CELEBRATION For the Love of Satan

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Type: LP
Released: November 22, 2011
Label: Moribund Cult Records

Running Time: 70:37

1. For the Love of Satan
2. Hell Fire
3. Metal from Hell
4. Witches Return
5. Cauldron of the Ancients
6. Nightside of Eden
7. Ecliptic Equinox
8. H.E.L.L.
9. Satanic Grimoire
10. The Cursing "Vampyric Evil Eye"
11. Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)>
12. Convictions


Recording Members:

Leviathan Thisiren- Vocals
Patrick Evil - Guitar
Anthony 'Evil Hobbit' Lopez- Drums
Margar- Bass

Additional Information:

Recorded at Flatline Audio, Westminster, CO July-Sep 2011
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Dave Otero
Layout and Design: Evil Hobbit, WebSlave
Cover Artwork: Chris Moyen
Additional Artwork: Joe Petagno
Photography: Brent Boutte, MirrorLife Productions


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Metallized.de: CD Review -February 7, 2012

Translated from German

For most comeback announcements are usually shakes irritated and / or hostile to the head, so it goes at least to me. But that would lie down on all sides of the sympathetic and capable JAG PANZER singer Harry Conklin last year with the guys from SATAN'S HOST two albums and an appearance in Germany, which was certainly one of the great and positive surprises. "By The Hands Of The Devil" was the real comeback album, where I still am not sure if I knew the wild mix of styles from black and power metal now is to find ingenious or stripped. A final verdict requires a little time there. The situation is different with this compilation, which consists of newly-established and largely unreleased tracks and two entirely new songs. And yes, a real comeback, it is not in the sense, the band was also active in the past few years, but without their exceptional singer not only lacked the recognition, but also the connection to the traditional heavy metal. That a change of course towards the old style had to be carried out inevitably, was to be expected. What came of it may be confidently described as rather unique.

The best news, but the same times ahead: Allen "Metal From Hell" fans should be compared with the reference to the new album erwähntem style are much lighter. The songs are by and large, not so far away from JAG PANZER harder numbers. You have to just like the opener rather gloomy riffs and a few interspersed blastbeats think so. The latter should provide for a most unusual sound, but as long as they are, as here, a chorus serve to emphasize, should be able to live with it. Even a couple of nasty breaks it is not immune to what to listen for the demanding, but also makes it more exciting affair. But at least with the following track, "Hellfire", "Metal From Hell" and "Witches Return" from the unreleased second album "Midnight Wind" should make it click. Because to admit, as a die-hard underground fan must be said that these tracks are only to happy times in a decent version produced sounds, without of course, that of the original charm of the old "Metal From Hell" plate would change anything. The morbid atmosphere of the cellar have been thoroughly made ​​and put an end to the whole instead missed a power ends, powerful and truly outstanding eingesungenen frame. Special partly polyphonic choruses are really a dream. Now it will be easier, in a "flow" to come and get involved in the changes. That it sometimes surprisingly melodic approaching (as in "Ecliptic Equinox"), is also helpful, especially when a striking Outgoing same number as "Hell" followed. Or if, for example, "The Dark Priest" turns out to be another power metal highlight of a hard shell.

Of course one can not avoid the critics, which interferes with the improper sterile drum sound or the production in general complain of giving legal. But SATAN'S HOST were already on the cult debut is not easy to consume (even if the sound would have been better), just because of the very progressive, independent and nested songs, all between five and seven minutes. In this respect they remained true to itself, so that old and new songs and give a real album, at least it feels that way. The impression of a quick compilation of coming afterwards thrown up at any second, so it should be.

Rating: 8.5/10

- Sgt Kuntz



Thrashhead: CD Review -January 17, 2012

Taking their inspirations from "all forms of true metal", spirituality and exhaustive research of the occult, SATAN'S HOST has turned a quarter of a century, and to commemorate their 25th anniversary have released "CELEBRATION For The Love Of Satan", an album chronicling this groups deep, dark metal history, but not a "best of" album either. In an effort to better define their evolution correctly, they have chosen, for this amazing personal compilation, to revive tracks from their previous releases, but performed and recorded fresh with their powerful, current lineup!! Just released in November 2011 by Moribund Records, "CELEBRATION For The Love Of Satan" is nothing less than a powerful new saga in the epic catalog within the history of SATAN'S HOST!! This current lineup I mentioned consists of Leviathan Thisiren (Jag Panzer) on vocals, Patrick Evil (Psychronaut) on guitars, Margar (Torrid Flesh) on bass and Evil Hobbit (Torrid Flesh, Extreme Agony, MeatWaggon) on drums, and this is a truly powerful collective of dark prophecy. Their music has been described as "metal from hell, which is a combination of all aspects of Metal such as Traditional Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal, and Black Metal with hardcore Satanic and dark overtones". Opening and finishing the disc with 2 new tracks,"For The Love of Satan" and "Convictions", SATAN'S HOST impeccably delivers selections from their entire career, excluding "By The Hands of the Devil", released earlier the same year. Old classics like "Metal From Hell" and "Witches Return" lay the foundation for the journey through time, followed quickly by the eerily haunting "Nightside of Eden" and even resurrecting "Dark Priest 'Lord Ahriman'" to make this one hell of a great album!! Honestly, not enough can be said about the amazing transition these songs have made from their vaults into their present form. This 12 track disc comes with a lavish 22 page booklet enclosed in a jewel case and featuring artwork by Chris Moyen and Joe Petagno, and the incredibly visual photography of Brent Boutte. SATAN'S HOST can be followed and contacted on Facebook, MySpace, their website and through Moribund Records.

Rating: 4.5/5

- Brain Brinson



Dave's Underground Laboratory: CD Review -January 09, 2012

I must admit that I usually looked upon Colorado's long running Satan's Host with a mixture of cynicism and bemusement. Unintentionally funny, Satan's Host featured rather cheesy, melodic, power metal approaches to black metal themes with poorly executed vocals, bad songwriting, and goofy stage antics. But, then, Harry "Tyrant" Conklin, an excellent, melodic vocalist, rejoined the band after a long time away, and Satan's Host released last year's towering By The Hands Of The Devil, a tightly focused, melodic thrash metal album with great songs, musicianship, and Conklin's epic, soaring vocals.

Obviously realizing that they are on the right track with Conklin back in the fold, Satan's Host quickly follow up with Celebration: For The Love Of Satan, a compilation featuring ten re-recorded songs from the band's non-Conklin era, as well as two new tracks to bookend the release.

As expected, the two new tracks continue in the vein of By The Hands Of The Devil; tightly focused blackened thrash with plenty of riffs, melody, and an up tempo gallop. The remainder of the compilation beefs up the older material to a standard much closer to that of the new Conklin era, but is still somewhat of a mixed bag with a few of the songs still oozing that "cheese" factor.

If you've been impressed with Satan's Host's new direction with Harry Conklin on board, then Celebration: For The Love Of Satan is an excellent purchasing choice.

Dave's Grade: B+

- Dave Schalek



HeavyMetal.dk: CD Review -January 09, 2012

Translated from Danish

It's never too late to celebrate the satanic metal dark princes. Satan's Host to the 2011 celebrate 25 years anniversary, and this they did with this collection, which appropriately has been called "CELEBRATION: For The Love Of Satan - 25th Anniversary Album."

And there is something of a treat, you have to say.

The album contains two original tracks and a lot of older tracks that the band has re-recorded and polished with a crisp and defined modern sound. The overall style falls somewhere between traditional heavy metal and American power-thrash, but there are also elements of doom metal and more modern things like blastbeats (which mainly included in the newer songs).

Virtually every song is very strong when it comes to riffage, and the way Satan's Host has updated the older songs have definitely not done any harm. Classics has come to sound more brutal and up-to-date in these new editions. There are plenty of thrash and power metal tempos that go well with the more traditionally oriented riffs and heavy metal-as-just-fuck vocals provided on this disc.

The lyrics are wonderful Satan-worshiping at a sometimes almost cheesy way, but this fits like a glove with the band's image, so it's not something I have major problems.

Fans of traditional metal and power thrash that is not afraid of a bit of Satanism should check this album out - it's just fat. Raise the devil horns and party with ... in Satan's name!

Rating: 80/100

- Time Signature



Blistering.com: CD Review -January 09, 2012

It's shocking, really, that Satan's Host has been releasing music for two-and-a-half decades now. Well, it's technically much less than that because the band was completely broken up in 1988 and didn't get back together and release anything until 1999. However, when the band got back together, original vocalist Harry Conklin was gone and LCF Elixir was in the fold. Satan's Host changed from a more traditional power metal band into a death metal band and from there, five full length albums were released.

However, in 2010, Elixir was out and Conklin returned, again drastically altering Satan's Host's overall sound completely. Gone were the death growls and screams and back were the cleaner, more traditional pipes that Conklin took with him to Titan Force. Early last year they unleashed By the Hands of the Devil and now we have Celebration – For the Love of Satan, a commemorative 25th anniversary album covering the band's entire history.

Thankfully it's not just a "best of" or "greatest hits" collection because, in all honesty, Satan's Host doesn't exactly have a treasure trove of "hits." Rather, it's ten classic songs from Satan's Host's entire catalogue (sans By the Hands…) re-recorded with the current lineup. What makes this release interesting is that every song that had Elixir's death vocals now has Conklin's clean voice, which undoubtedly changes the entire makeup of each song. It's intriguing to hear songs like "Satanic Grimoire" and "Cauldron of the Ancients" without Elixir's raspy voice and it's hard to gauge which versions are better.

The music has been reproduced perfectly so the songs themselves haven't been changed too much, but Conklin's voice does give the re-recorded "classics" a much livelier feel to them and they seem to have more energy. It's not that Elixir's voice was weak by any means; Conklin's just has so much more range and power to it.

It's a toss-up as to how well these new recordings will be received. Fans of the more well-known of Satan's Host with the death metal vocals might be turned off completely by how these ten songs have turned out (plus an additional two brand new songs). On the flip side, old-school fans from 1986 might be falling all over themselves to hear the "real" Satan's Host back in the fold.

Rating: 7/10

- Mike Sloan



The Mayfair Mall Zine: CD Review -December 29, 2011

This four piece from Colorado started life as a power metal band in 1977 until the mid-80's, when they called it a day. From the mid-90s onward, the band reformed as a four piece and are now pumping out albums again. This, their tenth album, is a compilation of the best across their career, and the best of their new-found adoration as a speed/power metal band once more.

Many of the songs have been re-recorded for this compilation, and it allows the new members to play songs they have only ever heard before. There are also two new tracks on the album, 'For The Love of Satan' (also the title track) and 'Convictions'. These buttress the beginning and end of the album, and provide in a way a sort of incentive to listen to it throughout.

The mix of dark work with heavier metal only shows the amazing depth of skill and knowledge amongst the band. The guitars take the power/speed riffs and slap them up behind the vocalist and backing vocals, creating a meshed album that feels and sounds new, especially with the re-recordings of many of the tracks on the album. My favourite tracks are the two new ones, 'For The Love of Satan' and 'Convictions'. These amazingly written and performed tracks highlight and showcase the skills of the new version of the band to perfection.

- Kerry H



Metal Psalter: CD Review -December 18, 2011

In honor of their 25 years of evil existence, Satan's Host somehow found time to release their second album of 2011! Celebration: For the Love of Satan features two new tracks bookending 10 re-recorded songs that appeared on their albums from 1986 to 2009. While re-recordings are usually a contention among Metal fans, these versions have been tweaked and updated to better suit the range of Leviathan Thisiren (better known as Harry Conklin, ex- Jag Panzer).

