skill behind his flaming larynx; I mean he growls in a singing voice! That's incredible, or not even possible! Yea some folks might find the album's lyrics a bit laughable or even disturbing, but that's how things are done in the Satan's Host camp. Musically, they can alter any loss on a poetic basis back to darkened fields of instrumental chaos, hence why "The Great American Scapegoat" will easily induce neck-snapping reactions upon first listens.

Also, do I smell a little experimentation? I must! Indeed, a few documentaries about their writing process of this record depict Patrick Evil explaining how he viewed the production a little different than his previous efforts, as seen by chat of using multiple amplifiers, guitars, and other tampering ideas. Of course, his guitar tone waddles from different keys all over the sound barrier, even applying acoustics throughout several anthems, which creates something quite colorful from his performances. Likewise, things seem drawn on atmosphere rather than straight-up brutality; again, another impeccable flip adding enjoyable hues past what a mind would apprehend. At day's conclusion, Satan's Host is one of my all-time favorite bands, and this album is just fuel for the tank. Is that how black magic works, guys?

Thirty years of dimension-hopping didn't have a chance at stopping Satan's Host here, plus the new slithers of experimental patterns added much more tint to their stellar identity than expectations could foresee; indeed a prodigious offering pushing the configuration and mixture of rabid sub-genres into a single blender of instrumental brilliance. The main thing I really appreciate is the utter balls these guys have. They know metal has no rules, and Satan's Host continues bending and breaking norms others would not attempt, thus explaining why this record feels like a metallic spell rather than some generic crap. However, "The Great American Scapegoat" is a great album, and Satan's Host is a wonderful squad many would fundamentally love, so ditch those junky black/death metal CDs you scorn and buy this mighty coin of extreme metal done right. Bam!

-Gunther The Undying



Metal Observer Review

From the somewhat ridiculous album title "The Great American Scapegoat 666" (what happened to the 665 previous ones?) to the cover art depicting Satan holding an American flag remodeled to feature a baphomet, something seems to be a little bit strange about SATAN'S HOST. This might be because they started out as a Power Metal band back in the late 70s, but the over-the-top satanic lyrics and imagery were part of their repertoire even then.

The very idea of a Power Metal band turned Black/Death Metal is enough to make even the toughest headbanger cringe, but don't let this potentially puke-inducing combination put you off. As a matter of fact, sans the 50 second guitar solo, "7 Strings," there is basically nothing left of their spandex-wearing roots on this album, which should be a relief to just about everybody. In fact, what we have here is a genre mixing of the extreme-Metal variety, including the aforementioned Black and Death factors as well as some Thrashed-out solos to make it all more interesting. The riffs are just about exactly as heavy as hell, and the vocals are standard-fare evil-sounding cookiemonster growls, which is fine by me considering how flamboyant the lyrics are when describing their adoration for the Prince of Darkness.

In fact, unless you have some kind of mental defect, you will be able to tell that these guys aren't kidding around when it comes to worshiping Satan just by looking at their album titles, songs, website, or even their band name. Yes, it's cheesy and obnoxious, but if you're able to ignore their preaching you'll probably discover that the music has more to it than the lame voice-over of the intro, imaginatively titled "Invocation 666". For example, the especially silly-named "The Cursing – Vampyric Evil-Eye" has a shredding riff with solos that might literally melt your face off. Posers beware! It's not often bands that are basically Black Metal can pull off old-school solos without turning out as symphonic masturbation, but these imps make it sound great. It should also be mentioned that the first real track, "Ave Lucifer", displays their ability to work with slower melodic riffs as well, even though the subject matter is virtually identical to track number six (-six-six), "Hail Satan".

To my surprise, "The Great American Scapegoat 666" turns out to be a pretty solid effort from these American veterans. While it might not be the most intellectually challenging piece of music out there, it certainly succeeds in sounding evil and hellish, and they probably would have without the elaborately thematic lyrics as well. If you're religious and easily offended at blasphemy, you should probably stay at least 666 feet away from this at all times though. See what I did there? I can be evil too.




Winter Heathen Review

Satan's Host have been toiling away in the underground for some time now, ever since they reformed in the late 1990's. They've released material independently, spreading the word of Satan, to fans of their diabolical death/black metal art. Finally, with The Great American Scapegoat 666, they received proper distribution thanks to the unholy folks at Moribund Cult, and hopefully it will finally reach the audience it deserves.

Satan's Host, both musically and lyrically, don't really present anything most fans of black metal haven't already heard before, but they do it with such conviction its hard not to be enthralled by it. The band don't just play satanic music, they live it. As such, the album seems to be less a musical experience and more like a satanic ritual.

Even though the album features the creative leads of guitarist Patrick Evil and the pounding, almost tribal drumming of the now departed Pete 3 Wicked, the driving force of Scapegoat is vocalist and poet Eli Elixir. His performance is so passionate that even an atheist like me is expecting to feel the Devil himself tapping me on the shoulder.

Its a credit to the band that this album is well over an hour long but never bores much at all. Highlights are many. 'Black Order' is the best of them all. It has a creepy atmosphere and, as mentioned already, features lyrics devoted to the Dark Lord. Basically, if you've heard a Dark Funeral album before, you kind of know what to expect with the lyrics. Acoustic guitar is used on occasion to great effect on Ave, Lucifer and Infernal Victory. Variety is the name of the game here. Satan's Host don't feel the need to always play 666 miles an hour to get their point across. Patrick even does his best Eddie Van Halen impression on the short instrumental 7 Strings, Sin.

I suppose the only negative I can think of is the occasional feeling of redundancy. Especially on the song Hail Satan, it almost makes me want to scream "All right, we get it, you love Satan, Enough already!" But luckily, those moments are rare, the whole thing is so well presented and executed that it just sucks you out of the real world and into the realms of Hell.

