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Type: LP
Released: World-Oct. 26, US-Oct. 27 2009
Label: Moribund Cult Records

Running Time: 59:00

1. Sitra~Ahra (Power 9)
2. Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)
3. Buer
4. 333 (Purity 9)
5. End All, Be All 2012
6. AZAEL: 9 Lords, 9 Keys...Abyss-King
7. Paimon
8. Luciferian Spirit (Perfection 9)
9. Satanic Magick (Evil Divine)
10. Xem Deitus 999



Recording Members:

Patrick Evil - Guitar/Bass
Anthony 'Evil Hobbit' Lopez- Drums
L.C.F. Eli Elixir - Vox/Lyrx

Additional Information:

Recorded at Flatline Audio, Westminster, CO May-June 2009
Engineered and produced by Dave Otero
Layout and Design: Nick Jackson, Black Orion Design
Cover Artwork: Joe Petagno


Heathen Harvest - Reviews: Satan's Host - Power~Purity~Perfection...999

Fucking Jag Panzer's vocalist is doing black metal / death metal now? What?! Unfortuantely he's not the vocalist on this album (he re-joined this year), but damn! Its not that these guys are old but...well...yes. They are old! At this age they're likely to get arthritis in their neck windmilling. Alright, well as not-likely as that scenario is, its still definitely strange to see some old timers doing this seriously. Everyone talks about sparse Helloween moments and of course Venom, but this is unreal. Regardless, its not like this is new news. They've been doing this since their reformation in 1999, with the In Articulo Mortis EP, but to those who aren't aware yet, prepare to be blown away. Judas Priest weren't the only old timers to really find their heavy side recently apparently. These guys started this thing in 1977 but didn't realize their first album until 1986 (for the record, the year after I was born.) After their sophomore effort in 1987, the band called it quits only to resurface 12 years later as a far more "evil" version than they had previously showcased.

Well, old or not, these guys can hold their own for sure. Much like the aforementioned newfound Judas Priest, Satan's Host has a hellacious onslaught – powerful blasts, well-played solos, great rhythms and above par composition ability. On top of that, they've got the blackened vocals to accompany the depraved sound they've adopted. And its all really very well done, inventive, catchy, and brilliantly played. There's a great amount of strength and originality that can be found in Power "Purity" Perfection...999 that far younger band should take a cue from. All of these Gorgoroth and Marduk rip-offs have to find their niche instead of standing in the shadow of someone else's, and Satan's Host has done that and come out on top with an incredibly well-done album.

titles, but this album seems to avoid all of the above somehow maintaining a chaos magick style of satanism within the track titles. All the numbers, the 9's, the products of "3". It all follows their worship of the divine fallen though, a blatant focus on their believe in the Satanic ideology and a spit in the face to the non-blasphemous. Points on this album are everywhere on the mark, from old school thrash like Destruction (with extreme vocals) to traditional black metal, down even to very sparse moments of old school doom, this album really has it all, and the tracks are almost too memorable (I.e., after the first listen last evening, I was still playing "Azazel" in my head and woke up nodding my head to Satanic Magick.). This is definitely a work that every black metal fan should pick up. Definitely the best from Moribund's Autumn-Winter releases of last year.




Decibel Magazine: CD Review

Formed over three decades ago in Boulder, CO, Satan's Host were once a mullet-boasting, leather-clad, occult power metal outfit led by Jag Panzer vocalist Harry "Tyrant" Conklin under the alias of Leviathan Thisiren. They released one official, low-budget full-length called Metal From Hell in 1986 and briefly touted their nefarious wares on the live circuit before fading into obscurity following the unsolved murder of drummer D. D. Lucifer Steel. Original guitarist/Luciferian lifer Patrick Evil, presumably driven by the power of the Horned One (duh), resurrected the band in the late '90s with a new lineup and a far more abrasive sound. A handful of underrated long-players later and Satan's Host offer up the blackened death thrash of Power, Purity, Perfection... 999, a three-pronged concept record steeped in ancient prophecies, numerology, LaVeyan teachings and more Satanic citations than you can shake a stick at.

Never ones for subtlety (see bold album title, its flaming goat head cover and the pewter, Flavor Flav clock of a pentagram often spotted dangling around frontman L.C.F. Elixir's neck), the band gets down and deviant from the opening battle march of "Sitra—Ahra (Power 9)." Heads bang, horns are thrown, souls are crushed. More diverse, layered and epic sounding than 2007's largely mid-paced Great American Scapegoat...666, 999 is driven by Elixir's delightfully diabolic demigrowls and Evil's arsenal of memorable riffs and tastefully-executed metal guy solos (see "Luciferian Spirit [Perfection 9]," "Xem Deitus… 999," "333~Purity 9" et al). Acoustic interludes swell into poignant climaxes, maniacal pace shifts pour into the turbulent, oft mechanical-sounding blasts of new drummer (ahem) Evil Little Hobbit and signs of filler are nowhere to be found. While Power, Purity, Perfection... 999 doesn't exactly explore any new metal terrain, it's almost guaranteed to throw your inner demon into a Christ-clobbering tizzy. Well done.


—Liz Brenner



Santa Fe Metal Music Examiner: CD Review

Originally a proponent of power metal during the 1980s, Colorado's Satan's Host broke up only to reform years later, this time dedicating themselves to a darker combination of black and death metal. The band's latest release, Power – Purity – Perfection – 999, is one hell of a powerhouse, as it combines the strongest elements of black and death metal and underscores them with the subtle melody of power metal. The end result is hard and heavy but also catchy and at times mildly melodic.