"For the Love of Satan" could have easily been included on By the Hands of the Devil. The song weaves a great sonic tapestry that would settle somewhere between Black and Power Metal and Thisiren's vocals continue to dominate like they did on the previous disc. Next, the band revisits the 80s with "Hell Fire" and Metal From Hell." The songs feature a much more NWOBHM-vibe than their 90s/00s Deathy Black Metal offerings. While Thisiren originally appeared on these songs before his heyday with Jag Panzer, these updated versions actually find Thisiren sounding better. Some of the highs he hits on "Hell Fire" would chill King Diamond. Musically, both songs are not only improved by the update in production, but have been expanded upon from their original versions to allow a bit more aggression and atmosphere. "Witches Return" starts off rather subtly before blossoming into a brutal Thrashy yet Melodic masterpiece. Thisiren's multilayer attack on the chorus will turn heads while guitarist Patrick Evil snarls out vicious proclamations during the song's marching midsection.

The Doom-drenched crunch of "Cauldron of the Ancients" somehow gets heavier on this update. While the lyrics will originally gutturally roared by former vocalilst L.C.F Elixir, Thisiren easily conveys the riff's might and even tries on some snarls for size. "Nightside of Eden" easily makes for the high point of Celebration. This update gives the song an epic atmosphere and much more room for Thisiren to belt out yet another stunning performance. Evil's riffs and melodic hooks pack more of a punch and the occasional clean picking and growling bass adds even more layers of bliss among the song's brutality. The Doom-drenched moods continue on the hefty "Eclipitic Equinox" which originally appeared on 2004's Burning the Born Again. Thisiren's approach gives the song a majestic layer while the updated production actually gives the guitars and bass more room to shine. Things rage towards a head on collision of Doom and Blackened Death Metal on "H.E.L.L." while the initial chaotic lurch of "Satanic Grimoire" will allow for some breathing room before the band unwinds into their most varied track of the disc.

Jaw will drop as the Black Metal assault of "The Cursing "Vampyric Evil-Eye." Not only is the track the most vicious on the disc, Thisiren's piercing falsetto to raspy snarls show pure vocal prowess. And the assault doesn't cease on the epically flavored Blackened rage of "Dark Priest "Lord Ahriman." The second new track, "Convictions," closes the album and finds Satan's Host embracing some Thashy elements and ending on a slightly more reserved note than their previous songs.

Celebration: For the Love of Satan may be one of the rare occasion where a re-recording album is essential. Leviathan Thisiren's range commands the songs the way guttural growls never could. The updated material takes on a new life and is best described of how Ronnie James Dio added more flair to the Sabbath material Ozzy originally handled. Best of all, Celebration doesn't undermine the albums Satan's Host released with L.C.F. Elixir. Those albums retain a rawness that Celebration does not have. However, Celebration shows Satan's Host is able to employ a much wider scope with Thisiren and the current production style is astounding. And speaking of Thisiren, his performances on both By the Hands of the Devil and Celebration: For the Love of Satan should have him nominated for Vocalist of the Year.

While debates over the merits of re-recording albums will continue in the Metal community, Celebration: For the Love of Satan is yet another flawless album from a criminally underrated band. Celebration: For the Love of Satan is highly recommended for fans of Black, Death, Thrash, Doom and Power Metal.

Rating: 4.5/5

- Rottenbucher



PowerMetal.de: CD Review -December 13, 2011

Translated from German

The Colorado metallers proved in the same year that "By The Hands Of The Devil" was no fluke.

After the stretching of SATAN'S HOST, its still dewy latest studio album "By The Hands Of The Devil" in the scene and also in our editorial impressively clear and could win the May Soundcheck almost, the four gentlemen from Colorado are already a new plant at the start. Not a regular studio discs, this time, but a special album to celebrate the twenty-fifth year anniversary of the publication of the cult album "Metal From Hell". This made Patrick Evil and his colleagues a leisurely cashing and dug along a total of ten songs from the band's story in a contemporary and trouble-free sonic outfit and of course all by Leviathan Thisiren voice refines, undergo a makeover and are now in a new light.

So if this retread is not already buying incentive enough, but there are still two entirely new pieces that frame the edifying already dealing with the past in style. Thus the "disk" from the title track "For The Love Of Satan 'initiated, which is a darker, tougher presents Groover with extremely nasty song that definitely would have to" By The Hands Of The Devil "can stand without there a bad Figure leave. Then come with 'Hellfire' and the title track, two true classics of the "Metal From Hell" (1986), and with 'Witches' Return' from unpublished remaining successor "Midnight Wind" (1987), another flyer from the classical era of band. In contrast to the much-maligned sound qualities of the originals, many of the spoils the listening pleasure, here is neither sound nor disclosed in any form Wünschlein one. This is perfect, classic, occult U.S. heavy metal of the finest art

Exciting but also the block with the following seven pieces, which are all written in the years 1999 to 2010. Thus, in the period when the band was not Harry Conklin and Patrick Evil with the growling singer ventured into extremmetallischere Elixir LCF dimensions. You can hear that the pieces still on course, even today, but they are more designed for all zerschrotende guitar blasts and, as the three pieces of it. Even Harry himself does this in part to harsher shouts, as usual, this was one of his other bands, but by and large, even here his voice dominates most sublime and bell light on everything else. Especially with 'Night Side Of Eden' resonates with even a JAG PANZER note you would have in the original recording from the 2000s album "Archidoxes of Evil" never suspected. Even the murderous grooving 'ecliptic Equinox' is a very large Ohrenöffner. In this light then is the final new song 'Conviction' to see the album afloat, hacking, nasty and yet melodic and sublime ends.

All in all, SATAN'S HOST has succeeded in "Celebration", the exclamation point that I wanted to respect behind my euphoria see "By The Hands Of The Devil": The band is willing in fact, the synthesis of extreme metal and classic American metal in a completely unique manner and lead to the highest level further, and she does not give the retro games that many have feared. It will not only seek to build on the 2011 works from 1986/1987, but the gentlemen from Colorado are also at the reunion line-up for the whole history of the band. For a tiny deduction over the last regular album at best makes the somewhat less varied orientation of the last two thirds of the album.

Rating: 9.5/10

- Rüdiger Floor



Lahordenoire: CD Review -December 12, 2011

Translated from French

Of calm. I see that already excited at the bottom of the class. No, SATAN'S HOST has not absorbed by Viagra Box 12. Rather Celebration: For The Love Of Satan is not the new album which Americans are reminded that the last mischief, By The Hands Of The Devil has just come out of the oven (crematorium). Despite a renewed vigor after several years of commercial impotence, erection has its limits and this new release is actually a kind of compilation saw the band re-record old tracks to the sauce and especially with the 2011 Leviathan returning Thisiren aka Harry Conklin, singer history engraved with Metal From Hell (1986) and in the process, the EP which Midnight Wind By The Hand Of The Devil has materialized return.

Renounant with energy and a desire to play, have fun, who had just deserted, SATAN'S HOST bat so the iron is hot, too happy to again count on the power of high-pitched Conklin certainly one of the best singers of the circuit in the "I'm stuck in the fly balls," which propels the treble and the tops of the songs without the voice which they would be almost trivial. Framed by two new compositions in the line of those peppering the last album, the proofreading pecking through the entire band's discography.

In fact, more than the modernization of the pieces already driven initially by the former JAG PANZER, the interest of this celebration is more in the times of the directory typed more Black Metal era Elixir LCF. Hear "Nightside Of Eden" or "HELL" in a more Heavy Metal is a pleasure, this traditional epic and skin almost better suited to the Americans that the Black Art falsely evil, witness the successes are "Satanic Grimoire" or " Witches Return "that combine for the best Iron Maiden and Iced Earth. Some will certainly not likely to hold your nose to listen to this Satanic Power Metal (sic) typical of U.S. steel mills. They do not know what they miss, that's all ...

Only remains to see if SATAN'S HOST will maintain a version which, first, quickly imploded ... For those - the majority? - Who discover today, Celebration: For The Love Of Satan is an ideal gateway to enjoy a group that enjoys a cult status, however, a bit misleading, sold by the label never short on this kind of label to lure the barge.

Rating: 7/10

- Childeric Thor



Auxportesdu Metal: CD Review -December 11, 2011

Translated from French

This is a fairly good original! Because it already includes some vocals Thisiren Leviathan. It means nothing to you I guess. But if I told you that his real name is Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer), that you may be talking more. This new album was recorded to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the group (yes, the band's first album in 1986!) And how celebrate? Recalling the original singer of the group (so Harry Conklin) and re-recording the classics of the group on which it did not appear. The original (because right now, you have to tell you that all this is not exactly original) is that Satan's Host, in its beginnings, played a Heavy enough speed a little in the line of Mercyful Fate . When Harry Conklin left the band after one album and an EP, Satan's Host has disappeared from circulation. The band reappeared in 1999 but chose a different course by hiring a singer to record Black / Death and turning to a more Black music. After a handful of albums. Where this is particularly interesting is that this singer Harry replaces Black and he sings these securities in its register Jag Panzer ien, ie, with her ​​clear voice and theater. So, if the base remains relatively Black music, we did not really feel like listening. Back to the roots of the group then.

The Americans have re-registered securities representing their entire career. Those early first (Hellfire, Metal from Hell, Witch's Return who need a good dusting). And of course, some of the period Death / Black Metal. Finally, for the ultimate fan, two new songs were born. For the Love of Satan, sitting on a fairly speed, thus shows the new face of the group. While not quite a return to the style of early music is still less typical Black, although everything is very powerful. Harry hoarse like a madman. The chorus is reminiscent of Mercyful Fate without the voice of King Diamond of course. Securities after it is in chronological order. The next three are therefore also quite think of Mercyful Fate. Then later, we arrived at the times more Black pieces. A piece of each album was recorded (except Burning the Born Again who is entitled to two extracts). It is thought at least Mercyful Fate. The atmosphere is dark. But the unity between the pieces is kept by the voice of Harry. However, titles are far less dark than the original versions because Harry gum this aspect by his singing. Titles become a Heavy Black Thrash good fun. The words remain well marked by Satanism. Cliché? The album ends with the second new composition which joins the first in style.

So I would say that this is a great idea that these re-recordings mostly in a different musical style. Keeping a musical based Death / Black Metal with such a song, the group established its originality. Also, I guess you're pretty likely not to know this group, despite its longevity. This compilation does not sound like a repetition. To be discovered.

Rating: 14/20

- Orion



Slugmag: CD Review -December 2, 2011

Satan's Host = Mercyful Fate + Jag Panzer + The Chasm
If you like your death metal with mighty clean vocals, then look no further. After a two decade absence from the band, vocalist Harry "Tyrant" Conklin has returned to Satan's Host with an infernal vengeance. Beginning with their early roots in traditional heavy metal sorcery and on into their middle period of uncompromising death metal, Satan's Host re-recorded at least one song from every full-length and EP released during their 25 year reign. If that doesn't grab you, then new tracks "For the Love of Satan" and "Convictions" will. With Conklin's sizzling vocals and top-notch production, Celebration for the Love of Satan is more than just a compilation, it's a taste of Satan's Host as it could have been.

- Henry Glasheen



Metal-Rules.com: CD Review -December 1, 2011

This is the second Satan-focused album I'm reviewing this month (the other is the new Root disc). I'm glad to say that this one is utterly fantastic as, presumably pleased by the use of his name in the band's moniker, Satan has blessed this album with fiery metallic strength (or some such); or, maybe he's just as pleased as the rest us that Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (sorry, Leviathan Thirsiren) is back after the crushing dissolution of Jag Panzer. Whatever the case may be, CELEBRATION is a welcome, powerful listen.