Scapegoat is a far cry from the bands early days, when they played power metal. It's intended to scare the crap out of any God fearing Christian believer, and it succeeds. Hopefully the band will now be known for more that just for once having Jag Panzer singer Harry Conklin in its ranks.

As a side note, I must say that if you have the chance to see this band live, you must do so without any hesitation. It is truly a unique experience, and Eli and Patrick are two of the nicest guys in metal today.

-Winter Heathen


Top CD Review

Satans Host was originally a side project for Jag Panzer's (where have they been lately?) vocalist, Harry Conklin. Harry recorded two power metal albums (1986's Metal from Hell and 1987's Midnight Wind) before moving on to join Titan Force. Satans Host kept a low profile before resurfacing with Archidoxes of Evil in 2000. About a year ago Satans Host signed a deal with Moribund Records and the cult label unleashed Burning the Born Again (2004), Satanic Grimoire (2006), and now Great American Scapegoat, so fans can catch up on this underrated band.

The second incarnation of Satans Host sees the band developing into a Satanic mix of black metal and death metal. Three of the thirteen tracks are evil intros, interludes and segues. When Satans Host is at their best is when Patrick Evil gets creative with his guitar riffing and gets himself into a mid paced death metal groove. Oftentimes )especially on "Dragons Darkness" and "Azrael Death Wing Angel"), Satans Host change pace from death metal heaviness to black metal speed.

Of the several Satans Host albums flooding the market, Great American Scapegoat is the band's best. With Summon's status uncretain, Satans Host is the perfect band for Moribund to support and fill the Satanic death metal void.

-Brett VanPut


Top CD Review

Hailing from Colorado, SATAN'S HOST has spent over 20 years in the depths of the underground. Line-up changes, a band member's murder and a hefty hiatus all took their toll, but a deal with Moribund Records has fortified the band tremendously. Two of SATAN'S HOST's most recent albums were re-released last year. The bludgeoning "Burning the Born Again" and the epic "Satanic Grimore: A Greater Black Magic" could finally be reached by metal fans the world over. Each of these releases was a hint of what was looming on the horizon.

"Great American Scapegoat 666" seems to be an amalgamation of the band's best moments on their two previous albums coupled with better production and more passion. The music is just as brutal, grim, epic and melodic as the past releases but the formula has been jolted for the better. Guitarist Patrick Evil is now injecting a heavy dose of Doom into the band's music and it works marvelously; the masterful infusion of Doom-drenched riffs gives the songs a much more mounting and epic feel.

Starting out with the clean picking intro of "Ave Lucifer," SATAN'S HOST quickly demonstrate that they are not the typical blast-friendly Black Metal band. Using a swelling of melody and solos the song eventually surges into a powerful sonic attack with tremendous drumming from Pete 3 Wicked and the impeccable roar of vocalist L.C.F. Eli Elixir. And the album really doesn't sag or falter from this point forward; from the melodic and Doom-drenched "Dragons - Darkness" to the bellicose groove of the title track, SATAN'S HOST is clearly churning out top shelf, eclectic Black Metal by utilizing elements Death, Thrash and even Doom. These songs have a serious amount of depth and they add to SATAN'S HOST's multi-genre accessibility.

The album's highest of high points are "Azrael: Death Winged Angel" and "Throne of Baphomet." Each song starts softly with clean picking but quickly move into epic masterpieces with their ever-changed tempos, brilliantly executed blasts and undulant riffs. As if to make things better and more unique, both songs are also augmented with fantastic bits of NWOBHM-style melodic hooks and shredding solos.

The only negatives are the few interludes and the rather bombastic and clichéd Death Metal attack of "Hail Satan." Even so, this album is an amazing piece of craftsmanship from a band that is clearly ready to move beyond the Extreme Metal underground. Simply put, "Great American Scapegoat 666" would have been more aptly titled Great American Black Metal. It's a must for all Black Metal fiends, especially those that adore DISSECTION.

-Don Rottenbucher



Living For Metal CD Review

In two years, the Boulder, Colorado trio known as Satan's Host has gone from a veteran band with virtually no name recognition and their share of ups and downs (mostly downs) to a band that could have easily challenged the likes of Dissection in their prime. The re-releases of Burning the Born Again... and Satanic Grimoire have only solidified the band's status into the minds of the unsuspecting masses. So what does that leave for their latest album Great American Scapegoat 666? Read on to find out.

As with their previous releases, Great American Scapegoat 666 has everything that one would expect from Satan's Host: a good combination of death, thrash, and black metal all rolled into one, booming vocals reminiscient of Satan himself, and the over-the-top Satanism that is evident throughout the album. What makes Great American Scapegoat 666 stand out from the previous releases is that much of what makes the album work is crisp production which ensures that every ounce of evil can be heard, not to mention the sound that can almost make ears bleed, even at tolerant levels. Even the slow parts are on the mark, as evidenced by Azrael: Death Wing Angel. The instrumental 7 Strings, Sin is a 30-second guitar solo that harkens back to when heavy metal was all about the solos, which should please the old-timers. Even though the sound actually combines elements of death, thrash, and black metal, it is almost impossible to tell when the band is doing which genre because the transitions are seamless and everything works well with one another, particularly with the emphasis on power over speed.

As for weaknesses, the album can go overboard on the Satanism, as evidenced on Hail Satan. Even the best Satanists should have a limit on how much Satanism should be pushed into their craniums. The only other discernable weakness on the album lies primarily on Infernal Victory, which is basically a lead in to Throne of Baphomet. However, this one is more passable because when things are working well, you do have to indulge superstitions. In this case, the superstition is having thirteen tracks, as was the case on Satanic Grimoire.