Drummer Evil Little Hobbit (Eternal Internment) is a microcosm for the band, for his style sets its core sound. Although Hobbit hits the double-kicks with unrelenting fury, he is also mindful of the kit itself, working the snare and toms to interweave an effective array of rolls and fills that complement the guitar antics of Patrick Evil. Evil goes all out on this one, his guitar tapping into the sounds of New Wave of British Heavy Metal and Power Metal to set down a variety of harmonious leads underscored by some intense but catchy rhythms. Vocalist L.C.F. Elixir uses low-end growls and a raspy screech to good effect, as this dude has the lungs for both.

Lyrically, Satan's Host border the world of cheese with their brand of satanic topics, which range from dark priests and evil invocations to dark magick (such as Thelema) and demonology. Standout tracks include the thunderous "Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)," the acoustic-driven composition "Buer" (the name of the Great President of Hell), and the melancholy "333 (Purity 9)," which showcases the low-end reverbs of bassist Margar.

Dedicated fans of black and death metal looking for something with a bit more bite and technical virtuosity would do well to check out Power – Purity – Perfection – 999. Although not as raw as most black or death metal, the guitar performance alone will get your mojo moving from start to finish.

- Octavio Ramos Jr.



Metal Storm: CD Review

Satan's Host, the odd Power metal-turned-Extreme metal American foursome. If anything, these guys cannot decide what genre of music to play, but hey, that only makes things interesting right?

Well, Power Purity Perfection... 999 is their umpteenth full-length (seventh, if you actually care for such petty details) and it isn't as bad as Power metal-turned-Extreme metal sound. Their previous two albums Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick and Great American Scapegoat 666 were both, besides horribly cheesy, solid albums while doing nothing new. Power Purity Perfection... 999 is much the same.

Satan's Host still deliver a gamut of styles, including melodic Black, melodic Death, Thrash and a few Power traces. PPP is a lot more consistent in style than the previous two albums though. Every song thrives on melodic riffs, aggressive vocals and a cool 'epic' solo every now and then. 'L.C.F. Elixir' happily croaks his way through the album while 'Patrick Evil' drops catchy riffs. Drummer 'Evil Little Hobbit' (I mean, come on... a little hobbit? what sort of drum kit does he play on?) frantically makes his way through PPP and together with Margar provides the backbone of this cleanly produced album. The only complaint I have with this album is that it is a little one-dimensional at times.

They're still an oddity in Moribund's stable, but that also makes them interesting. If you're looking for solid metal and if you like a wide variety of genres, or can't stand too much of a particular genre for too long, Satan's Host's Power Purity Perfection... 999 is excellent for you.

- Lucas

Rating 7/10



Masterful-Magazine.com: CD Review

Starting out as a side-project of Jag Panzer vocalist Harry Conklin in 1977 Satan's Host released its debut "Metal From Hell" in 1986. A year later, "Midnight Wind", was supposed to be released, but this never materialized. The band broke up in 1987/88 after Harry left to join Titan Force. Since reforming in the late '90s as a furious heavy death/black metal act Satan's Host have been releasing albums on a steady basis despite constant line-up changes. As with "The Great American Scapegoat" this album is steeped in a foundation of classic heavy metal while taking influences from death – as well as black metal. The performances are spot on with mainstay Patrick Evil (guitars) proving himself to be a very versatile player and composer, while new drummer Anthony Lopez lifts the material to a higher plain. Satan's Host are a black metal combo of the old school variety in the sense that they concentrate on writing catchy material with a hook that basically sounds like a more epic and technically refined Sathanas. As with past records the artwork was done by the inimitable Joe Petagno (Angelcorpse, Krisiun, Marduk). Recorded at Flatline Audio (Cephalic Carnage, Cobalt) in Denver, Colorado "Power Purity Perfection 999" comes with a pristine production that puts great emphasis on Patrick Evil's fantastic riffs while keeping a solid bottom end. Like the predecessing records "Power Purity Perfection 999" is treat for fans of the better American black metal and recommended as such. Satan's Host have delivered their magnum opus.

- Wouter

Rating 8/10



Lords of Metal: CD Review

The darkened thrashers from America, or the United States of it, are back with their eighth studio album. Three of which are published in a recent past and given commentaries by, by yours truly. But the history of the band digs into the books way until the seventies. At itself, that does not have to mean anything, but persistence like that does deserve some amount of respect, regardless of the achievements. And like I said before, this is the kind of band that makes music that an average band would be proud like a lion on a rock about. The pace is a slight touch lower than modern bands tend to do, but the all-metal mentality drips off the snares on every single stroke on this album. Add to that the ominous vocals of singer Eli Elixer, that touches both eighties thrash as well as a full grunt every now then, and you have a picture "perfectly", that you like to hear on a long trip in the car.

There is one thing I want to warn you about in advance. You are being used to diabolical comparisons a long time by now, ever since Venom took over the suspicions that Black Sabbath let rise and sold it shamelessly, Satanism has permanently been associated with metal. To a lot of people it is a gimmick, a topic to underline the music. That's all right, I don't care about that. You can't convince me that every horror novelist actually feels the urge to go out and kill someone either. But it's a different ball game with Satan's Host. They put a lot of effort and study into it and take Satanism very seriously. If you have any objections towards that, fine, but then this is not a band that you should give a chance, as you can truly feel that nature. One aura that holds little Buddhist principles, so to speak. Be warned.