I'm not going to regurgitate Satan's Host's long, murky history here, suffice it to say that the band formed with Conklin back in the '80s, he split, and the band forged on with a more death-styled vocalist. After Jag Panzer split, Conklin rejoined the band in time to contribute to the acclaimed BY THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL album. This disc is exactly what its title implied – a celebration of the band's history with full re-recordings of songs over the band's career, although the focus is on redoing the material released while Conklin was out of the band.

As this is my first exposure to the band, I can't say how the songs compare to the originals, but what's offered here is a blistering batch of lengthy, evil songs that take thrash, NWOBHM, and black metal, pour them into a cauldron and let all boil over. This is some ultra-aggressive music that never fails to satisfy, even if, combined with the over-the-top lyrics, it does occasionally tread into parody territory. If that wasn't enough, there's two new tracks offered as well, both being typically high-quality speedballs that demand your attention. It's fascinating to hear Conklin's clarion call vocals over top of such hostile music, especially for those of us that have only heard him in the confines of Jag Panzer. Have no fear though; the man puts on a typically powerful vocal clinic, annihilating everything in sight on tracks like "Metal from Hell" and "H.E.L.L.", perfectly blending in with the band's attack. CELEBRATION is not only a fantastic overview of Satan's Host career; it's also a fucking great metal album.

Rating: 4.5/5

- Waspman



HeavySound FR: CD Review -November 28, 2011

Translated from French

The return of SATAN'S HOST last year which resulted in an album, the seventh, of good quality is now celebrated with dignity throughout this release entitled CELEBRATION: For The Love Of Satan brought together two previously unreleased tracks along with ten re-recordings of tracks from the band's discography. If we begin by re-registrations, they first took place between July and September 2011 in the United States if the American Heavy Metal may seem dated today's date or the production that is given to all that breathes one second Heavy young firebrands such as are the "Hell Fire", "Metal From Hell" or "Cauldron Of The Ancients" that bring MANOWAR (in the words it's pretty obvious), IRON MAIDEN and including "Metal From Hell" HELLOWEEN and KING DIAMOND, the modern and latest album of Power Metal By The Hands Of The Devil is a long way here. In context, these securities have an extraordinary reach, if the group was able to work in the late 70's, it is certain that SATAN'S HOST now have a status other than for underground nostalgic glory. Against a background of deep lyrics Satanic, SATAN'S HOST sends us music that will make you tap your feet as sure as the Heavy Metal is the cause of your premature baldness due to the many frenzied headbanging at the forefront of JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY. You taste then again these set pieces such as "Witches Return" well ahead of its time. Then comes the news that "For the Love Of Satan" opens the festivities with dynamism, on the same line as the latest album, SATAN'S HOST remains true to himself and us good deals a blow to the same input if his penchant for extreme Metal is here relegated to the closet is that the early careers of many Americans were then installed in the Heavy is a celebration, it is understandable not really find any trace in new titles. This cake is so his promises, the Americans proposed a Heavy Metal may seem kitschy today, "Convictions," the second novel is clearly part of this dynamic, but we do not sulk his pleasure, and if the saw Finally, a just reward, if the planets were aligned for this group finally able to shake so many influences, the eighth studio album will tell us more in 2012?

Rating: 7.5/10

- Aymerick



Hardcity GR: CD Review -November 28, 2011

Translated from Greek

The Satan's Host I do not think that now you need to show them again. Their last album you had shown through his blog and was an excellent album, but also through the interview hosted on Hard City I think you got this band from the good. Also surely many of you got a taste of the band at Live P {Thou gave in Athens this year.

So this is a very festive album coming out on the occasion of the anniversary after closing this year no less than 25 years of music life. Moreover, the Leviathan Thisiren has other feathers in the band by coming here and there re-recorded some of the best moments of the band ala and two brand new songs, the For the Love of Satan which opens this collection, and Convictions.

I do not think I have to say anything more about this band from what I told you in the last movement. For all fans of Death and Black metal music, the Satan's Host is a piece of history. And indeed a great piece. Those of you therefore do not know them, it is time to correct the neglect you. Those of you who know but do not have any of the tracks you simply know what you're missing.

Rating: 4/5




allover-ffm-rock: CD Review -November 22, 2011

Translated from German

Honestly, even if it's SATAN HOST has been around since 1977 and they are really just moving between Heavy / Death and Black Metal, they have somehow he still great interest. This is probably because it is not so hoot what the Yanks mortise there, because I do not understand, for example, why 2011 was a slice of Americans already on the market and they now need to push this complication, since the for me not only a compelling title track "Convictions" has to offer as a new number that sounds as if Rob Halford make speed / death metal. No, that must be really, since the remaining numbers of the band re-recorded I completely do not tear off the stool.

Rating: 5/5

- Jochen Strubel



Qranq: CD Review -November 22, 2011

Translated from Dutch

While it's nice that all the old bands back in the spotlight and back up or mass themselves have set myself a bit early to ask whether the results are a little too far to the tip is. Become more and more young underground bands in the tribulation and it really is literally fighting for the last few pennies the CD market still poses. But like every civilization throughout the revival will happen eventually perish and will young talent rise to the genres to perform. But that is fortunately not because Satan's first shows back! Host.

The rumor mill said that the band have already made first steps in 1977 but it took until 1986 before the band was heard from him. Singer Harry "Tyrant" Conklin left that year and took the nickname Jag Panzer Leviathan Thisiren and sang the debut album "Metal From Hell" is full. There was a second album that was made but never released and eventually left Satan's Host Harry again. The band broke up sometime in 1999 and they came back together and there were a number of albums. In 2010, Harry came back in May of this year, "By the Hands of the Devil". An album that was publicized in the press, and appreciated for the return of Harry. Also, "Celebration: For The Love Of Satan" has a cult status before it is released and everyone is eagerly waiting for the old songs that have been recorded in which Harry and his demonic clean vocals to sound. The twelve songs are a collection of previously released songs and every album the band has released what has to represent a number or several numbers. See tracklist for more information about any song from any album.

Interesting to hear the style change that Satan's Host went down after the break up. Of heavy metal in the beginning to thrash after the restoration. The new tracks "Convictions" and "For The Love Of Satan" to hear a band that is far from heavy metal and more in the thrash / nu metal's direction. While the two songs from the album "Metal From Hell" are pure occult metal heard the other songs are just thrash. I understand all the buzz about this release, it is not so good. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the new songs and the singing of Harry is the occult sense is increased by a factor of 10 but it is already a cult status to give you heard it's a bit premature. Nevertheless, "Celebration: For The Love Of Satan" very worthwhile. It is a compilation of the year is that Satan's Host, and because all re-recorded songs sound like a whole and contemporary. Occult metal is not dead, and with the release of "Celebration: For The Love Of Satan" just alive and kicking. Or well, occult thrash it.

Rating: 3.5/5

- Stefan



Mind Over Metal: CD Review -November 22, 2011

We're all so fucking jaded. Complacent we sift through extensive collections, from the sickest goregrind to the bleakest black recesses, feeling both unafraid and unchallenged. I'm not about to question the motives of the aforementioned and all points in between; people make the music they make for myriad reasons. But here's what sells me on Satan's Host—their conviction. You never doubt these dudes' love for the dark side.

And fancy this, folks: they actually distanced themselves from the "extreme" ends of the spectrum in order to achieve this. By returning to their formative roots, the band now sounds more evil than ever, for the first time in 23 years. Since retracing their back catalogue, I sense a dearth of character in former frontman L.C.F. Elixir. Now that original vocalist Harry Conklin has returned to the infernal fold and re-recorded a career-spanning best-of collection, it almost feels as if these songs were meant for him; in retrospect, Elixir sounds like he's been singing karaoke. (Reminds me of when I sang Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" with death growls in the high school cafeteria.)

Anyway, before they get to all that, Satan's Host unleash a new song—the impassioned title track. Not only is the fretwork of stalwart guitarist Patrick Evil impeccable, but rarely, if ever, have I heard the phrase "mindless fucking sheep" used so effectively. From there, two updated takes on classic tracks originally laid down in 1986 with Conklin on the band's first album Metal from Hell, and one from the 1987 EP Midnight Wind; all benefit most from modern production.

The following seven songs move chronologically through their decade fronted by Elixir, and in every instance are here improved. Check "Ecliptic Equinox" for example: the sinister brooding seems to come natural to Conklin, who adds dimension with theatrical gusto where it felt froggily croaked before. One sings confidently from his diaphragm; the other typically rends their throat. Further, Harry can affect quite a sinister pitch, and bassist Margar fills in background vox when needed. Though relatively new to the band, he's a great low-end in many ways, and has no problem locking in with hilariously-monikered drummer Evil Little Hobbit. The second new track "Convictions" concludes, and though I mentioned the 'conviction' of Satan's Host earlier, this song seems less about one's certitude and more about receiving final judgment in Hell. Celebration: For the Love of Satan is a must-have for all Metal fans, because in the age of unbridled genre-jumping, you need forefathers to show you how it's done.

Rating: 4.5/5

- MetalMattLongo



Silent Screamzine: CD Review -November 21, 2011

Translated from Spanish

The news was so far escaped: in July of this year, Jag Panzer broke up! Fortunately, their superb leader Harry Conklyn did not remain with arms folded and returned in Satan's Host, who led the group back in the eighties for a brief but intense period. Reunion was never happier: The Jag Panzer, recently, had lost some of their enamel, as well as Satan's Host, without their former frontman and gathered at the Millennium, had entrusted their fortunes to the growler certainly 'art nor part, becoming a sort of band with heavy vocals iperpompato that had nothing to do shit. The demonstration of what that choice was wrong speech consists of this compilation of old parts re-recorded with the brilliant Harry to the microphone, and that are really processed it seems unthinkable that a song as boring as "Metal from Hell", for example, with a real singer to become an anthem of all respect. For once, a compilation of songs re-recorded buy a real sense, and really recommend it to any headbanger you define that, because Satan's Host manages to be attractive not only for lovers of American power in general and of heavy, but also for any fan of extreme music, because in spite of melodic vocals, it's a pretty tough job in the structures and riffing, fighting on equal terms with the many works of contemporary thrash or black. And if we add the two new songs (the first and last) on the disc are very tasty, in line with the excellent work on "By the hands of the devil" a few months ago, then you will understand that the time of the celebration is truly joint.

- Fulvio Adile



Battle Helm: CD Review -November 19, 2011

Holy Fuck!! This must be one of the cult bands of all cult bands of all time LOL! Formed in 1977, Denver's Satan's Host featured none other than Jag Panzer's Harry 'Tyrant' Conklin, although he was then known as "Leviathan Thisiren" – although that's nothing compared to the rest of the band of Patrick Evil and "Evil Hobbit" Lopez LOL!! With equally cheesy song titles and OTT satan lyrics of 'Metal From Hell', 'Satanic Grimoire' and 'Witches Return' and a primitive diddly dee style of riffing not dissimilar to early Slayer, it might be easy to dismiss this. However, back then their debut "Metal From Hell" was a cult classic! And so it is in commemorating the 25th anniversary of this album that Conklin has once again rejoined his bandmates to produce 2 new songs as well as re-record songs from each and every album spanning the career of the band! With artwork from Joe Petagno (Motorhead), it's a superb release not in the least because Conklin's voice is still amazing after all these years, so with the modern technology available, it's like the older material has truly been reborn as if Satan were indeed hosting it!

- Shan



Shaxul Records: CD Review -November 17, 2011

Satan's Host "Celebration: For the Love of Satan" (Moribund) I guess this is some sort of re-recording of songs I am probably a poser for not knowing. Riffs are fukking killer! Singer sounds pretty original, as I cannot deicide who he sounds like! He (Harry Conklin) has killer range and a nice raw edge. Riffs range from Thrashy klassick Slayer, to old school Candlemass doom. This is 100% top grade Metal in the old school way. Killer drums. Killer everything. Buy immediately.