Ultimately, Great American Scapegoat 666 is an album that should be in anyone's collection who considers themselves fans of metal music, whether they believe in Satan or not. If you can get past the overt Satanisms, then you will enjoy this album. Of course, if you haven't heard of Satan's Host, then go out and buy Burning the Born Again..., Satanic Grimoire, and Great American Scapegoat 666 and hear what you have been missing.

-Dr. Pete




Living For Interview: Patrick Evil

Boulder, Colorado is traditionally known for housing a few eclectic personalities. Certainly, Satan's Host doesn't fit the "hippie" mold, but with a lifestyle that few others lead, they can be called eclectic. For all of the backlash that comes with being Satan's Host, the band has somehow managed to survive through lineup changes, a drummer being murdered, a decade-long hiatus, and various other things that probably haven't been documented. 2007 was the band's coming out party, as Moribund Records re-released Burning the Born Again… and Satanic Grimoire. This year, with a new album The Great American Scapegoat 666, the band is poised for even bigger things and a larger audience to conquer.

Peter Santellan: For those who don't know about the history of Satan's Host, would you give a brief overview of how it all started and the resurrection of the band in the 1990's?

Patrick Evil: The band started in the late seventies to early eighties with our first release Metal From Hell in 1986 followed by Midnight Wind in 1987. After that, the original drummer was murdered and the band took a time of silence until around 1992 when I Met Eli Elixir, the current vocalist. We at that time had a great connection. So we found different musicians and the band reformed, myself being the only original member wishing to carry the Black Flame for Satan's Host. At that time, I found a new fire for music discovering 7 string guitars. I knew at that time once again, people in the industry were excited for the grunge movement just like new wave, glam, and disco before it. So I had foreseen a resurrection at the core of Metal and knew all of these other factions of music were again a fad. That made me have a great desire to make the most extreme Metal possible and ignited my passion for music in a new light. I was never really satisfied with the incarnation of Satan's Host musicians until now the present day line up!! Now I am able to unleash my primal passion for the Metal as I have originally intended, although I am still a big fan of power Metal as the band started in the beginning. But working with Eli has helped me grow as a musician because he has a greater understanding where I am coming form and our unholy union has forged forth, growing stronger everyday!

PS: Last year, Burning the Born Again... and Satanic Grimoire were reissued by Moribund Records. How did the deal with the record label come about and why do you consider it a good fit for the band?

PE: Well, Odin had called Flatline Audio owner Dave Otero, who was looking to get a hold of us. It just happened at the time we were recording the Satanic Grimoire album there at the time. Dave gave me all of the contact information and I started talking with Odin about making a deal. We went on with producing and releasing the Satanic Grimoire album on our own. After a time, it seemed the timing and everything went great and we signed on with Moribund for the new album Great American ScapeGoat. It only made sense the most underground cult label and cult bands united. I am very pleased how they have taken us under their veil and work their hardest for the Metal. They're big fans of Metal as are Satan's Host. They have given us complete freedom to create our music and together, I couldn't think of any other label that would let Satan's Host be who we are today.

PS: This month, the new album Great American Scapegoat 666 came out. Is there any agenda behind the album title?

PE: If you look around the world and America especially, religion and conservative thinking rules all. So many people live their lives one way then go out on the weekends raising hell and then back to church on Sunday. It is so easy for people to blame Satan and blame everything on something else beside themselves. No one takes responsibility for their own actions. For example, look back to Judas Priest being on trial for a kid committing suicide. Or Marylyn Manson being blamed for the Columbine killings because the kids listened to the music. There is always someone to blame someone who is made the ScapeGoat. That is why we named the album with the title. The message is take responsibility for your actions; if not, go ahead and blame us: The Great American ScapeGoat!!

PS: As has been the case with the album covers associated with Satan's Host releases, the artwork is amazing. Who does the cover art, and how did you come in contact with the person?

PE: We are fans of real art. We have always been fortunate to find a great artist who connects with us and understands the concepts we seek to create. Joe Patagno does all the art work for Motorhead and Summon and when Moribund gave us a chance to work with him, it was like a dream come true. He has that natural ability to understand and create. We gave him our vision and he exceeded our expectations for the new cover. We will always find people of like minds who are into their craft as are we!!

PS: Production of the album was done by Dave Otero, who has also done work with Cephalic Carnage and Cobalt. How did you decide on him, and what were the ways in which Satan's Host benefited?

PE: We started working with Dave on the Burning the Born Again album. He pushes us past the limitations of working in other studios. Each album we record with him gets better. He becomes a silent member in the band and is straight up and honest with us. He gives us ideas we may not have heard in the music and explains to us his vision and how it coexists with our vision. He will headband along to the music, raising his horns to the sky and bringing such a fire to the table that makes us take our playing and creativity to another level.

PS: What is the purpose of having an invocation (Invocation...666) to lead off an album?

PE: Going back to our first album Metal from Hell, we have always started out the albums with some kind of intro. We like to create a mood for the listener. Sometimes it may seem over the top, but the invocation was meant to send fear and an unsettling feeling to create emotion for the listener. We wanted the calm before the storm so to say. Our vision was like a flash back in a movie or perhaps envision us doing a ritual before we go out and play. In that way, it gives you more insight that we live a certain way and enjoy what we believe in. So many people see Satan in Christian light, not understanding that in the left hand path, our thinking is more free will. If only more people could study and free their minds from right wing thinking, then the intro would make more sense. Unfortunately, so many only go by how they are raised or how they're supposed to think that such type of visions we create are only seen form a right wing point of view. The truth is there is a great movement that most do not know exist; that they just keep their minds closed and only see what they have been shown all their lives without ever understanding.

PS: The number 13 seems to be a lucky number for the band. Is this a superstition that works or is it just a coincidence?