This CD is divided into three segments, of which on all parts are represented by the number nine. A number, so it appeared before, that has a lot of meaning in numerology for the band. Another remarkable feature is the fact that some space is given to long, repetitive parts. For the connoisseurs among us, according to Alleister Crowley that is one of the basic ingredients of getting into a trace. Besides the thrashy outer layer, the band uses some very clear influences from nineties death and black. And doom metal is not a rarity either. Considering the fact that this band was around way before any of these styles prominently surfaced, it is worth a big compliment from my perspective. Or in their own words: "evolve or die!". The atmosphere is a bit more direct than the works I previously reviewed of them, but the music stays interesting from the very beginning, until the very end.

This is the blackest incantation of this year. I go and put on some Buddhist meditation music, in order to rise back to the earth's surface. So this message is still sent to you from out of the seventh ring, by me. If you decide to make occult metal, do it right. Satan's Host understands the magic (magick) it takes to alter ones mindset and to take you on a hot whirling experience. The biggest surprise to me is gone somewhat by now, but I definitely recommend you to have a listen. That is if previously mentioned arguments did not scare you off. The title says it all.

- Ramon

Rating 88/100



Canadian Assault zine: CD Review

These guys are still around?! I have their 1986 album "Metal Hell" from my tape trading days of old. I knew there was a Satan's Host around, but I had no clue that this was that same one! I am guessing with the gap in releases between 1987 and 1999 that they were broken up during that period. I just paused to read the bio, apparently they broke up back then because drummer D. Lucifer Steele was murdered. For those that do not know, this was the band of Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin of Jag Panzer fame. But, he is no longer with the band, not that that is a surprise. Yet, they carry onward today, as far as I can tell guitarist Patrick Evil is the only founding member left. Now of course they do sound a lot different now than that old debut album. A record where they displayed, as you might have guessed a classic and dated sound, but still solid darkened power metal. Nowadays you they play a form of death/thrash metal sounding music still with a definite old school heavy metal backbone running through it. The vocals come off sounding the usual current black metal rasp mixed with some dm growling undertones. Satan's Host like it heavy, but also pretty melodic in between the bouts of horrific brutality. The production is good, really forceful and captures the power and hateful emotion of the band. All in all, a well crafted record that has enough dynamic to separate it from the masses in this style.

- Dale



Blistering.com: CD Review

Not so much an improvement over last year's excellent Great American Scapegoat 666 as it is a lateral move, Colorado's Satan's Host return with another slab of Satan-loving extreme metal in the form of Power – Purity – Perfection…999.

For a band that was once strictly a traditional/power metal band, their extreme metal maneuverings sound very fresh…lively even. And it's not like this a batch of youngsters we're talking about – the band has been around since the mid-80's, albeit inactive for a long stretch in the 90's. What Power – Purity – Perfection…999 brings to the table is crisp, well-written death/thrash metal that relies on the resourceful playing of guitarist Patrick Evil, who is never at a loss for a good melodic burst or speed-picking run.

The very-clean and lean production job brings to the fore a handful of choice numbers, especially "Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)," a song that sees Evil cull from every angle of his riff repertoire. "End All, Be All – 2012" follows suit, engaging in a battle between Deicide-oriented vintage DM and the European bravado of God Dethroned.

Much to their credit, Satan's Host don't rely strictly on speed or traditional death metal staples. "Azael – 9 Lords – 9 Keys – Abyss King" is proof positive of this, emerging as the clear-cut album highlight thanks to a sprawling, eerie atmosphere and again, uber-tasteful leads from Evil.

Broken up into three parts (with an acoustic interlude for each one), Power – Purity – Perfection…999 might, with time, come close to eclipsing Great American Scapegoat 666. There's no rust or tread on this band, which should help maintain their case as one of North America's most criminally underrated and overlooked death metal bands. Get this.

- David E. Gehlke

Rating 8/10



Infernal Masquerade: CD Review

When I first heard of Satan's Host back in 2000 I was a bit skeptical since they had been a Power Metal band in the late 80's and they just reformed under a new musical style, something that does not compute quite well. However after listening to their 2000 album "Satan's Host - Archidoxes of Evil" I knew the band was for real and their genre switch was a good move.

"Power Purity Perfection... 999" comes little over one year after their "The Great American Scapegoat 666" and it shows an even bigger improvement on the band's musical sound. The band's style embraces everything from Black, Death, Trash and even Heavy Metal creating a very interesting mesh of elements that any metalhead would enjoy.

The band's sound has gotten a bit more melodic and they clearly showcase their technical abilities for the whole duration of the album. The song transitions are very well written and the band changes from one style to another in a matter of notes. The guitar work is more than stellar courtesy of Patrick Evil, featuring anything from Trash riffs, to Heavy Metal clean guitars and solos, to faster paces Black Metal aural assaults.

The drumming is very compact and diverse enough to be able to keep up with the changes of the guitar and bass guitar tracks. The bass guitar track is one of my favorites of this year since it's very clear throughout the whole album and it's mixed high enough that you can enjoy it clearly allowing you to see how it changes in the course of the songs. Mr. Elixir, the band's vocalist, does a pretty solid job in this album, being very vesatile in switching from Death Metal like vocals to the Black Metal screams.

In general, I really enjoyed Satan's Host latest release, since it features a wide variety of genres all mashed together to create a very fine Metal album. If you are a true Metal fan and like most sub-genres the same way, you will find in this album a very interesting addition to your collection.