- Shaxul



Zwaremetalen: CD Review -November 17, 2011

Translated from Dutch

Lieze colleague had the pleasure this spring for the latest longplayer from Satan's Host to be able to discuss. By The Hands Of The Devil was everywhere well received and the fans were over the moon. Not for nothing, because the band knows different types of metal (black, heavy, thrash) on a unique and trusted way to forge a solid whole. Especially on the last album. An achievement in itself. Now the Americans take the listener through the history of the band re-recorded oldies, plus two new tracks.

The debut album Metal From Hell (1986) is also represented with songs like Metal From Hell and Hell Fire. The EP's Midnight Wind (1987) and in articulo Mortis (1999) are not forgotten. The lot is re-recorded with singer Thisiren Leviathan (Harry Conklin), since this year has returned to the band. He sounds honest and make sure that this compilation album will sound like wonderful "true" heavy "n blackened death metal power (...) of above average quality. The heroic singing with high pitched ensures that a certain power level is added to the diverse collection of metal genres. The drum is slightly to the forefront so that everything looks good inhakt. Then the new songs For the Love of Satan and Convictions. Both tracks contain more groove, but fit easily between the other goodies that these men in their public to dish out. With blast beats and the ongoing militancy promise these tracks bode well for the future.

No unnecessary release, this compilation. Simply complete a drawing that is obviously "off" sounds. Fans can without difficulty among the already impressive discography since Satan's Host up. This is also a good introduction, if you have never heard of the band.

- Martijn van den Beukel



Choas Vault: CD Review -November 17, 2011

Translated from Polish

Cal k and I recently I had the opportunity to review a recent publication Satan's Host "By the Hands of the Devil," and here not a moment passed, and already new material.

The term "new" in this case is probably not entirely true, because "Celebration For The Love Of Satan" This greatest hits compilation of the band refreshed and given the nowiuśkiej golden tray. The most important information for fans, however, should be the fact that this material contains two brand new songs, "For the Love of f Satan" and "Convictions". Besides, we have here: "Hell Fire" and "Metal from Hell" from the debut. The first two EP tracks are represented by "Witches Return" and "Cauldron of the Ancients", followed by a number of other długograja in 2000 entitled "Archidoxes of Evil". The next items on the CD is "Ecliptic Equinox" and "HELL" which originally were on the "Burning the Born Again ... (A New Philosophy)". Next in order of flies: "Satanic Grimoire" from the album titled roughly the same, then "The cursing-Vampyric Evil-Eye" at the end of the album title, which is number 666, and "Dark Priest" from the album marked the 999th digit Well, what I, as a reviewer I'm really more to write except that the new numbers are in and how Pytka would come out as easily say this EP that earned eight points. Because, however, the fact that it is a compilation that will refrain from any assessment, because how can you evaluate a set of numbers chosen from across the disco g r afii, recorded over so many years. You can not.

So just write that as someone sympathetic to the work of chump Satan's Host, and no such compilations wkurwiają him he should be in the CD provided with - just, but that after a discography that collection of these great blasphemers of the ocean was complete.

- Unknown



Paranoid-zine: CD Review -November 10, 2011

Translated from Slovenian

Satan's Host, the other band Jag Panzer frontman, Harry Conklin Tyrant, are no newcomers to the scene, as from the ancient harbor in 1977, transferred and brought the world the devil. Their history is quite vigorous. The original band recorded 1986 Sat "Metal From Hell", an album that can be regarded as one of the pioneer in the "satanic" power metal music, then collapsed, a few years to resurrect the tactical replacement singer, who was now LCF Elixir, but this followed by a change in the style of music that was more like Black Metal with Death and Thrash additions. Before he returned to the group of Harry Conklin, which was celebrated with an excellent outcome is still fresh album "By The Hands Of The Devil". In fact, it has been Satan's Host through the whole period of its existence, quite unknown and forgotten, only to gain visibility with the last two albums, followed definitely leads to major advances in quality.

This time disc is a compilation of their best songs, both issued by the celebration of the 25th anniversary of their debut album and thanks for all the "peklenščkovo" love and affection. Fortunately, these are not merely a compilation of songs vkup methane from their previous creations, but the "grandfathers" all the effort and the new songs recorded. The move is logical, primarily due to a completely different style of vocals and seven songs from the period LCF Elixir, which now shines in a completely different light / dark. Conklin almost operatic "clean" vocals in combination with the black / death inštrumentalom also create a unique atmosphere that reminds me slightly of the Czech Root. "Hell Fire" songs, "Metal From Hell" and "Witches Return" are a typical heavy metal from the eighties with above average vocals, but otvorita plate and complete a brand new song "For The Love Of Satan" and "Convictions", following the style of bombastic black heavy metal from the last album.

As is probably by now generally understood, are Satan's Host stylish kitsch and cliché satanic to the extreme, do not fear it or not ashamed to cover naphati nepreštevno number pentagramov facing crosses and skulls, and the texts of Satan saying repeatedly as a priest of Jesus during Sunday worship. Subject prenekaterikrat bit of comic effect and the fact that Satan's Host not take themselves with deadly seriousness. For each of some infernal desire to popular music is a compilation of "Celebration For The Love Of Satan" a good start, but otherwise I recommend the album "By The Hands Of The Devil" and "Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection...999".

- Unknown



Dark Scene: CD Review -November 09, 2011

Translated from German

Exactly 25 years borrowed one of the best singers in the world, Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, a more obscure band as his incomparable voice. The talk is of Satan's host and the cult classic "Metal From Hell". Another has never officially released, but often gebootlegtes album called "Midnight Wind" was still with Harry aka Leviathan Thisiren, as he called himself at the Satanists from Colorado, taken before this opened for writing with Jag Panzer history. After several successful reunion shows with his former comrades and the release of Jag Panzer, Harry is now concentrating fully on Satan's host. And "By The Hands Of The Devil" was published this year an album that many U.S. metal fans totally enthusiastic.

Time for the 25th Anniversary of "Metal From Hell" will show "Celebration For The Love Of Satan". A compilation of newly recorded classics and two brand new songs. Somehow I'll probably never get used to how nice the golden boy Harry cringes before the Horned and "I love you Satan, Lucifer" is the best. But the indisputable fact is that Harry's voice alone refines each song. And it is also necessary. Sure, old goosebumps suppliers such as "Metal From Hell", the divine "Hellfire" and "Witches Return" go down like oil, but there are "Celebration ..." also a lot of bulky monster, whose elegant, dark class, not when first pass revealed. Here is the patience and perseverance is asked to set to music all the declarations of love to mutate to the Bocksfüßigen Ohrenschmeichler. Which will ultimately be rewarded at the end wins and just the song writing quality. After each pass, you will discover new details in the form of worn, singing melodies with oriental melodies refined solos, crazy breaks or horny devil. And the devil rejoices whether this successful scavenger and soul thirsts after the innocent souls of black metal highly qualified U.S. metal fans.

High trident on a thoroughly good album, but the demands from the audience whether his obscurity a few, but eventually scored by substance and class. Conklin was praised Harry's voice, the famously here is the "New Born Satanist". For many of its presence alone should be enough already to be "Celebration ..." to approach sympathetically. You will not be disappointed. And who's afraid - like me back then, as I have Venom's "Black Metal" is set in the living room - to do with the illegal purchase or download this disk bad, let me tell you that we already have all of our soul to a far more insidious demon have sold: the Heavy Metal! Amen.

Score- 8/10

- Bruder Cle



Metal Music Archives: CD Review -November 07, 2011

It's time to celebrate the dark lords of satanic heavy metal! To mark their 25th anniversary, satanic metallers Satan's Host will unleash the aptly titled "CELEBRATION: For the Love of Satan" upon the world in ten days' time, and, boy are we in for a treat.

The album contains two original tunes and a bunch of older tunes which the band have re-recorded and buffed up with a crisp and well-defined modern sound. The overall style falls somewhere between traditional heavy metal and US power-thrash, but there are also elements from doom metal to be found, as well as more modern things such as blastbeats (which figure especially in the newer material).

Virtually every song is extremely strong in terms of riffage, and the way that Satan's Host have shined up the older tunes definitely has not done any damage, as it makes them sound more brutal and up-to-date. There are plenty of thrash and power metal tempos, which go well together with the more traditionally oriented riffs and the metal-as-hell powerful vocals which are akin to the singing styles associated with Symphony X and Firewind.

The lyrics are wonderfully Satan-praising, but a bit cheesy at times, and the many mentions of "Satan, Lucifer, Belial" might end up becoming tiresome to some listeners. Still, you gotta love the lyrics for being larger than life and hotter than hell - and they, of course, suit the imagery associated with the band.

Fans of traditional metal and power-thrash who are not afraid of a bit of satanism should check out this album, which, I think, definitely does Satan's Host's career and body of work justice.

Score- 4/5

- Unknown



Tyrants of Steel: CD Review -October 26, 2011

King is dead, long live the king? Not really, and let's hope that Jag Panzer will return one day, but it looks like Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin is happy with his old pals from Satan's Host. Not that long ago we got their "comeback" album (with Harry "Leviathan Thisiren" Conklin on vocals), and while it's still hot, we receive... new album, which is collection of classic and previously unreleased songs, and songs taken from the last few (Death Metal) albums of the band, re-recorded in current line up. And you know what? It's fuckin' awesome. Hard to describe the style Satan's Host is playing, but with no doubt it's classic, high quality True Metal - with truly amazing vocals, as Mr. Conklin has the throat made of steel! Let's take a look: they did this classic LP "Metal From Hell" in 1986 (with Harry on vocals), then did 7 (!) Death Metal and a DVD with different vocalist, and now, after having Harry back on board, they did two Heavy Metal albums in one year? That's right. All hail "Satan's Host", originators of "Metal From Hell"!

Score- 9/10

- Bart Gabriel



Heavy Metal Time Machine: CD Review -October 26, 2011

If you can overlook the goofiness of new tune "For the Love of Satan" (the music itself shreds it's just that the obvious Venom lyric worship is utter cheese guys) then this new collection of re-recorded classics is pretty sweet. Taking cuts from the vast catalog of power metal/black metal band Satan's Host and reworking them around Harry Conklin's "signature soaring/haunting style" is a good move. Material that original appeared on "Metal from Hell" (including "Hell Fire" and "Metal From Hell") and giving them the modern touch makes this collection a must have. It breathes new life into these songs. In fact, despite the recent move towards black metal a lot of this material sounds like killer power metal/thrash. "Midnight Wind" (from the bootlegged album of the same name since it was officially never released) is also cheesy in a Merciful Fate/Venom kind of way but man if it isn't some of the best classical power metal around. Listening to these re-worked versions makes me wonder why these albums have yet to be issued on CD? Hopefully something is in the works as these albums show the majestic side of Satan's Host even in their humble beginning. "Cauldron of the Ancients" is a cut from 1999's EP,"In Articulo Mortis" and showcases Harry's vocal range. The self-released album "Archidoxes Of Evil" gave us "Nightside of Eden" and Harry and company work their magic on it. Epic power metal is the name of the game and the band plays it better than most. Working their way to 2004's "Burning The Born Again (A New Philosophy)" gives us "Ecliptic Equinox" and at this point it is obvious that Harry is making his case that he never plans to lose his edge and like a fine wine he just gets better with age. "Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick" gets represented here with "Satanic Grimoire" and "Great American Scapegoat 666" brings back haunting memories thanks to the track "Cursing, "Vampyric Evil-Eye". Our eerie peek into the past of Satan's Host is finished with "Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)" from 2009's "Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection: 999". Really there is not a bad track to be found on this collection of re-worked classics. Usually albums like this leave me longing for the originals more than anything. In this case Satan's Host has made an album that celebrates these older classics with a modern touch while still giving us something interesting to latch onto. "CELEBRATION: For The Love Of Satan - 25th anniversary album" wraps up with the other new tune, "Convictions". A superb metal tune to end a well-crafted heavy metal platter. As a follow-up to 2011's "By The Hands Of The Devil" this makes perfect sense. Especially with it being the 25th anniversary of their legendary "Metal From Hell" debut. My only request now is a deluxe edition of "Metal From Hell". That would truly bring everything full-circle for Satan's Host.