PE: Well, there are many meanings to the number 13 in numerology. Most people think of the number 13 as being bad luck because they have never learned that all these superstitions were created by the church to instill fear within people so they will not dare to research or go against their thinking. It is a sad state in society when people will not read and learn because they have been told all their lives they will go to hell for doing things that are not understood. The only fears we have are those that bring the fear of God upon the soul. A threat to your immortal being. Why be afraid? Because we only use 10 percent of our minds, everything we know is that death is a reality from the day we were born. There is no truth, just faith that people have. I think it is very sad that people thrive on fear to control the collective thought of humanity. The only way to learn is to do the research, maybe then in this world we could have more open minds.

PS: Are there any shows lined up in the near future in support of the album?

PE: Yes, in the months of May to June, we will be touring the USA with Drawn and Quartered. To all the fans, keep checking for dates in your towns. We will be there!! After that, we will perhaps head across the shores to Europe and then record a new album later this year to be released next year. We like to stay productive and we love creating Metal!! That is what we live for. The more we can get exposure through our music, the better!

PS: Last question, is there going to be any more plans for shooting a video, as was the case with Metal From Hell?

PE: Yes, we have big plans for several different videos to support this album. We have been working on our ideas, drawing a plan and before we go on tour, we would like to have the new videos done. We will do one for Ave Lucifer and one for Black Order and Death wing angel. Thanks for your support and interest in Satan's Host.

-Dr. Pete



Lords of Metal, Eli Elixer

According to you biography, you guys started out in the 70's. Has Satan's Host always been there throughout the years?

Yes, we first began working with drums as well as composing songs. Not yet recording professionally, that was in 1986. Yes, there has once been a time of non-productiveness. Magick Manifesting, was there in between, in 1988-1994. This was when the new generation of Satanists began to bring Satan's Host back from the dead. Ever since being resurrected with an all new line-up, we began writing and recording once again. Satan's Host has been going strong since the 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 releases of our albums and projects. For more on that, you can check our website

Some of your earlier works has been re-released, prior to the release of the new album 'Great American Scapegoat…666' in February 2008. Did that generate the response you aimed for?

It generated somewhat of a Buzz. Though in this business, the only buzz that gets you responses is going out and performing live. Bringing the Metal to the Maniacs. This is our aim, this is our goal... World Wide 9.

What was the initial date of release for 'The Great American Scapegoat… 666'?

Yes, the European date of release is that of February 11th. United States release is that of February 12th. Satan's Host is very honored to have Odin and Nathan of Moribund Cult Records release this Satanic Masterpiece of Metal from Hell. Hail Satan...666

Before the re-releases of 'Burning The Born Again' and 'Satanic Grimoire', I must admit that I never heard of you guys, despite the long lasting history of your band. Did you negotiate with Moribund Records to re-release those albums so that an international audience would get to know you?

Yes, we did work out a deal with the re-releasing of these two albums. Odin was really into these two albums, so it was a perfect match for what is inside the final product. The Metal Muzik. Now some of our works are available for the Satan's Host Legions.

Great American Scapegoat…666', 'Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy)' and 'Satanic Grimoire… A Greater Black Magick'. What's the thing with the double titles of your albums?

It's how it is... 218. It brings more to the mind...DEITUS. It helps to bring the left hand path philosophies into a black-poetic sense. It gives the legions / fans more of a visual in words, to what the cd represents inside. This is what and how it comes to me from my black mirror, when in Ritual. Ave. Lucifer...999

I noticed that the element of aggression is bigger on 'Satanic Grimoire' that on 'Burning the Born Again'. The archetype thrash got a little more space, which influenced the overall feeling on the album. And you even added a touch of modern grind core and death metal, like Nile. What can we expect of your new album?

Yes, the aggression is all the more on the "Satanic Griomoire." This was the first cd that Satan's Host recorded as a three piece. We were going through some internal situations at the time. Our aggression was captured and amplified, due to the fact that we had a lot to prove to ourselves. On the new cd, we did mix more of an array of metal as well as satanic aggression and excitement in this project...'Great American Scapegoat...666'. It is more POWERFUL than the last project. Hail Satan...666

Am I right in saying that the release date of 'Great American Scapegoat' is now earlier than it was planned? I think I can remember earlier messages that talked about May 2008…

Yes, that's true. The 'Great American Scapegoat...666' release date is in mid February 2008 now.

Usually, bands witness the world around them change. Fans and the bands themselves create an aura of expectation of how a band should sound. In your case, you seem to have gone along with the changes, because you've added quite some contemporary metal to your thrash metal style. Of which the 90's Norwegian black metal is the most evident. I most certainly embrace the mixture of styles you display. Do you personally think it is important to grow with time as a band?

Thanx Evil Brother. Oh, Hell Yes! Evolve or DIE! That is how life is, period. In anyone and everything that is a living organism. We just try and mix in as many colors and styles of metal into our projects that we feel is called for. The main reason is to challenge ourselves and our abilities, as well as never getting bored with what we create.

Satanism and metal seem to go along just fine. It was Terry Butler's interest in black magic to set this off and with bands like Venom, the lord of darkness got the change to gain his permanent spot in metal music. Venom and others declared that they chose the subject to underline the power of the music, but that it in fact was just a gimmick to suit their dark music. With a name like Satan's Host, you limit yourself in the choice of your lyrics. Is it that obvious for you that this is the course you'll sail, in terms of lyrics?

Nice question Bro. Well, Satan's Host is not limited lyrically in any way. You see, when I write, I write in a variety of black magick philosophies and theories. Even in realms of the metaphysical, emotional and of great men, organizations as well as historical events. One would have to read the songs and understand what is going on in the lyrics, in order to make ones own opinion. This satanic ship has sailed, filled with occult intelligence and wisdom... 418

I think that metal in general can be considered as a host for Satanism. Is that where your band's name came from, or does that refer to actual demonic possession?