- Dark Emperor

Rating 84/100



Metal Reviews.com: CD Review

I have to plead complete ignorance on Satan's Host. I never heard of the band before. I never knew the band played power metal in its first incarnation in the late 80s. I never knew Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin (better known for his long-standing run with Jag Panzer) made a brief appearance with Satan's Host in those days. I did not know the band pulled out a phoenix, by resurrecting itself early this decade, while making a total commitment to a more extreme metal style. Yet one complete run through their latest Power "Purity" Perfection … 999 and I know now that evil never used to sound so epic.

Whatever the style, Satan's Host are dedicated to bringing into perfect harmony their Dark Lord loving aesthetic, pointed lyrics and penetrating occult feeling. They can savage you with riffs (Sitra – Ahra (Power9)), hack off chunks of flesh in stop'n'go End All – Be All … 2012, deafen with death metal thunder (the Mardukian closer Xem Deitus …999) or open up with the gallop any power metaller would be proud of (Dark Priest "Lord Ahriman"). Anything they do, they continue to build and build their songs up, those immense lengthy epic song structures never collapsing under the weight of their multiple elaborate directions.

This is perhaps best seen on Luciferian Spirit (Perfection 9) and Satanic Magick "Evil Divine". Just when I thought that both songs would unfold with the slower rocking mid-pace impactful Gorgorothian tempo, Satan's Host proceeded to defy my expectation and build them into towering monsters with crushing blasts, crunchy, not feeble or fuzzy, tremolo and leads spilled all over the place. Guitars are on a separate plane in Satan's Host. All of them, including bass, are handled by Patrick Evil and manage to be intricate to the point rarely heard in the extreme side of metal. It is obvious the man is the master of his craft, not to be compromised by fierceness or intensity of the subject matter. He lurks with grotesque riffing underneath the blasts in End All – Be All … 2012, layers on endlessly at the end of Azael 9 Lords – 9 Keys … Abyss-King, sounds like a thousand trumpets in 333 (Purity 9) or is a pure slithering cobra in my favorite lead of the album on the opener Sitra – Ahra (Power 9).

The record would be incomplete without the other potent cornerstone of Satan's Host – vocalist LCF Eli Elixir. If you can believe it, the man manages to sing in a growling voice. "We are the Warriors of Satan" is backed up when this guy is saying it. Hissing snake is his brother, LCF Eli Elixir's voice in Satan's Host completes their evil impersonation.

Captivating listen throughout, Satan's Host deliver on two fronts. They practice what they preach and they show that evil and Satanic should not equivocate with primitive. For being true to themselves and doing it so intricately, the band should be lauded alone.

- Alex

Rating 81/100



Sea of Tranquility: CD Review

The roots for Boulder Colorado's Satan's Host surprisingly reach all the way back to the late 70's. The group gained the most notoriety for becoming a side project of sorts for then ex-Jag Panzer front man Harry Conklin who sang on their first two albums Metal From Hell (1986) and the unreleased Midnight Wind (1987) under the pseudonym Leviathan Thisiren. During this time the band's sound was more rooted in the power metal vein, however, after drummer D. Lucifer Steele's murder in 1989 the groups sound eventually morphed more towards black metal after founding guitarist Patrick Evil (where do they come with these original sounding names) resurrected Satan's Host in the late 90's.

Power, Purity, Perfection their latest disc for Moribund Records, definitely finds the band, which in addition to Patrick E, consists of the snarling vocals of Eli Elixer, drummer Anthony 'Evil Little Hobbit' (I kid you not) and bassist Margar, on a roll, as it marks their fifth album since the new millennium. Despite their penchant for choosing ill advised names which quite frankly makes one wonder about the seriousness of the music, any doubts are cast out the minute you slap this satanic little gem into your preferred music player and the savage, melodic opening notes of "Sitra~Ahra (Power 9)" take hold. This is a harrowing sixty minute trip through the abyss as the band does an admirable job of serving up a veritable black metal feast, which at times sounds surprisingly uncharacteristic of your traditional BM release. Sure tracks like "Dark Priest", "End All~ Be All" and "Satanic Magick" are all replete with an impressive amount of Patrick's soaring, melodic solo's, the ultra fast drum tempos and a heaping dose of evil, ritualistic sounding vocals, the band also shows they are capable of changing things up a bit as well. For example the brief acoustic number "Buer" adds a bit of a nice touch before segueing directly into "333 (Purity 9)", which is tightly executed, searing, eight minute epic that will hold you tightly in its grip for the full duration. On the topic of epics, they're certainly not afraid to venture out into longer compositions as both " Azael 9 Lords ~9 Keys… Abyss King" and "Luciferian Spirit (Perfection 9)", which clock in at eight, and eight and half minutes respectively, are definite highlights worthy of mention on this disc.

I like what Satan's Host have assembled on Power, Purity, Perfection because they've managed to stick to the classic structures of extreme metal, and yet they've twisted it in such a way that it also comes off sounding much fresher than initially expected. If you're a fan of extreme music with a bit of a twist, that doesn't sound the least bit clichéd, then Satan's Host is a band you should definitely check out.

- Ryan Sparks

Rating 3.5/4



All Music: CD Review

This Colorado-based death/thrash band are apparently quite serious about their Satanism; they don't go in for the cartoonish theatrics of Mercyful Fate or Slayer, instead writing songs full of names and mystical numbers pulled straight from demonological texts. They're not bad, and the production is pretty solid, with a bass drum sound that actually resembles a drum and not a typewriter. Vocalist L.C.F. Eli Elixer enunciates quite clearly, his relatively high-pitched utterances reminiscent of Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow, while his lyrics strike a tone somewhere between the ultra-committed evilness of early Darkthrone, and more philosophically rigorous black metal bands like Deathspell Omega or Antaeus. But their roots in power metal can still be heard quite clearly, as guitar solos ring out throughout songs like album opener "Sitra-Ahra (Power 9)," and the slow, meditative "333 (Purity 9)" is practically progressive metal, with its liquid bass intro, eight-minute running time, and gradual buildup to manic blastbeats. A pair of under-90-second acoustic tracks offer momentary respite between assaults. Satan's Host are very serious about what they're doing, and they deserve respect for their commitment to their art.