- Andy



Autothrall: CD Review -October 20, 2011

Harry Conklin's return to Satan's Host has by all indications been a rousing success, and with Jag Panzer's dissolution adding an easy incentive to continue the 'reunion', we can cross our fingers for more output from the screaming Colorado menace. And would you know it, we didn't have to wait very long, since it also happens to be the 25th year anniversary for the band, and to celebrate, they've offered up a pair of new songs and a whole array of re-recordings from those 'in between' years (1987-2010) when the band were releasing their 'unofficial' albums to a very limited audience, most of which featured another front man known as L.C.F. Elixir. I never paid attention to these recordings aside from companion pieces The Great American Scapegoat 666 and Power~Purity~Perfection...999, but if what I'm hearing on this collection is any indicator...then Satan's Host have had some strong songs waiting in the wings.

If you enjoyed By the Hands of the Devil, one of the year's better speed/power metal recordings, then let me be blunt: you will absolutely fucking love these tracks. The band have gone all out not to simply fashion together a bunch of odds and ends, but to actually manufacture what feels like a real new album. In fact, running head to head with that last album, this is nearly identical if not superior in quality. Granted, it's got a bunch of the band's classics like "Witches Return" (Midnight Wind EP, 1987), "Hell Fire" and "Metal from Hell" (Metal from Hell, 1986) which the Tyrant had already performed on during the band's formative years, so similar to the lauded Hell debut, there's not much new here, but each piece has been carefully selected and given quite the treatment. Being brought up to 'speed' with the times, and instantly offering the fresh new fans a wider selection of sing-a-longs for the band's future set lists, without losing the quality of production unleashed on By the Hands of the Devil.

Normally I don't go out for 'remakes', but if you're going to make such vast improvements over the originals, then why not? "Metal from Hell" and "Hell Fire" are prime examples, intensely fun classics given a fresh luster through Conklin's dual vocals, shrieking as if he were a young man again. Other standouts include "Cauldron of the Ancients" (In Articulo Mortis EP, 1999), which digs in for some taut, thrashing rhythms and a doomed lurch. "Nightside of Eden" (Archidoxes of Evil, 2000) which features some of the better melodic vocal lines on the disc in a number of ranges. Or the sluggish darkness of "Satanic Grimoire" (from an album of the same name, 2006) with its great, melodic tremolo bridge. But in truth, there is not a single piece here which falls short of entertaining, and Satan's Host incorporate a good range of variation in their writing, from the more aggressive thrash/speed sequences to power balladry.

The new tunes are also quite good. Both are fairly similar, solid and heavy with scathing chorus elements, though I preferred "Convictions" for its melodic speed licks over the opener, "For the Love of Satan". The mix is brilliantly executed, with Tyrant first and foremost but never entirely overpowering the guitars or rhythm section. Original member Patrick Evil is on fire throughout, easily trumping any of his past performances in his 25 years with the band, with a wonderful and signature style of playing that provides a perfect, hellish marriage to Conklin's tone. Ultimately, this is just one of those rare 'remake' records (like Vader's XXV or Destruction's Thrash Anthems) which succeeds in justifying its existence due to the superior quality on exhibition. With this and By the Hands of the Devil under their belts, Satan's Host have rocketed out of the past to become one of the foremost acts performing USPM today, even if they weren't really 'missing' for the last decade.

Verdict: Win [8.75/10] (prepare the altar)

- Autothrall



PinPoint Music: Pre-CD Review -October 4, 2011

If you have not listened to heavy metal icons Jag Panzer and their 1984 record Ample Destruction, spend your next weekend getting acquainted with a classic. Now what does that have to do with 2011? After Ample Destruction, lead vocalist Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin left Jag Panzer and formed Satan's Host. Satan's Host released one record before disbanding for 10 years. The band was reformed in 2000 with a new singer (L.C.F. Elixir) and released a handful of black metal records. Satan's Host, as a black metal band, was decent but never came close to the level they were capable of. In 2011, Conklin returned as lead vocalist for By the Hands of the Devil which combined the band's heavy metal roots with flairs of black metal. "By the Hands of the Devil" was so surprising as it stood as one of the better albums of this year. It was goddamn awesome. To celebrate the 25th anniversary (of a band whose been on hiatus for most of its career) Satan's Host is releasing a a compilation of re-recorded songs. The songs will span the band's career and be presented in the same style as By the Hands of the Devil. I couldn't be more happy. Satan's Host could be one of the most ridiculous darkhorse riders of 2011. Who would have thought a blackened traditional metal band would make it so far? Be sure to check out their cover of The Beatle's "Norwegian Wood." While the concept of transforming a very personal classic into a song about burning priests and judges may sound ridiculous…well….no it is pretty much ridiculous. Still, Conklin's dedication to the harmonies of the original combined with a blatant disregard for the lyrics is blasphemous and hilarious.

- Kaptain Carbon




The Metal Crypt- July 17, 2012

Interview by: Luxi Lahtiner

It all started for them when "Metal from Hell" got released on a small label called Web Records in 1986. The record had Leviathan Thisiren, aka Harry "Tyrant" Conklin, as vocalist, who had joined this band after leaving Jag Panzer. We are, of course, talking about Satan's Host here; a Denver, Colorado-based Metal band that has come a long way since they were originally formed in 1977. In 1987-88, Satan's Host broke up after Harry Conklin left the band to pursue his career by joining Titan Force. It is well known that evil never rests too long - and in 1999, Satan's Host introduces L.F.C. Eli Elixir as their new vocalist. The next two releases from Satan's Host, In Articulo Mortis and Archidoxes of Evil brought the band into the deeper and darker side of Heavy Metal. The new, more Satanic era for Satan's Host had begun.

From those days on, the band released four more studio albums, which were more or less successful. Around the middle of 2009, Eli Elixir stepped out from the ranks of the band - and rather surprisingly, his place was taken again by the old demon Leviathan Thisiren. Satan's Host 7th studio album, By the Hands of the Devil, was released on Moribund Records in 2011 and it's safe to say another era for Satan's Host had begun. Also, the band decided to celebrate their 25th anniversary in the later half of 2011 by releasing an album titled Celebration: for the Love of Satan which included two new songs and 10 re-recorded songs.

Currently Satan's Host is working on their 8th full-length studio album, entitled Virgin Sails, which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2012. Both guitarist Patrick Evil and drummer Anthony Evil Hobbit were kind enough to shed some light on this hot topic, among other things, in the following interview for The Metal Crypt...

- Hello, thanks for taking your time. What are you guys currently up to? Luxi: According to some information, Satan's Host formed in 1977, so the band has been around for well over 30 years. I am curious to know what it was like for Satan's Host at the end of 70's when the idea of forming this band first started coming together?

Patrick Evil: I think at that time there was the unknown factor and excitement of creating something that few had done. When the band first started we knew what we wanted to do, to invoke that deep dark fire within ourselves to unlock the mysteries of left hand thinking and to forge Metal.

Satan's Host's debut album, "Metal from Hell", came out on an independent label Web Records in 1986 as a relatively small edition - and therefore the original version of "Metal from Hell" is practically speaking, somewhat impossible to hunt down nowadays. As the fact is "Metal from Hell" became an instant classic record among the true Heavy Metal hunters - and it's now wonder why it has also been bootlegged so many times. Anyway, could you tell what's that Magick on that record that made it so special for the fans of Heavy Metal all around the world, from your own point of view?

Patrick Evil: I think what made that album so special was the feelings that we all had and the desire to unleash our sound upon the world. At that time there were no computers no pro tools just tapes and finding people to record our music was not easy we scared all the engineers that worked with us if you look on the inner sleeve of the Metal from Hell vinyl you can see how many different people were involved in recording us.

Then there's this unreleased 6-track effort titled "Midnight Wind", which was also supposed to come out on Web Records but unfortunately the label went bankrupt before it got ever released. It was also bootlegged several times so that makes me to ask from you whether there's any plans to get it officially out some day? Wasn't Danish label Horror Records supposed to release it officially if I can remember correctly?

Patrick Evil: The album was released in very small amounts the label was more into Hammers Rule at the time than Satan's Host so we were lucky it got out at all. Yes there are plans to release Midnight Wind down the road.

"Midnight Wind" also features a cover of The Animals' classic song "The House of the Rising Sun". Whose idea was it to get it covered for this EP anyway? Obviously some of you guys were somewhat huge The Animals fans - and that's why you ended up covering this song for this aforementioned EP as well, correct?

Patrick Evil: I thought of doing House of the Rising Sun started playing the riff and we all had fun with the song. I don't think we did it because we are fans of the animals we did it for fun.

Satan's Host, however, were in influenced by such satanic names in the beginning like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Venom and early Slayer in the beginning - just like so many other bands tended to be, but were there possibly some other - a bit more obscure (satanic imago wise) bands in the beginning of Satan's Host's career that you could say, did have some influence on Satan's Host in one way or the other, for guiding you stronger and stronger all the time toward the Left-Hand Path?

Patrick Evil: I wasn't really influenced by other bands, so to say, what interested me more and influenced myself was my interest in the Occult and Satanism in general, I felt that was my life, so I wanted to incorporate my beliefs in my music, I never really paid attention to what other bands have done, I just concentrate on writing music that I would buy and listen to, there is a great deal of excitement when you start from nothing and create something that gets you excited and make you want to jump up and down.

Only a few people seem to be aware of this Chicago, Illinois-based psychedelic, Satanic and occult Rock band called Coven that was formed in the late 60's, which released 3 albums during 1969-74. The band's debut album titled "Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls", was most controversial record from them, even containing a 13-minute track of chanting and Satanic prayers called "Satanic Mass". I assume you have also heard the record at some point of your life, haven't you? What do you think of that record anyway; did it have any influence on any of that what you wanted Satan's Host to be all about eventually, at least imago wise?

Patrick Evil: I had heard of them and purchased the album, I really enjoyed what they had to offer, I'm not sure I would say that was a big influence on how I write music or image wise, but it did show me that there were others out there that had the same beliefs that I have, and that makes it easier to attack the music with more strength and valance, there style of music was perse the direction I wanted to go, I wanted to bring something new and more aggressive in what I believed in.

Still staying in this topic about some unreleased Satan's Host stuff, some sources claim that Satan's Host recorded a full-length album in 2002, titled "Legions of the Fire Age" - and it was even released in very strict quantities. What's the truth behind this one? If it really was released, what songs were on it?

Patrick Evil: Legions of the Fire Age was actually a lot of songs that were never released or officially recorded up to the standards of what Satan's Host would want to represent ourselves, but there were some really great songs so we decided to do a limited production of them, mainly for ourselves to listen to so all the time we took to create this music wouldn't be lost, so we made copies for ourselves and few other people and now it is bootlegged like everything else.

What about this unofficial Satan's Host live album that was supposedly also released in 2001; how much there's truth in these rumors, if even any?

Patrick Evil: Yea that album is called Evil Live, we recorded it the day of my father's funeral and it seemed that there was a lot of emotion involved so we printed it ourselves so that we could enjoy the energies that were released, it wasn't a big release, just a small release, that was actually the last show we did together with Anthony Chavez on drums.