Satan's Host. We are the host of Satan. Meaning that we embrace all those who are strong, strong enough to be Satan's Host. It came from studying Aleister Crowley and Dr. Lavey. 666.

America has some bible belts in which the Bush administration has a loyal base of voters. Is religion a big thing in your region in Colorado?

Perhaps to some. Though I don't really exuviate my energy to its presence here in Colorado. I just know that there are a lot of zombie chuches walking around unable to think for themselves.

Well then, what should be the main purpose of (black) religions?

Not religion, religion is limitation. I prefer a grotto, more magickal, a truism. Liberation...218. Self Empowerment... DEITUS.

Are you out to change the minds of your listeners, as far as your abilities to pursue so goes?

Nice question Bro. I believe that we have somewhere in the twenty-three years of creating/recording and distribution of our Satanic Metal from Hell...666. Though in our lyrics we do bring theories and practices of Black Magick into our compositions. So to the practitioner of the various of degrees that we work with, will understand what Satan's Host is working towards...World Wide 9. See, at this stage of our career, we write what gets our evil primal out as well as challenges us in metal and in life.

If you prefer a world without religion, why is the dark magic you flirt with is still called satanism? Is that so that anyone can relate to it and somewhat knows what you're talking about, in terms of black magical practiscism?

That is what it is. Satanism. Though I wouldn't entwine it with a religion. To those of us, of the L.H.P., as well as our forever quest towards becoming our own God, the truism of satanism is far more than "Laveyism". Eastern culture embraces the purist manifesto of what Satanism represents. Lands where the Ancients roamed. Yes, to the second part of your question. Though it is a very broad and general area of the Black arts. As the ages evolve, so does the movement of the Black Arts. Ave. Lucifer...999

Well, obviously you are very determined and have a clear image of what you would like to say in your music. What's more important to you, the music or the message?

Yes, we Satan's Host truly do. Together they go hand and hand, one is part of the other. You see, we believe that what we are doing is what the classics of Magick would have done in their day and time. We are putting metal together with satanic philosophies, theories and practices. As well as demonic incantations, rituals of evocation and stories of the demons in a various of different degrees of the Black Arts. SITRA AHRA.

Now that you have signed to an ambitious label, Moribund Records, is it possible you will be heading towards Europe? I think your music will hit on here easier than in the States.

Yes, this is our goal! Take Satan's Host over to Europe... Wacken Open Air Festival. Yes, Satan's Host muzik does much better in Europe. They are more liberated, when it comes to embracing satanic metal. For it's a true purity of the power, that gives the individual strength towards perfection.

218, 418, World Wide 9… could you enlighten us a bit with what all the numerology means, and what it means to you in particular. (I DID understand the 666.)

In Kaos Magick...218, Kaos Divine Darkness, where it ALL is created from. The Great Work. Unification of Satanic Metal, perfection.

As I mentioned earlier, in the thirty years of the existence of Satan's Host, you must have witnessed quite some changes in metal and metal attitude. Which ones stand out the most in your eyes?

Early 80's, the infancy of metal, thrash in Canada, melodic metal from the NWOBHM movement. This was great for a young metal head who was an outsider in his school. The bay area thrash movement in the late 80's to the early 90's. Norwegian black metal in the early 90's was the most evil, raw metal alive. Though, I was not into the whole killing of fellow metal brothers. We are stronger when together as a whole, a monstrous energy encompassing the world. The Florida death metal movement that was happening here in the States, in the early-mid 90's. The underground grind core scene that filled the cracks of metal with a jolting blast of raw urban emotion in the late 90's into the millennia. Seems that the metal fans in present times are into bands old and new that can deliver. Deliver in composing great songs with great structuring, leads and lyrics. Pushing metal into a new realm of existence in these times of rehashed integrity.

What's the worst element of change in metal in the last 30 years?

Loss of the populous of vinyl. Being from the States, this is what is lost.

What's you ambition for the next few years?

Satan's Host plans on recording another cd in October 2008. Touring a bit in spring and or summer 2008 here in the States. Spread our satanic metal World Wide 9.

Do you wish to maintain a cult staus, or are you aiming for an international breakthrough?

Aiming for an international breakthrough. We believe that with Moribund Cult in the trenches with Satan's Host, we will both reach new levels of greatness in the Satanic Metal on a World Wide 9 Scale.

Thanks for your time. Any last comments or last words?

Thanx for this interview Evil-Brother, it was an Honor to be part of. Unto our legions World Wide 9, Satan's Host and Moribund Cult are coming to your town soon. Hail Satan...666. Believe in Magick, Believe in Yourself.




Butcher's Block Interrogation

Dear reader,

We meet again.

For this month's issue, I have a superb offering. I know a lot of my readers missed this particular band's three local shows a couple months back. For what reason, I do not know for certain, so I will simply chalk it up to blatant ignorance, laziness and/ or sheer poser-ness. I suggest you don't miss out again to get a slight glimpse of one of the greatest Metal bands ever. So get your drink and allow me introduce you to the mysterious Eli Elixir of SATAN'S HOST. Happy reading!

Maija: Good evening Eli! I trust your night is going well...? I normally like to warm up to the more personal- type questions. But what the hell...! I have a real fascination with 'inspiration', because in my case when I write something, it all just seems to come out of thin air... and often times what I pen down seems somewhat telepathic or psychic. So... when you are writing lyrics (or anything else creative), where would you say the 'drive' or inspiration comes from?... What makes it 'click'?