- Phil Freeman

Rating 4.5/5



Examiner.com/Denver: CD Review

Described by vocalist Eli Elixer as a "Demonic Metal War Machine", Denver's own Satanic thrash metal quartet Satan's Host roars back today with a new album: Power, Purity, Perfection 999 on Moribund records. Crushing, unbridled brutality and technically proficient musicianship reign supreme throughout Power, a follow-up to 2008's The Great American Scapegoat; arguably some of the group's finest work since reuniting in the late 90s. Power was engineered with Dave Otero at Flatline Studios, who did an amazing job on the production and sound of the album.

Full of metaphysical head-trip lyrics chalk full of references to Satanic Church founder Anton LaVey, prophecies of a 2012 annihilation, and other Luciferian themes, Eli Elixer brings a more raw, straightforward styling to his vocals this time around. In contrast to the multi-tracking and effects work displayed on earlier efforts Burning the Born Again or Satanic Grimoire, the new approach taken on vocal production really pays off in a huge way. Evoking some intensely dark and evil concepts throughout the album, Eli proves himself to be one of the most capable and talented metal vocalists and writers of this generation. He really outdoes himself on this record and displays a refined sense of timing and pace.

Instrumentally, Power, Purity, Perfection 999 is a sonic barrage of concentrated terror. Led by the blistering, seven-string guitars of Schecter black-metal legend Patrick Evil, Power surpasses all expectations of any perceived virtuosity of its members and displays a new unholy union to be feared in one of the heaviest and technical rhythm sections in metal. Evil's leads cascade at a breakneck pace and demand respect for the sheer ability it would take to play them. In true, visionary fashion, Evil doesn't confine his guitar work to standard metal tones or progressions. Elements of Eastern influences and haunting accoustics pepper the tracks, spliced in between blistering, buzzsaw brutality and licks that could shame anything major label metal has released in twenty years.

Satan's Host will be hosting a Halloween release party and show October 31st at the Illiff Park Saloon. Power, Purity, Perfection 999 was released October 27th in the US and October 26th internationally. The album is also available on Amazon.

-Jesse Cooper



The Gauntlet: CD Review

While I carve a pentagram in the center of my chest, Satan's Host is the soundtrack while the blood spills and I get ready for Armageddon. It's hard to find a Black Metal band that has such distinguishable songs. First reactions to American Black Metal don't tend to be good one's, with only few exceptions. Satan's Host takes "Black n' Roll to an unholy level. I haven't heard this quality of black metal since Absu's last release. Power, Purity, Perfection crawls from the Underworld, and reaches far beyond the extremes of brutality and dynamics; this is by far their best work to date. Every track stands out on it's own, Its clear that Satan's Host really went out of their way to approach this album with song craft. "333" is an amazing journey of a song. I like the epic direction the band is taking. The stand out track is #2, "Dark Priest". It's unforgettable, and shows the range of talent this band is possessed by. Satan's Host has something ever metal-head worships; power, technique, and Satan!!!

One of our favorite releases of 2009.

Review by: D-FLOx



Metal Psalter: CD Review

It's risky having the audacity to title an album Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999. But this Colorado-based Black Metal band succeeds at delivering all three and some serious numerology. Luciferian stalwarts Satan Host pull off power, purity and perfection with terrifying ease and release the best disc of their career.

Last year's Great American Scapegoat 666 was an impressive feat. The band successfully fused Black, Death and Traditional Metal together into an exhaustive elixir of molten, satanic metal hymns. Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999 not only continues this formula, but adds heaps of melodies, moody moments, searing solos, clean picking and challenging epics. Opening with "Sitra Arha (Power 9)", it's clear this band has some serious chops. Guitarist Patrick Evil really lets it rip with blazing leads and deafening riffs. Not solely focusing on breaking the speed limit here, the song teeters nicely between grinding grooves and burning blasts.

The band really turns heads with the next track, "Dark Priest (Lord Arhiman)." Starting off slow and moody with heaps of atmosphere, the track finds the band exploring new melodic territory. The song soon swells into a fierce assault of Black Metal and impressive tempo changes, Doom-drenched riffs and galloping grooves. "Beur" is a beautiful acoustic instrumental that segues nicely into one of the best tracks on the disc, "333 (Purity 9)." Starting with mesmerizing cleaning picking and classy melodies, the song builds nicely into an epic, melancholic monster. "333" is over 7-minutes of some of the best, most complex metal Satan's Host has ever recorded.

"End All, Be All 2012" is not only the lyrical oddball of the disc, it is also the closest the band gets to pure Death Metal with combative beats and bellicose riffs. "9 Lords, 9 Keys" returns the album back to the more epic and melodic material. Patrick Evil keeps up the impressive, creative riffs and moments while vocalist L.C.F. Elixir belts out impressively crystal clear roars. The track is 8-minutes of blackened bliss making for one truly epic track. "Paimon" is another acoustic interlude while the beginning of "Luciferian Spirit (Perfection 9)" channels Dissection. Starting with cleaning picking and a dense dose of atmosphere, most of track relies on much slower riffing and tempos. The song's midsection features impressive guitar hysterics, righteous riffs and melodies and some impressive rhythms from drummer Evil Little Hobbit. "Satanic Magick" continues the craftsmanship with crushing riffs and nice shredding while "Xem Dietus 999" contains skull-liquefying riffs and skin-pealing riffs, closing the album with one massive wallop.

Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection is excellent. The band expertly infuses elements of Death, Doom and Traditional Metal in to their wicked Black Metal offerings. The band takes a risk with most of the songs going past the 6-minute mark. Even given the length of the songs, there isn't a boring or excessive spot on the disc. Lyrically, some may find the themes difficult to digest, cartoonish or unattractive and may unfortunately turn off some folks. The band is serious and has no problems pushing their beliefs to the forefront. Those worried about their souls have been warned and it is their loss because the music contained on this disc is absolutely some of the best Blackened Metal to ever come from the United States. Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999 is a flawless masterpiece that is both challenging and classy. Guitarist Patrick Evil should feel satisfied as he and his band crafted something truly memorable. This album is career defining and has the ability to lift the group from the depths of the Metal's underground. Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999 lives up to its name and should be destined for several top 10 of 2009 lists. Highly recommended.


Rating: 5/5



Metal Rules CD Review

A Satanic mission and storied history, Satan's Host's battle for Heavy Metal supremacy began way back in the late 70s. Founded by Patrick Evil, the band has gone through a myriad of changes over the decades, even featuring a brief appearance by Jag Panzer vocalist Harry Conklin in the mid 80's. For all intents and purposes however, the modern incarnation begins in 1999 with IN ARTICULO MORTIS and then in 2004 when they signed to Moribund Cult records, releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums.

POWER - PURITY - PERFECTION 999 cleverly blends various styles, including Thrash, Black Metal, and Death Metal, most evident in Patrick Evil's searing guitar work, featuring intense riffing, crunchy progressions, and some sweet lead work, like on the tunes 'Sitra Ahra (Power 9)' and 'Xem Deitus 999'. Vocally, L.C.F. Eli Elixir delivers a mix of Death and Thrash Metal, spitting evil with growls, and always hitting the pocket with gruesome harmony. At times the drum work seamlessly jumps from break to break with the ferocity of Death era Richard Christy, a barrage of kick drum.

Often, the whole Satan and Metal thing comes off a bit hokey, usually focused on the imagery rather than music. Certainly Satan's Host manage to avoid those pitfalls with a more than adept album, less a parody than some of their Black/Satan Metal cohorts. POWER - PURITY - PERFECTION 999 has a rightful spot as one of the best albums of 2009, along with label mates Nocturnal Fear. It's quite surprising, yet refreshing, that a small label like Moribund can foster passionate Metal, minus the filler. Give Satan's Host a try.

- Alan Gilkeson

Rating: 4.0/5



Absolute Zero Media: CD Review

Satan's Host is a band that has been around for long time went dormant and then came back on the Moribund Cult flag to give the world another dose of Death metal inspired Extreme thrash with the last 2 release I heard from them there is a Black metal element mixed in as well but at the root of all of their madness it's a mix of Testament, Slayer and The eastern flavors bands like Nile create. Satan's host is a hell of a band. Full on and in your face with a production to match. Satan's Host is just Metal tride and true. There is nothing flashy about this project. They mix many elements into their very catchy and sometime haunting mix of Death, Black, Thrash and Prog elements. Come on any band the can be ultra brutal then go to an acoustic moment many us metal heads can learn from. The vocals remind me so much of Chuck Billy of Testament they make me smile. Satan's Host is a fantastic metal unit that needs more exposure...

-Absolute Zero Media



Noch's: CD Review

This is probably the most fucking ferocious album I have heard the entire year.It is also the most flawless melodic black/dark metal creation I have heard in an even longer time.It is indeed pretty close to perfection as the title suggests.

I think this record's strongest quality is the fact that it is very nuanced.It has every element a fan of doom,gothic and black metal could hope for.The soft accoustic guitar parts,the overall autumnal macabre feel draping you with its poetic and beautiful veil,and the often unpredictable and unforgettable melodies by which even the most agressive moments are driven.Most of the guitar work in here sticks in your mind,even though almost every track almost reaches the 9 minute mark.There is absolutely NO letdown moment for the whole lenght of the album,and if you don't believe so,you probably are reading the wrong review written by the wrong person on the wrong page.

The first track is probably the safest moment of the album,being a very well-crafted song but lacking the elements that make the rest of the album so original and delectable.''DARK PRIEST.''Lord Ahriman'''' is truthfully the first REAL song of the album that introduces you to the path that you will follow for the rest of your spiritual listening experience.There is a strong emphasis on the ambience and you really are taken to a different place while listening to the guitar work embodying the song.The most outstanding moment of the album,which is something most of you might have a hard time choosing,would have to be ''~ 333 ~ ( Purity 9 )''.The layering of the guitars at the beginning of the track are absolute hypnose.It really puts you in a state of complete fucking mental orgasm.There is really nothing else to be said about it.The track takes a lot of unexpected avenues,showcasing the absolutely remarkable songwriting ability of this band.It is probably the darkest song on the whole album,with all of its phases and somehow disturbing layering.

''AZAEL. 9 Lords ~ 9 Keys. Abyss-King'' is also a very beautiful and well-crafted song.Relatively down-tempo,but extremely addictive.

There is no filler.Not a single moment to make you feel something is lacking.This record is easily the best recommendation you could make to anyone who would like to be initiated to the darker side of metal.