Okay, back to about more current news of Satan's Host up next anyway. "Celebration: For The Love of Satan" was your latest release, containing 2 new songs ("For the Love of Satan" and "Convictions") and 10 re-recorded songs from the band's early works. The album also celebrated Satan's Host 25th anniversary, also offering the fans something a little bit more extra than just a lousy and cheap compilation of songs that were already available from your other releases. Supposedly this was the most primary idea of yours when you started to make plans for celebrating the band's 25th anniversary: to show your respect toward your loyal fans by giving them a whole package of unreleased songs, plus also giving something back to yourselves in the spirit of old times - kind of refreshing all of your memories how much fun and sheer enthusiasm you guys actually shared between each of you when you gathered together to record some certain albums. Does this all correct, sir?

Patrick Evil: Yes that is correct. I've never been a big fan of compilation albums so when the time came to do something for the 25th anniversary of Metal from Hell I thought it would reward the fans more if we approached the release as a brand new album and reinvent the songs with the energies that Satan's Host has with the lineup from By the Hands of the Devil and Harry, Marcus, and Hobbit, cuz in my opinion this is the best lineup has ever had and it was probably one of the best experiences in recording an album I've ever had.

This leads me to talk about Satan's Host's new material. You just recently told me already that you're preparing to record Satan's Host new record, entitled "Vaporus of the Blood". Could you share more detailed information with the readers of The Metal Crypt, how many songs you are planning to record for it, which studio you'll use for the recordings and so forth?

Patrick Evil: yes, this new album was tentivly called "Vaporus of the Blood" but we changed it to "Virgin Sails" we wanted to dig deeper and go farther than we have in the past. I think is been frustrating for us that we get so much great press and it's hard to get promoters and labels, etc. to take notice so we just keep forging ahead doing the best that we can do so when people get to hear Satan's Host it is instantly recognizable beyond what others have to offer.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Actually we changed the name of the album, tho "Vaporus of the Blood" is a track off it, we have 8 full tracks and a couple of Patrick Evil's famous interludes that he has done on past records. The whole spirit of the album is very angry, full of piss and vinegar, it's like "By the Hands of the Devil" but more menacing and angry. We went in with Dave Otero at Flatline, he is like the 5th member of Satan's Host and we just have such a great working system with him, this time we went in and laid all the tracking in no time at all, we went in not only on a mission, but with a full out combat campaign, we looked back at our processes and just refined it a bit more and took to a much high level, everyone was well beyond prepared and we just went in a beat the crap out of it. That's our mission is to outdo what has been done in our past and to show the industry we are not fucking around, there is a demand for Satan's Host around the world, and we invite every promoter and anyone else in the industry to jump on the Satan's Host Hell machine, we have the goods, and we have a lot more in store, this is just the beginning.

Would you say to all Satan's Host fans around the world that music wise, you'll basically continue from the same foot prints where you left off on "By the Hands of the Devil", so there won't be that drastic musical changes regarding Satan's Host's upcoming material? Why to change an already working and tasteful recipe to something else - it would be rather pointless, right?

Patrick Evil: I don't think you can approach writing an album trying to recreate what you have already done, I think what you have to do is write songs that you love and believe in, and every album you write takes on its own entity and life form, because if we try to write in the formula of By the Hands of the Devil then there wouldn't be a big difference between the two albums, I think what music lacks in this day and age is creativity and that uncertainty of the fear of the unknown, so many bands find a formula and rehash the same thing over and over, Satan's Host strives to always move ahead and create something new and different for every album.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Satan's Host is the same, but different, lol, we grow, we have our signature sound, doesn't matter what styles we meld together, because in the end its Satan's Host. We do it all, Black, Death, Traditional, etc., and Harry can do any Metal vocal style there is out there, there isn't that many vocalist that can do that in the industry. We just grow and play from straight from the heart, when we write, we not thinking oh we need a death metal part here, we need a black metal part here, it just comes out because we have been doing this before all these categories came out, we are Metal, and when Metal is done right it comes from the heart and you feel and execute what the song calls for, we write for the song and ourselves, not no predetermined formula or whatever, we have the freedom to do it and we do it well naturally. We are the real deal.

Have you already shared a few ideas between each of you inside the band whether you also would like to try out some special guest musicians for this forthcoming recording of yours?

Patrick Evil: it has crossed my mind a few times, but trying to organize times and spots for guest musicians just never seems to happen, although on this album there are a couple guest guitar spots from our producer Dave Otero because he had a lot of excitement and energy involved in the project so it just came naturally for those moments to occur within the songs.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: No, we are really not interested in that, but never say never, if some opportunity came up with someone with the same amount of conviction entered into the Magick, then naturally I think we would do what would be natural for us at the time. We work fast, so we are mainly about warranting and pleasing the Beast within ourselves at the moment.

What about a possible release date for "Vaporus of the Blood"? Can we expect to get it to our hands sometime during 2012 already?

Patrick Evil: Yep we are working on a late summer early fall release so the album "Virgin Sails" will be available in 2012 release for all our fans. My goal is to have a new album every year for the fans, just like all the great bands I grew up with in the past.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We are hoping for a late summer early fall release, that's about all we can say at this point, but yes we want this album out before the winter.

Your previous studio album, "By the Hands of the Devil", which was released on Moribund Records last year, your old vocalist Harry Conklin made a very successful return back to the Satan's Host legions. The album received many raving reviews in different publications all around the world - and I bet the band just couldn't be any happier to the current situation. How much do honestly you think Harry's return back to Satan's Host as vocalist, has had on impact on your current success? Everybody surely knows what Harry is capable of doing vocally...

Patrick Evil: it's been amazing to work with Harry again after all these years, there's no limitations in what Satan's Host can do whatever we can dream of, we can bring into fruition because it makes the band more versatile and strong having more options and what we can create.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: I think Harry is the most underrated vocalist in the industry, no one can touch him, he can emulate any Metal vocal style, we can really stretch out our writing abilities with him in the band. At the same time I think the "Power~Purity~Perfection…999" album and the past albums with Eli were awesome albums too, no one can touch him as far as black/death metal vocals either, Eli was on top of his game on the PPP…999 album and did a phenomenal job, Eli was a unique force in Satan's Host the years he spent in the band, and he broke a lot ground and wasn't afraid to sing and conjure up real evil forces with his style, I don't see anyone out there doing it to that level. But with Harry in the band it's given us the chance to hit bigger markets.

Do you also feel like due to Harry's strong influence on the rest of the band, on Harry's so-called 'comeback record' - "By the Hands of the Devil" that was, it also had a very positive effect on feeding the needed creative juices into your songwriting process for that aforementioned record - and overall getting the whole band inspired the way like you could almost have like a fresh start for doing things a bit differently for Satan's Host in general, with some phenomenal results?

Patrick Evil: I never really looked at "By the Hands of the Devil" as Harry's comeback record, I thought that was supposedly why Jag Panzer did their last album when we did BTHOTD Harry was also still in Jag Panzer and we never asked Harry to leave Jag Panzer it just happened that Satan's Host wrote music that Harry could take more advantage of his vocal style and more room for him to create, so I know deep down inside that Jag panzer wouldn't be able to continue on after the release of BTHOTD because together Satan's Host with Harry's vocals is a unstoppable force.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Yes, having Harry in the band inspired us in certain ways, but Patrick is always inspired and always writing riffs, making music is addicting to us and whatever path Satan's Host takes will always be productive, the passion is too strong and it has to be done, no matter what position the band is in the inspirations and the desires are always there.

What are some of your own favorite songs off of "By the Hands of the Devil", and could you shortly even explain why?

Patrick Evil: I wouldn't say any favorite song perse, I think the entire album is amazing and the energies we executed come to life I give it a listen or perform any of the songs, if I had to pick one song I would probably pick Revival only because that was the first song we started working on with Harry and it got the ball rolling for the band to create many more albums to come.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: My favorite is Before the Flame, that song sums up the band, if I ever had to pick a song to correctly justify the essence of the band it would be that one, but the whole album is powerful and I love all the songs. There is a different love affair with all of those songs, our whole catalog in fact. Each song is unique and has its own life. I get bored with many bands because they can not accomplish that with their music, some albums sound like one big long song, they don't take me anywhere, we take you many different places with our music.

Why did he leave Satan's Host in 1986 in the first place, to pursue his career in Jag Panzer? Was there any hostility in between the other band members due to some inner band conflicts about something when he eventually made his final decision to step out from the Satan's Host legions?

Patrick Evil: Harry and I tried to continue Satan's Host back then, we lost our drummer and bass player at the time and we couldn't find any other guys willing to work with us so we parted ways on a good note knowing we still had unfinished business together, we didn't know when the moment would be but we did know that when we got back together again it would be something very special because we both vowed we wouldn't do it again unless we could do it the way really felt how it needed to be in our hearts.

Satan's Host also has a DVD out called "Assault of Evil... 666", which Moribund Records released in 2010. Have you any further plans to get some more Satan's Host material into a DVD-format in the near future? By this I am basically underlining the show, which you did at Iliff Park Saloon on June 6th, 2006, supporting Deicide. That show would be really cool to get out in a DVD-format, but obviously the problem is there's not that great quality live footage available from that show... or is there after all?

Patrick Evil: We definitely have plans in the future to do a bigger DVD, I was not really happy with the AOE DVD, but our label wanted to put it our anyways so I feel a need to do a greater DVD with better quality and a better representation of the band.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We plan for more DVD projects in the future, I think the footage of that show that is on the DVD is the only footage of that show.

What about some touring plans for Satan's Host in 2012? What is there to come - and do you also have some plans to get some gigs to booked outside of your home ground, U.S.A.?

Patrick Evil : We definitely want to go out and tour for our albums, we are just waiting for the right people and promoters to get behind us, it seems people are scared to work with Satan's Host.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We are ready and want to go out, we are just waiting for the right opportunities, we invite all promoters to hit us up, we have the goods, and we are ready to unleash it for the fans.

Satan's Host have just played once outside of the States; in 2010 you played at the "Keep It True Festival" in Germany - and since that experience I bet you felt like you are dying to bring Satan's Host to some known and very well organized European outdoor Metal festivals again. So, how are things standing for those plans at the moment? Has anything confirmed (un-)officially yet?

Patrick Evil: There definitely is a great demand for Satan's Host all around the world, its just up to the promoters to make it happen, it pisses me off seeing some of these lame ass bands out there getting support in a way that would go a lot farther and effectively with a band of the caliber of Satan's Host.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We are available and want these promoters from these festivals to hit us up, we would be honored and will not disappoint!!! The Keep It True festival was amazing and Oliver, the organizer of the festival is a great guy, completely professional and he showed us a great time in Germany.

I guess that was it this time. I wanna sincerely thank you my friend Patrick for your time for getting this interview done for The Metal Crypt - and lastly, wish you all the best with Satan's Host. May your path be full of all positive things of life, and hopefully we will get a chance to meet each other at a Satan's Host show some day. Let the last words be yours now...

Patrick Evil: Thank you so much for your support over the years and thanks to all the fans who support us and demand Satan's Host all around the world for together we shall conquer all that opposes us. Buy all our albums and merchandise and let people know your love for Satan's Host.




Interview by: Tania Giménez

- Hello, thanks for taking your time. What are you guys currently up to?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Hails!!! We are currently in preproduction for the follow up to "By the Hands of the Devil"; we have been in writing mode getting ready for the recording process at the end of April.

- You are an underground band I think you have never gotten the attention you have always deserved, at least in Spain so, could you please make some history of the band?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Please refer to our bio page at www.satanshost.com , there you can find a nice run down of the history of Satan's Host.