Eli: Great Question Goatess...666, From my Will. My reflection of the Great Darkness. The Forces of the Subconscious and the Primal. Which have been dormant, in the consciousness of Humankind. The Black Flame... SITRA AHRA... 999.

M: Why do you think said forces are dormant? Do you think they always have been? Or is it just our modern society?

E: I believe that modern society has programmed our minds with so much crap that we have become numb. Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. These Dark-Primal Forces, have and always will be within us All. It is just that some of us, that are Enlightened, Have been able to tap into the Source of it ALL; Liberating ourselves, from the herd mentality. Being Ruthless and Bold in every action towards the preservation of these Sacred Ways of the Ancients. LUCIFER...999.>

M: I assume that you would consider yourself 'enlightened'. Do you ever regret it? Is ignorance 'bliss' or are people who throw that line out ever so casually fucking idiots?

E: Don't ever assume my friend, only strike in confidence, or out of deathly-fear. It would be True to Believe, "Enlightened." I possess the abilities to utilize prescience, in any given situation that I choose to put myself in. Same as with in the direction and with areas unto degrees of Magick. That which I choose to study and work with. Towards new cd. projects and Lyrx with the group Satan's Host. Always Striving towards Greatness 9. Ignorance is bliss, for the ignorant, and weak. It serves to cater unto them and them alone. Basically, it is a short cut to failure, and a life time of echoing excuses. Yes, this planet is filled with 'Fucking Idiots!' Just how the Government likes it, and has worked so hard to maintain the mentality of the American Herd. As a Luciferian, the Quicker these are Devoured, Inside your reality, the Greater your Progression in Life Will be towards Self Enlightenment. AVE.,LUCIFER...999. XEM DEITUS.

M: Making assumptions, it's one of my personal character flaws. We're going to shift gears a bit here and go on to what I call the 'make or break' question, my only really 'generic' question that I am compelled to ask everyone I interview.: Religion... What religious category would you file yourself under (atheist, Satanist, Devil Worshipper, etc.) and would you consider yourself spiritual?

E: Satanist-Luciferian...666 ~ 999. Though, I am against any form of Religion- Restriction. Any organized form that is against the individual growth and individual thought. In America there needs to be more free thinkers. Those who are out-spoken, identified by their own actions, as with accomplishments and Beliefs as an Individual. Perhaps those who have attained Liberation, from within this societal system. Those who have brought together the Best of the All, from around the World as with History. Applying their Philosophies and Ideologies into daily life. Controllers and Conquers of their own Destiny/Destination.

I would say that the Spirit, the reflection of the Soul Is very much a Belief, in my systems of Magick, as with the Black Arts, Though I tend to speak of them, as Demons. Unleashing thy Dark subconsciousness. Connecting, and tapping with the Source. Exercising thy Demons Live...666... ~ SITRA AHRA ~

M: Well, I definitely agree that there needs to be more 'free thinkers'. I believe that the population is pretty evenly split between those who cannot think for themselves (i.e. brainwashed) and those who are too timid to vocalize their thoughts. There seems to only be a very few willing to go out on a ledge. Being a lyric writer and singer, what made you decide to become, well, 'vocal'? Why did you decide to publicize your own thoughts?

E: Nice question Goatess...666. I Believe it was that the writings came first. You know, just some of my short stories, and poetic prose as with songs. Before ever singing with a band, or vocalizing my thoughts and or Beliefs and Way of Life...666 - 999 = 333. It was pretty much just the words, until the Group / Satanic-Metal began to happen. So once there was a group established, you know drums, guitars, bass, it was pretty much putting and or re-writing my Words/Laws. Or at times structuring the compositions/ Metal around the structuring of the writings/ songs and or Poetic Prose. Either way for myself, it was about how the words have become POWER!. Something more Monstrous than just the use of words for Power. But how the words, Laws, Short Stories, have become Power itself. This was very Enlightening for myself, as an Artist, Published Poet, Lyricist and aspiring Writer. It was a transcending experience along my path to XEM DEITUS. See, I began to figure out, that there was a Hell of a lot more Power added to the Words through the Metal. Just the whole of the Aggression, and Fury being Unleashed, inside the room with the instruments and P.A.. From that moment, it transcended my Life and way of thinking when I began approaching my songs. Then with my Travels, through my career and life, I began to travel untrodden paths into the Unknown. I become very Enlightened by my Systems of Belief through the Practice and Theory of the Black Arts. Magick is a Passion of mine, as with many others, I have studied for most of my life. So as I began to grow, not only as a Lyricist and Vox, As a Magician, A Satanist, A Luciferian, A HuMan who is out to attain Enlightenment and Liberation. I realized that by hybridizing the two together, my Belief System and Black Magick, I am the essence, of what was to move forward from there. I am Vox! I am LAW! Learning how to tap into the Source of what we are a reflection of... Darkness and Satanism began working like instruments of Omniscience. A Godhead of Empowering in this life form. So when ever in a Recording Studio or Live Performances I have always tried to project it as a Ritual-Ceremony Format. Just as a self practitioner would, yet entwine the Satanic-Metal Muzik/ Songs into the Set, and or C.D.. It is basically, a very Powerful, unleashing... Demon Names being Evoked on this degree of Fire and Fury, Is the Most Powerful Experience, for this Magician I Believe. Through my Lyrx, Words, LAWS. You the reader, listener Will be Enlightened to a various of degrees. The way the words and or Demonic Names of Summoning are articulated. There will be a degree of poetic dark beauty, entwined with aggressions and brutality. Demonic names from cultures that are forbidden, from teaching in this country and ideology. So this band as with my Words/ LAWS, are Very different from what is out there. In our Universe, you Will Become Enlightened by Degrees that Will Transcend, the Satanic Metal-Maniac 666. XEM DEITUS.