Absolutely fucking DELECTABLE.


Rating: 9.5/10



The Metal Crypt: CD Review

Satan's Host formed way back in 1977 and this is the first chance I've had to check them out – well, can't know them all…! Black/Death with an infusion of Thrash and pure Heavy Metal is what the band has to offer with this oddly named album (well, the tildes are odd. ;)) Death Metal is musically predominant here, with the guitars and drums borrowing a little from various schools of USDM. This is all blackened by a very dark, aggressive and cold atmosphere that can practically be felt from the first to the last note, with the vocals providing a lot to "evilize" this sucker to the extreme, the vocalist literally spitting out his hatred through a very good mix of DM growls, BM rasps, and occasionally a more Thrash-style approach to the vocals.

You can literally feel the power just crashing through yours speakers and reaching for your throat while listening to this album. The sound is loud and powerful – some drum parts can practically knock you out – and this is also pretty busy, assaulting your ears with a barrage of pure Satanic metal – enjoy or perish! Through this ongoing onslaught, the band has managed to mix in some good melodic parts that add a hint of catchiness to most songs. They do slow down on occasion, easing up on the ass-kicking but still maintaining that blackened atmosphere. The occasional passages through Thrash and Heavy Metal come a bit unexpected, but seamlessly fit with everything else – very nicely done.

Overall, a damn good album (in case that wasn't obvious already) from old timers who could teach the kids a few tricks. Here's a mp3 promo that will definitely be in one of my next CD orders.

-Michel Renaud

Rating: 4.5/5




Patrick Evil Noisecreep Interview

Posted on Mar 17th 2010 6:00PM by Amy Sciarretto-Interviewer

Get out your party hats! Vocalist Leviathan Thisiren -- Harry Conklin on all legal documents -- has returned to the Satan's Host fold. Thisiren, who also handles vocals for Colorado power metallions Jag Panzer, is rejoining the band for good. "This is going to be a permanent arrangement," the metallically-named guitarist and founder Patrick Evil told Noisecreep. "We wanted to do this for many years, and the timing was right. We never wanted to do 'just a reunion.' We wanted to do 'a revival' and finish what we started many years ago!"

Furthermore, P. Evil said, "Now, Satan's Host can reach deeper into the masses and bring a truly dark element so many bands lack. Together, as we set these flames burning, we want to take the music to where no one has been before: adrift into the unknown, to forge new paths for others to follow."

Satan's Host developed a cult following after 1986's 'Metal From Hell,' as well as the 1987, bootlegged-and-unreleased 'Midnight Wind.' The Host are currently in pre-production mode for an upcoming album featuring Thisiren on vox. They will enter Flatline Audio with Dave Otero in July. Moribund Records will release the record later this year.

Reunions always have their time and place and 'right now' was fitting for Satan's Host, because "I started to feel we had reached a point with Satan's Host that I felt we could not go any farther without repeating the same message over and over," Patrick said. "I have such a passion for this music that I'm always inventing new sounds with the group.

"I started this band and felt misplaced without my voice being heard in the lyrics and message. I wanted to get back to where I started and the feeling of euphoria I had when the band started. Metal has gone stale for years and I feel Satan's Host can bring a new fire for the fans and the masses worldwide. So unto this I salute everyone who has supported the band."

The band is planning a U.S. tour in support of the new album, where, as Patrick says, "Satan's Host will be pounding metal from hell across the world. Hail to all the metal warriors."



Metal Psalter: Interview- L.C.F. Eli Elixir 418

Satan's Host's L.C.F. Elixir

Interviewer: Rottenbucher

America's Black Metal masters are alive and well in Denver, Colorado. Satan's Host originally formed in the mid-80s as a more Power-friendly metal band and featured Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer) on vocals. After the murder of their original drummer, the band split up. Founding member/guitarist/studio bassist Patrick Evil joined with vocalist L.C.F. Elixir in the mid-90s and reformed Satan's Host. Now with a much more primal sound, the band released several discs of drastically increasing quality and harshness until Moribund Cult records signed the band in 2006. After rave reviews for Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick and Great American Scapegoat 666, Satan's Host is poised to release their most ambitious and complex album to date. All while staying true to their Luciferian beliefs and turning Black Metal on its ear, these underground stalwarts are energized with the upcoming release of Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999. L.C.F. Elixir talks about the new album, its philosophies and what is in store for the band.

Rottenbucher: It seems risky calling your new album Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999. Could you explain the title of the new album?

L.C.F. Elixir: It is the culmination of this Aeon, which is slowly drawing to a close by the end of this decade 2010. Keeping true with the Luciferian Movement, as with applying the numerology of what Dr. LaVey pontificated; the number nine is the perfect number. All I did was stack it to harmonize with what the number represents in three separate words. (Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999) It's been a way of life within this Grotto for the past nine years, amongst all who have entered as with all who have left. There is a book called "An Age for Lucifer, Predatory Spirituality & the Quest for Godhood," by Robert C. Tucker. Which when I read this, it totally influenced my ways of thinking, as with applying these philosophies in my daily life. Along with other books of influence such as, "Luciferian Witchcraft," by Michael Ford. See, it is a way of life that we try to live in every day existence; whether it's with your job, interactions with other individuals or your career. See for Satan's Host, this was directly applied in the creation and recording as with the performing of this new CD. A true reflection of what S.H. strives too achieve. Ave. Lucifer...999

Rottenbucher: There is a lot of use of the number 9 on the disc. Can you explain the significance of the number? What does it mean?