- You have released a compilation album to commemorate the 25th anniversary of your debut album, "Metal from Hell". What balance could you do of these 25 years? Did you ever expect the band could last that long?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: It has been a good 25 years, tho I've only been in the band for a short time, I can say that Satan's Host has great fans (LEGIONS) around the world. The longevity of the band is all on Patrick Evil, he has been the driving force with his signature sound, that's what has kept the band going on for so many years and all the Legions that love our style of Metal. True Metal!

- "Metal from Hell" was your first album but you didn't release any other full-length piece until 2000. What happened during that time? What made you leave and what prompted the band's comeback?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Well actually after "Metal from Hell" was released, Patrick and Harry begun production of the "Midnight Wind" album, the others in the band were not to motivated and what was bootlegged around the world was the sessions for that album. Patrick and Harry split up, but still remained in contact over the years, Patrick went off and made Psychronaut, then after that ran its course he got together with Eli Elixir and reformed Satan's Host in the late 90's, and they put out several albums, then in 2009 me, Patrick, and Eli made "Power~Purity~Perfection…999" and after that Eli left to pursue another agenda and Harry hit us up about the Keep It True Festival in Germany, so as Eli left, Harry stepped back in, he and Patrick felt they had a lot of unfinished business, and so here we are today.

- How did the Metal scene changed during those years you were on hiatus?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: I think the scene is always evolving, sometimes into great things and sometimes into horrible things, at the time that Satan's Host was in Hiatus, the movement from the NWOBHM transformed into Death/Speed metal, then went to Black on one hand and Grundge on the other, Grundge isn't that Evil or has any Evil overtones to it, so it was logical that Satan's Host go towards the Blackened Death Metal scene.

- And what did that "Metal from Hell" mean and still means to you?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Metal from Hell is a testament to the true roots of Satanic Evil Metal.

- You came back in 2000 with "Archidoxes of Evil", a more brutal album than your Heavy/Power debut. What prompted that change in your sound?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: I think with the evolution from the NWOBHM to the Death/Black style. As musicians we like the heavier and darker side of music, so it was only natural to put an album out in that vein.

- Since then it seems you have been shaping your own sound, creating a more brutal music still with plenty melodies. Is there any reason for this? Are you still opening to new influences or could you say is just a natural evolution?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Patrick created the signature Satan's Host sound and basically everything we do is basically natural, we don't really go and see what others are doing, we have influences from all walks of Metal and when Patrick feels a riff or has an idea for a song, it basically comes straight from the heart.

- In this "Celebration" album we can find two new songs: "For the Love of Satan" and "Convictions". What could you comment on them both?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We have heard others say that they are throw a ways from the BTHOTD sessions, this is not true, we wrote these specifically for the Celebration album, these are some powerful songs with pretty deep meaning, we are just expounding on the message we were trying to put out on BTHOTD, trying to get people to think out of the box, think for themselves, try to see all the lies that are swirling around us all.

- All tracks have been rerecorded and, once more, with Dave Otero. How's now your relationship with him? Why do you like that much working with Dave?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We have a long history with Dave, I know this sounds cliché but he is basically the 5th member of Satan's Host, we have a strong working relationship with him, he knows he we work, and we know how he works, and when we work with him, he gets the best out of us.

- Earlier this year you also released a new studio album, "By the Hands of the Devil". How was its feedback?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: the response was phenomenal on a global level for us, everyone was just blown away with what we put out, we enjoy pushing the envelope and are have a grand time with how our band is evolving, it's the same, but different you know, we have the Signature sounds, but we are able to go anywhere with it, most bands do not have the luxury, most never find a signature sound, that's why there are so many bands out there that sound the same and do not have a long shelve life, and now that we Harry back in the band we are able to tackle more outlets and markets.

- In this album we can find some "nuances" to your past with some Power Metal details, anyway you have always blended different styles. Does everything come naturally?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: basically yes, very natural to us, we are so much in synch at the moment that we just blow ourselves away with the music we are coming up with, the new material for the next album is a little heavier, menacing than BTHOTD, if you can believe that, we have a lot to say and enjoys pushing and surpassing our limits.

- I would also like you to tell us something about lyrics on the album, as I have always found certain sense of poetry within them.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: "By The Hands of the Devil' - reveal historical lies.
'Shades of the Unlight' - unleash unseen spirits.
'Demontia' - Those who meet the unseen spirits, is dismantled.
'Before The Flame' - After removing your lights and you will stand in front of the flame.
'Bleeding Hearts Of The Damned' - in humility before the flame, you realize that you're a bleeding heart of the damned.
'Black hilted Knife' - In order to control the unseen spirits can, you need a tool.
'Revival' - If you control the unseen spirits, then you will be brought back into yourself.
'Fallen Angel' - After the self-awakening within yourself, you see the fallen angels shine glorious as the morning star.
'Inferior Worlds' - When everything is finished, will reveal to you that you live in a smaller world.

- This "By the Hands of the Devil" marked Leviathan's return. How did everything start? I guess it has been well accepted by your fans.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: Having Leviathan's return has been great! It all started by the promoters of the Keep It True festival hitting Harry up last time Jag Panzer performed there to see what it would take to get him to reunite with Satan's Host and have us come out and perform for the festival, Patrick and Harry have always been in contact over the years, and when the opportunity came up, Eli was going out the door so we figure sure, why not, so we started rehearing for the festival and it turned into the sessions for the BTHOTD album, Patrick told Harry that we might as well go as far as we can since they both felt that they had unfinished business.

- If I'm not mistaken you still have to do two more albums with Moribund; have you already started working on it? Does the label put pressure on you regarding this?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: We have the greatest label ever, we have a great working relationship with our label, and we produce so much on our own at a short amount of time that they never put any pressure on us. We are currently working on the follow to BTHOTD; we hit the studio in April and will have a summer release this year.

- In fact you have been a while now for them, so I guess you guys are happy with this cooperation...

Anthony Evil Hobbit: yes, very much so.

- Finally, what are the near-future plans for the band?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: well we are getting the next record out this summer, we would really like to tour, so any promoters out there interested in have Satan's Host, bring us out!

- That has been all, thanks again for taking your time. If you now want to add some final comments to the interview, feel free to do it.

Anthony Evil Hobbit: I'd like to thank you and all our Spanish Legions!! Demand Satan's Host in your cities and have your promoters bring us out!!! Hail Satan! 666.



ThrashHead Interview- Jan. 26, 2012

Interview by: Brian "Fish" Brinson

SATAN'S HOST, from Denver, Colorado, have a 25 year history and have just released a commemorative album, "CELEBRATION For The Love Of Satan", to, well, celebrate that. Through various transitions over the years, they still carry their torch high, delivering what would seem to be an endless supply of true metal music. I recently had an opportunity to talk with Anthony Lopez, Margar Garcia and Evil Pat Elkins about that very rich history, where it has brought the band, and where things may go.

ThrashHead: So, it's been quite a path since "Metal from Hell", what has kept it going so strong for so long? How long has this current lineup been together now?

Patrick:This lineup has been together since Jan. 2010. The passion, fire, our desire to push the envelope and what our talents can bring to us, there is nothing like the feeling of hearing back the songs we have created, and the exhilaration and euphoria that comes about.

Anthony: I think the biggest thing that has kept Satan's Host going all these years is the fact that everyone loves to play music, it's in our blood, I'm mean I've only been in the band since 2008 but I started playing in the bars when I was 13 years old and have been in bands since then, always gigging and writing music with many different bands and projects, and Patrick has always kept Satan's Host going throughout the years, the man is just full of riffs and music, it would be hard to imagine him without a guitar in his hand, lol.
This lineup has been together now since Jan. of 2010, we have a great chemistry, we all click, there is no drama or drama queens in this band, we all have the same inspirations and goals, so that alone is a major factor, once you're in a band where others have other agendas, then things start to become stressful.

ThrashHead: What inspired the band to re-release their earlier material into a historically chronological compilation?

Patrick: I think we really felt a need to unleash these inner demons from the past, and to erase some of the bad feelings that were left after the departure of our former singer, with Harry we were able to capture the initial fire and vision of how I originally intended for the songs.

Anthony: Pretty much to commemorate the release of "Metal from Hell", it's been 25 years since its release, so instead of doing a re-recording of that album we figured it would be nice to do something a little more special and have Harry sing the era of songs that he was not on, since "By the Hands of the Devil" just came out we figured it would be a nice way to celebrate.

ThrashHead: Can you tell me how the "CELEBRATION For The Love Of Satan" album came about? Were there ever plans to release an album like this one before? What made this the right time?

Patrick: Well in our contract with Moribund we did owe them a compilation album, but in my heart I always have hated compilation albums, so I went to Moribund and explained my feelings on the matter and told them if we were going to do a compilation album of sorts I would rather reward the fans with all new versions of the songs and to unleash an album that has never been seen before.
Odin, our label manager, had a great deal of excitement and thought that was the best plan to move forward in regards to the compilation. Also it came to be the 25th anniversary of the "Metal from Hell" release, so what better way to celebrate the great accomplishment than to forge forward a celebration album.

Anthony: I think Patrick and Odin from our label had this one brewing in the cauldron for awhile, now was the right time being the 25th anniversary of "Metal from Hell".

ThrashHead: Do you have plans to release it on vinyl?

Patrick: yes of course, it is already available thought links on our website or on the Moribund website, or straight from the High Roller records website. They are going very fast, so pick up your copies while you can.

Anthony: Actually both "By the Hands of the Devil" and "CELEBRATION For the Love of Satan" have been release on vinyl and are available to order at Satanshost.com or at High Roller Records, in conjunction with Moribund Cult they pressed and released the vinyl versions of the two albums.

ThrashHead: Tell me a little bit about the inspiration for your lyricism, for example, "Witches Return".

Patrick: Well on Witches Return if you look back in history how so many people were accused of being witches, the inspiration came to me that all there unholy souls were ready to come back to our realm for revenge and malice upon the religious ingrates that persecuted and thought they had eliminated us, the Witches shall return, and you shall forever burn!

Anthony: From what I understand, Harry wrote the bulk of the lyrics and Patrick wrote the middle piece, I don't really know what the inspiration was about, lol.

ThrashHead: Collectively, as well as individually, you guys all have some musical miles under your belts; what other projects have you guys been a part of?

Patrick: The only other bands I have ever been a part of would be Psychronaut, which one day I may possibly release if the need ever be, and also I'm working on a solo project called Patrick Evil.

Anthony: I've been in many countless Metal bands in my life, plus I've played in many variety bands where I've played many other styles of music other than Metal. Before I joined Satan's Host I was in Torrid Flesh with Margar, and before that I was in couple of other Metal projects here in the Denver Metro Area.
I originally moved from New Mexico, and was a very high profile drummer in the New Mexico circuit, but I had to leave because there wasn't any true creativity there for me, I didn't want to stay playing shows and gigs in New Mexico all my life, I wanted to go around the world, so I left. I was also in many Metal bands in New Mexico like Extreme Agony, the original Dismember with Tom Gattis from Ballistic and Wardog, and MeatWaggon.

Margar: Just like any musician, I've been a part of several nameless groups and jam sessions, but the only other organized band I've been a part of was Torrid Flesh.

ThrashHead: Now, what are your plans for the future? Will there be any tours or festivals?

Patrick: Yes there will be, soon to be announced which I can't disclose at this time.

Anthony: We are in preproduction for the next album at the moment, the follow-up to "By the Hands of the Devil", we should be entering Flatline Audio with Dave Otero in the Spring sometime with a late Summer/early Fall release, as far as touring and playing festivals, nothing is set in stone at the moment, but we are ready to jump on something that is solid if the opportunity comes our way.

ThrashHead: Will this year bring new material from The Host?

Patrick: yes, we will be recording the follow up to "By the Hands of the Devil" due out this summer, prepare yourselves or die. I'm very excited for this new release because the lineup is really coming together and I feel very positive that the Legions around the world will grow to an unstoppable force.