M: I have to compliment your vocals! I was actually just telling the Mr. a few weeks ago how I really liked your vocal range. I hate it when there is no inflection / affliction in vocals. It's like how do they expect me to believe that they believe in what they are ranting/ raving about, when throwing out these words in a very monotone fashion. But you really have a way with inflection!

E: 666. Nice, I Thank you Goatess, that means a lot to me. ...Ave. Lucifer...999. I work hard at my craft, as with putting in the long hours. To hone and develop it, as close to my vision of perfection, as I possibly can. On this newest C.D.,"Great American ScapeGoat 666", I had spent like a year and a half getting prepared, personally and with the band. Other than Writing All the Lyrx and Vocal melodies, I conceptualized them into a Theme, as with into a Ritualistic-Ceremony of Enlightenment. I had also begun to get my body prepared physically, as with my mind and spirit. I started hitting the gym, as with hitting the speed bag and heavy bag. Working my cardio, and building my strength, so as to have more power in my attack as with my endurance; Mainly trying to just get into the Best physical shape that I could prior to entering into the Recording Studio. The Satanic-Metal Demands It! 666. It was around eight to six months prior to entering into the studio, before we were scheduled to begin recording the Vocal/Vox trax, I had started a vocal training program. Mainly working in new methods and techniques, as with strengthening the ones that I have in my arsenal. Constantly working and Developing my Vox. Evolving my whole being into what is yet to be, in this form of Extreme Satanic Metal. See, mainly my whole Goal... Desire, Will, Belief. Is to Be... XEM DEITUS... DARK METAL GOD. POWER ~ PURITY ~ PERFECTION...999. Yes, I would agree with you on the lack of diversity. In today's Vocal attack and Methodology in Satanic-Metal/Death Metal/Thrash Metal... It's Limiting. There seems to only be about, eleven percent of us who utilize different ranges and octaves in this form of Metal. The whole singing in one monotone attack, octave and or key gets boring after awhile. It will lack in the human emotion, the Spirit or Energy of what the Artist is trying express. The voice is like human emotions, it has many sounds/feelings...Colors. I just feel that as an artist, and a vocalist in this realm of Satanic Metal, one should color the canvas, with an array of human emotion...Vocal ranges, in order to have his/her Energy and Spirit come through the Metal. Let the voice be heard, the message needs to be understood! HAIL SATAN...666.

M: Have you ever written/ recorded anything that after the fact you thought was too 'personal' to release?

E: Wow, I Believe at times there were, and there will always be. Though I get over it, see each passing eve, is a new experience for me at this stage of my life. I really feel this way before I release a book, especially Poetry. I'll experience this a bit, with my new book, "Assault of Evil Tour 2008. 27 Days ~ 27 Nights." It will be my first book that documents the road. Touring across America, performing Satanic-Metal 666. The gigs, before, after, the happenings of the Setlist. Workings of Satanic Magick into ,"The Art of Satanic-Metal Improvisation...666." It will give the reader a true insight of what I was doing, as with what was going on around me, from my perspective. ...Luciferian 999.

M: When do you anticipate the release of your new book? And is it something you will be publishing yourself independently or do you have a publisher in mind?

E: Nice question Goatess...999. Working on getting it out by the Winter Solstice. Though I have to Work some deals to get the funds summoned together for the first print of 100 copies. ...ASMODAY. More than likely, I will be self-publishing this book as well, under my Publishing Company, "Black Magick, Inc." ( I believe it is ready for a final read through, then off to the printer. This time I will work with a local printing company. It makes communication a little better. Should there ever be any discrepancies in the layout and print of the project to some degree?. So around December 2008, this new book entitled, "Assault of Evil Tour 2008. 27 Days ~ 27 Nights" will be posted on the webpage,, Store Link. As with other merchandise from my publishing company. Shirts, Hoodies, Books, C.D.'s. It should be a decent read, filled with insight. As with the inner Workings, and the manifestations, Summoned through. Demon Names evoked into Ritualistic-Ceremony, of what my Satanic Magick Directed. The whole new creation of the Satanic Metal. "The Art of Satanic-Metal Improvisation Live." Filled with fire and fury of the daily and nightly adventures of being in a van with two traveling groups, performing Satanic Metal across America...666.

M: Looking back at all of the time you spent on the road touring, sightseeing, people- meeting, etc., what is the strangest thing you witnessed/ experienced on said adventure?

E: There were a few strange moments. One that still remains in my head, is the one out back of a convenient store. It's a pretty cool story. See the touring van, was out back of the store building. Where we all parked so as to go inside and get some refreshments. When we were about to leave, a guy and his wife in a 1968 Chevelle pull up to me. Kind of shocked, you know the whole tires screeching and stuff. Well the driver gets out and he's all, "Hey do you have any more of those shirts?" I was wearing the 'Black Magick, Inc.' tee shirt. He was all about the C.O.S. (Church of Satan) so we hit it off, and he ended up purchasing a shirt from me. Now here's the real laugh. It was across the street from a newly built church, in the middle of no where mid-west America. The irony of it all was so humorous for me, I don't think any one else in the van could see this juxtaposition. Hail Satan...666.

M: What a 'lovely' back-drop for such a chance encounter! I think that everyone (everyone interesting anyway) has some part of their personality or personality trait that would shock people; whether it's the nice old fellow who lives up the road, who helps old ladies cross the street but in secret, butchers up women in his basement or some Black Metal freak who secretly likes Tom Waits. Sorry for such a vague question, but tell me, what little 'fun' fact about you would I be shocked to discover? Perhaps there is an item in your house/ car I might be surprised to stumble upon?