Anthony: Yes, new release Summer/Fall 2012.

ThrashHead: You guys went to Germany last year. How was that?

Patrick: it was an amazing experience, the people over there have a great respect and fire that they bring to the shows, it was surreal and bit humbling to be such a large status and true rock godz over there.
The people came from all over Europe just to see us play, and my hands got very sore signing so many autographs, and we really appreciated their hospitality.

Anthony: Germany was a surreal experience, very humbling, we had fans come from all over Europe to see Satan's Host, when we hit the stage, I don't think you could have stuck another person in the venue with a shoe horn, lol, everywhere we went, we were constantly mobbed by fans, taking pictures, signing autographs, it was great, we have a very strong following in Europe.
We almost didn't think we were gonna make it, because at the time all the airports were close in Europe due to the volcano that was going off in Iceland, we got to airport early in the morning with no clue if we were going or not, but we got there and our flights were still on. We got to Frankfurt and they had cots set up all over the terminals, it was weird and very eerie feeling.

Margar: Germany was amazing. It was kind of shocking to go out there and see how many fans we had in Europe and have the chance to perform for them. It was literally a dream come true. I hope we get another opportunity to do it again.

ThrashHead: You also have your own website with a web store, don't you?

Patrick: Of course we do, the Evil Hobbit, he handles all that for us, and we are very fortunate for all his hard work.

Anthony: Our website, yes and you can get some merch straight from us or from the Moribund Cult webstore. It's a shame that many bands don't take the priority to create and maintain a proper web presence, everyone always relies on Facebook or MySpace, which are equally important, but when you have your own presence, it shows that you have that much more initiative in your music and your band, I don't take any new band seriously if they have no web presence, because it shows me they don't take themselves serious, they will be just a flash in the pan eventually, it happens all the time.

ThrashHead: How do you feel about your music being downloaded illegally with everything available online?

Patrick: I think it sucks in a way, and it's good in a way, on one hand you gain more fans in the process, on the other hand you lose lots of money that you could have put forth to have the band get out more to the greater masses so at least it seems there is no stopping this so what we have to do is be ahead of our game and create music that people just cannot do without.

Anthony: It's a double edge sword, it sucks because its money being lost from the band and label, but at the same time it's spreading your music and the name of the band. The record labels screwed up 10-15 years ago by not nipping it in the butt when Metallica brought it up, but now things are suppose to change, so will see.

Margar: I believe that no matter what the format music is in or how much it costs, in this day of instant access to anything in the world there will always be people finding a way to get it for free illegally. It's just a harsh reality of the world we live in. All we can do is cope with it the best we can and find creative ways of combating it.

ThrashHead: So, who's raising little metalhead hellions here?

Anthony: I've got little Metalhead Hellions, they are great, they support the band and they are always there to do what we ask of them, but at the same time they know how to distant themselves from band affairs.

ThrashHead: How is it being a part of SATAN'S HOST and raising a family at the same time?

Patrick: Satan's Host is my family, so I'm very fortunate and all other musicians who work hard and put all their passion towards their music, they are my family, all the fans, all the writers, everyone who supports true metal, they can be in my family too. Lol So I love you all!

Anthony: For me it's like anything else, I've always been good at balancing anything in my life, I'm the worst person to give excuses to, in the end you got to do what you got to do. I'm a Multitasking machine, lol, I'm always 2-3 steps ahead, it's just how I work, I'm detail oriented and very hard on myself, so when something goes wrong, I'm my worst enemy.
But, in all seriousness, I'm Satan's Host drummer, I do other internal aspects for the band, I work for the label, I'm a contractor, a husband, a father, etc., I don't have time to make excuses, I'm too busy trying to make everything work and making sure things run smoothly, we have goals in this band and I just try to do my best to do my part, we're in it together, and when we go as Satan's Host anywhere, it is smooth sailing, any drama that manifests is usually coming from some outside source, that's one of the biggest things about this bands chemistry, we just don't click musically, but we click on a personal level, it's brilliant!

ThrashHead: What message would you like to share with the younger generations of metalheads?

Patrick: find the roots of what you believe in and that will guide you unto understanding what it is you support, and never give up, look inside, find your true strength, valor and might, and find yourself, and always be free of constraint.

Anthony: Don't make excuses, do what your suppose to do, don't leave your band mates holding the bag and have them have to carry you, do your part and be dead determined, if not get out, no one needs baggage dragging them down. Be true to the true essence of your group, no matter how it plays out, if someone is the leader and has a bigger vision than anyone else in the band, buy into it, if not go make your own mark, just remember they are not shit without you and vise-versa.
Listen to other styles of music, inspiration and chops come from very different places, for an example a unique Death Metal band that doesn't sound like all the other Death Metal bands are not just scrutinizing Death Metal, they are gaining influences from other places, have an open mind.



Santa Fe Metal Music Examiner Interview- Jan. 05, 2012

Interview by: Octavio Ramos, (January 2012)

From neighboring Colorado comes Satan's Host, which has reunited with the mighty Harry Conklin just in time to make their 25th year of destruction. Satan's Host play old-school black metal, with other facets of metal thrown in for spice. The band's upcoming CD is titled CELEBRATION for the Love of Satan. I was fortunate enough to speak with drummer Anthony "Evil Hobbit," who gave me some solid answers to my quick questions.

How does it feel to have Leviathan Thisiren (Harry Conklin, Jag Panzer and Titan Force) back in the fold? How do you think his presence and contributions will alter Satan's Host, if any?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: "Hails, Octavio! It is great having Harry back in the band, as it opens up so many possibilities for Satan's Host, new markets because of his talented voice—the man can virtually do any style of metal vocals, death, black, etc.—plus sing with clean voice with a large range. As far as altering our sound, it has been taken to a higher level, with Patrick Evil's signature sound, it takes Satan's Host full circle to the origin, the pentagram is now complete."

Tell me about the upcoming CD, CELEBRATION for the Love of Satan. What can listeners expect to experience?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: "Well, it is a whirlwind of music that covers the band's 25 years since the release of Metal from Hell. There are two new songs, 'For the Love of Satan' and 'Convictions,' plus there are tunes from every other album, except from By the Hands of the Devil, which just got released earlier this year. All the songs are freshly recorded."

The new CD marks the 25th anniversary of the band. What would you say is your best memory of being in Satan's Host? What would be the one thing you would rather forget but can't?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: "Well, I've only been in the fold since 2008. My fondest memory was seeing PPP…999 released, since it was my first official global release. Also doing the KIT XIII festival in Germany was a very incredible experience. I don't really have any memories that are bad; it's been a great ride for me, personally. Even my experience with Eli in the band; we just grew apart, but he did help my transition into the band and gave me a few pointers to the darker side of life that I had not treaded on yet."

What personally interests you about Satan and the darker things in life, so much so that you've built a band around the Dark Lord and his minions?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: "I'm a history buff, so I study history at a large scale. I just don't see how the reigning faiths can be correct within our existence. I believe there is good and evil force within the universe and within ourselves. Satan/Lucifer is the light in the darkness, the darkness in the light, it's a way of telling people to take a step back and out of the box and try and figure what the truth is, think for yourselves, quit having someone else tell you what is right and wrong and where we all came from. Be a strong individual, and quit being sheep."

Do you still get a rush when you perform live? Do you ever find that you're just going through the motions when on stage? How do you overcome falling into such a rut?

Anthony Evil Hobbit: "I get a rush anytime I'm behind the kit, live-studio-rehearsal-writing modes, it's what we love, it's what we do, there is no motions for us or any rut. If there is a rut, it would just be the rut that the music industry is in, if anything, but we got a great label behind us, that wants us to keep making records, so that's what we are doing. Touring at the moment is rough financially on all aspects, for the bands, promoters, etc., that is the biggest rut at the moment."



Tyrants Of Steel Interview- Dec. 06, 2011

Interview by: Bart Gabriel (November 2011)

I bet you heard many weird stories about bands, but this one is really good... Satan's Host started as a Tradtional Heavy Metal band, with Leviathan Thisiren being the vocalist - who is of course better known as Harry Conklin (yes, the legendary Jag Panzer / Titan Force vocalist). They did 1 album in 1986 - the amazing cult classic titled "Metal From Hell", then before they finished second album "Midnight Wind" (some sources say it was an EP from 1987, but the truth is it was never officially released), Harry left the band. Guys returned in the late '90s as a... Death Metal act, and within next years did 6 studio albums and DVD. In 2010 Harry rejoined Satan's Host, and in 2011, the new/old Satan's Host released 2 albums (!), which can be described as "Extreme Heavy Metal"... The newer album titled "Celebration For The Love Of Satan" is a collection of new songs, old songs, and songs from the Death Metal period of the band, re-recorded with Harry Conklin... Cool story, isn't it?! Ladies and gentleman: Harry Conklin, sorry, Leviathan Thisiren!

You guys did 2nd album in 2011, didn't you want to wait a little bit, and give the previous album a bit more time?

We had so much energy together and the past 8 years have been so important to the growth of Satan's Host. We wanted to breathe a newness of life to these chosen songs to give the fans an idea of what they would get with the past 8 years and my voice added to them.

Whose idea was re-recording all these songs again?

We all agreed to redo these chosen tracks after hearing my take on them after a late rehearsal. It was a great way to express our new direction vocally.

Was it hard for you to re-arrange all these Death Metal vocal lines for your voice?

No. I just plugged in a different melody in the mix while trying to maintain the original integrity and emotion of the track.

"Celebration" sounds really, really good! How much time did you spend in the studio, and how much in the rehearsal room?

20-30 hours arranging prior to recording and then all vocals were laid within 35 hours.

Not bad! People who know you personally can admit that you are friendly and calm person, but in Satan's Host you worship the devil and so on. It's like with Jekyll and Hyde - you turn into Leviathan Thisiren, or you would say when you are with Satan's Host, it's more like a theatrical role to play?

97% of the lyrics are composed from either Pat or Anthony. My interjection is subtle and few. The only song so far that was fully my responsibility is "Fallen Angel". I am not a practicing Satanist or Christian for that matter. I only use my personal knowledge and experience to convey my thoughts through the music presented to me by Pat. Yes, I have a persona with all the bands I have been affiliated with in the past. I like the idea of duality. It maintains a separation from stage and real life for me.

I wonder, are you personally fan of Death and Black Metal, or not really? What do you think about the Satan's Host albums recorded before your return to the band?

No, I don't listen to Black or Death Metal that much 'cause I cannot get into the monotone and incoherent vocals. I want the listener to hear every word said to them and not have to decipher anything on their own.

How did it actually happen that you returned to Satan's Host? Was it all because of this comeback show at the Keep It True Festival?

Believe it or not, YES.

I do believe, as it wouldn't be teh first story like that...! I heard many rumors about why Jag Panzer broke up, and one of them is about Satan's Host... What's your version of the story?

The truth is no breakup just misunderstanding and miscommunication.

And what about Titan Force? The comeback album was announced some time ago, but so far - no further news...

No further news.

Oh well... Let's go back to Satan's Host: new album, then again - new album the same year, live shows... Is Satan's Host back for good and you have bright vision where you want to go, or you don't bother, and you just want to have some fun?

One day at a time.

I see. "Metal From Hell" is an ultimate classic of True Metal, do you plan some re-release perhaps?

In the future there are plans for redo.

And what about the famous, never released second album called "Midnight Wind"? Was something like that ever recorded, or it was actually only a demo?

Also plans In the future for redo. We have however included as a teaser "Witches Return" from "Midnight Wind" era.

Tell me honestly, how much of an old unreleased Satan's Host material you guys keep in your archives?

Quite a lot I'm afraid...