E: Yes, very true. My Music collection is very eclectic, from a degree of generations and decades. Everything from Early first generation Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Dark-Ambient Metal. Into the various degrees of Metal in the present times we live in. As with early acoustical-harp blues, from the early 30's - 90's...Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy Williams, Sonny Boy Terry, Howlin' Wolf, the greats. Classical compositions, both orchestral and vocal accompanied CDs and or records...Wagner, Paganini, Berleos, Pavarotti. Have Country Folk artists, mainly older original artists: Hank Williams & Jr., Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings. Have some dark ambient techno from this past decade. As with into the older Punk/Hardcore sounds of the first and second generations. My Library of Books, Everything from Poetry, Philosophy, Magick, Religions, Satanism, Luciferianism, Short Stories of Horror and Metaphysical Dark Sci-Fi, Psychology, Astrology, History, self-improvement. Mainly what interests me at that time in my life. When I have the cash to purchase, who and what Writers of particular interest. Really into a Writer from TX, by the name of Michael Ford. Ever get a chance to read his work, I suggest that you do so, it will change your life. My collection of Weapons, mainly Swords, Daggers, Knives. As with my collection of Dragons, glass and pewter. A storage room full of roadies, old equipment, stage props, banners, kegs, and all the new merchandise. Mainly the CDs, books, shirts and hoodies from Black Magick, Inc. and Satan's Host. Oh yeah, I still eat off of paper plates. Hehehe... SITRA AHRA. 333 + 333 + 333.

M: Wow, that's a hell of a music collection! Of course everyone loves Johnny Cash, hehe, but I never would have guessed you liked Hank or Waylon. I myself occasionally enjoy Woody Guthrie. That name Michael Ford (the writer you speak of) sounds REALLY fucking familiar... but I can't seem to place it. I'll have to ask the Mr., he's a walking encyclopedia. In any event, I am a bit behind on my reading (seriously my own personal book collection is pretty sad. Fortunately the Mr. has a ton). Before we end this... we're going to try something completely new. Now that I have badgered you with an 'assault' of questions (that hopefully wasn't too painful), let's turn the tables. Go on.... ask me any question and I will gladly answer....

E: Okay, this is more towards the direction of what like minds are doing in this world. Working towards a single cause, through the Liberation of Oneness in a Belief system, or way of life. One that binds the minds together, as with energies of each individual Black-Star/Satanic-Luciferian Practitioner of the Left Hand Path...L.H.P. Transcending each of us upon a level of unseen consciousness, where we have the power and force to move worlds. That which are in our immediate surroundings, and or around individuals or groups of like minds. So I ask you do you believe that the forces of Divine-Darkness and Creative Kaos, are working together towards a single cause in this World? The Destruction of the system, corporations, governments, christianity, religions, the money systems and values from around the world. Devouring the weak through mental, as we deprogram them into a translucent pallet of the mind. Only to be reprogrammed, where the eyes are wide open, especially the minds eye/evil eye...AKOMAN. Perhaps, if not worthy of this energy then they'll just be digested entirely. Hail SATAN...666.

M: I think that any great force like Darkness and/ or kaos have better and bigger things to do than tinker around with such a small thing as planet earth or any just ONE planet, or anything so mundane as our human little creations. I highly doubt they alone are working towards any 'cause', outside of just simply BEING. I believe that only those who seek out deprogramming/ reprogramming or having their eyes wide open are the only ones worthy of such a 'gift', and will likely be the only ones who receive it. I think that people can harness energies and use said forces (darkness, kaos, or what have you) to achieve a goal, whether on their own or working with like minds... whether intentional or unintentional. As for just one cause, like a conspiracy, I think there are far too many things in need of destruction. And I definitely think it takes some physical doing as well.... You know, actively trying to obtain whatever it is you are after, or actively destroying whatever it is you want destroyed. The Black Metal 'community' is a good example (and rich soil) for one to try and destroy religion or bring about self corruption or demoralize the populace or pervert minds or simply feed wounds that already exist. But, if no one played in a band, or vocalized their thoughts or poured out their 'soul' in a bloody mess all over a stage, nothing would be achieved. I definitely don't think there is just ONE cause.

M: I'm glad to say that I did ask my Mr. who Michael Ford was and am now no longer completely ignorant. Needless to say I was like "Oh yeah, fucking duh!" For my readers who do not know me, I was born in a barn, live in a closet and drink far too much to remember names. It's time to end this interview as space and time can both be tediously restricting, especially when trying to delve deep into someone's mind. I humbly thank you for your time and answers, Eli. It was truly a pleasure. We are now at the infamous 'money- shot' question: your last words? A contact for the curious? Hails and/ or "Fuck offs"?

E: Hehehehe...999 Nice, thanks for the Interview Goatess, it was an Honor my Satanic Sister...666. Horns go out to the Satanic Metal Warriors/Legions World Wide 9. All the Maniacs that support Metal as a whole. It is our time in this country to create change, as with infiltrate the system from within with our Left Hand Path (L.H.P.) ways of thinking. Metal is Alive and Strong as All Hell, and is only getting more Powerful and Powerful in this country. For the most part in this country, the Metal maniacs are more in tune with the metal community and bands and tours on a worldly level. While other areas, that are diluted by cheep beer and short attention spans of limited language. Are still trying to complete, a full sentence of thought at the bar. Different Areas ~ Different Degrees. A Black, "Hail Satan" unto 'Moribund Cult' for total Belief and Support in Satan's Host...666. Infernal Hails go out to our new found Satanic Friends in the Seattle/Tacoma Metal scene. Drawn and Quartered, for allowing us the opportunity to fill in on the Assault of Evil Tour 2008. It was a blast Devouring stages, all across this country USA. As with the killer 'Green Magick' hehehehehe....333. Hail Leviathan...333. Satanic Metal 666.

Ave. Lucifer...999



-Maija The Goatess

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