Elixir: Nine was the Concept behind this project, which was divided into three separate parts: Pt. I (Power 9), PT. II. (Purity 9), and PT III. (Perfection 9). Personal achievement in the Will to attain; what it is to each individual in his or her life.

Rottenbucher: Great American Scapegoat 666 got great reviews. How do you think Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999 will compare?

Elixir: Well, this is something that is out of our control at this moment in time. We can only prepare for the worst, yet hope for the best. We feel that it is much more true to the old school ways of metal as it is with some of the influences that are in the ever present now, out in the metal universe. First off this new CD is with a new drummer, "Evil Little Hobbit." So as far as the beats, we were able to apply more of an array of different styles. Due to the fact that his archive of beats was more accessible for applying into each of the new tracks. While more of the modern snare blasts were applied in our own unique way. Which, in the end, accentuated the guitar riffs and with the vocal melodies a hell of a lot more. Giving more of an organic feel to each of the separate tracks on this CD. We believe that the reviews will be greater than any for past projects within the Satan's Host discography. Hail Satan...666

Rottenbucher: The music on Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999 is much more complex and you are using different tones and sounds. What was your inspiration?

Elixir: Cool! Nice to know that it is apparent, to the listeners of this new CD. Yes, there was a little bit of experimentation on the tones in the final mix downs. Especially on some of the guitar tracks. In the studio we had different equipment to work with, which inevitably we dialed in for our new sounds both on rhythms and on leads. This was very apparent with the bass tones, we added more of a bit/rip to the tonality. Basically, we did the best that we could do, with the equipment that we had to work with at that specific moment in time. Our inspiration is basically this; "Power of Satan Compels Us To Greatness."

Rottenbucher: There are also a lot of melody and acoustic guitars on the disc. These have appeared before on Satan's Host discs, but never to this extent. Are you guys getting mellow in your old age?

Elixir: Perhaps Wiser, as with displaying more control and discipline towards our Primal aggression, in the riffs and structuring of the songs within this prime time of our lives. Yes, the acoustical pieces were designed to separate this conceptual CD into musical cadences of the human primal emotion. As far as the melody, hell, 'Patrick Evil' is perhaps one of the best guitarists in the metal underground now in time. He applies a lot of melody in his playing, from the distortion riffs, to the electric clean break downs, into his leads of hypnosis. Nowadays we are just more in tune, exploring the various degrees within our primal attack on the Metal. Basically, experimenting with new degrees of writing, beyond any other band alive or dead. Shemhemforash...333.

Rottenbucher: SH has always been able to unleash some awesome doom-drenched riffs. Does doing this go against the grain of Black Metal?

Elixir: Well thanx Bro! Don't really care, it is what Satan's Host does best, we go against the grain! See in this Grotto, we are always experimenting with as much of the various degrees in all of Metals' genome. Like has been said in the past, we are taking all the colors of metal. Applying them into our cauldron/style of achievement towards excellence. Then when they hit and feel like a beast, we do apply these styles of riffs in whatever composition it calls for. Hell, there are songs on this new CD which tap into doom metal, black, thrash and death all in one composition. Very rarely are there other bands out in this metal world, utilizing these experimental techniques on their full length projects. Hell, most of the time when I put in a CD from any artist around this world, they don't sound different from each song to song, most of the time it sounds like one long song from beginning of the CD to the end. Most of the songs are in the same key, same structuring, same modes, same feeling, and same attack. Lacking in diversity, which creates boredom unto the listener and eventual to the human primal emotion.

Rottenbucher: SH has used corpse-paint before, but for the last few years, the band has ceased to use it. Does not having the typical Black Metal image help the band?

Elixir: True, S.H. at one time in our career did utilize the imagery of corpse-paint. Nowadays with the evolution of our sound, it's hard to pigeonhole Satan's Host as a black metal group. See black metal is just one part of what makes up the S.H. sound. As the years and CDs have passed, we feel that our music is more diverse that the traditional Black Metal sounds. As individuals we have evolved, both in our metal as within our ways of life. As far as, does this help the band? Only the fans can answer this, we don't spend energy thinking about this. We are just going with what and how we feel, when representing a visual towards the metal. Past 6 years, it has been more about the Metal and what we can provoke from these nocturnal vibrations unto the legions world wide 9.

Rottenbucher: Lyrically, the band wears its beliefs on its sleeve. Do you think your strong Luciferian views keep the band from reaching a wider audience?

Elixir: True we do wear our philosophies on our Left Sleeve. Perhaps, though, when you're a group called Satan's Host, you pretty much have limited your ability to reach a wider audience. So, too the Legions who do, and are part of Satan's Host ideology. We believe that our lyrics are very enlightening of the Left Hand Path Philosophies and ways of life. So in every song, there is an insight on a degree of what we represent and are. We touch on historical events, present movements, specific ideals and teachings, as with utilization of demonology in a variety of cultures; which have a dark poetic quintessence in the songs lyrical expression. Chronozon + Shugal...333 + 333.

Rottenbucher: Have said beliefs ever prevented SH from getting shows or tours? I remember when Megadeth refused to play on the same bill as Dissection.

Elixir: Perhaps, but only to the weak minded, unto those who fear what S.H. bring to the ring. We believe that this has happened, and will continue to happen, so long as the human ego is part of the final decision when it comes to touring or gigging. Hell, we just got denied a spot on an American / Canadian tour due to this way of thinking from the weak-minded, programmed individuals in the industry. It's like 'Caligula' once said, "They can Love us or Hate us, So long as they Fear Us." Hail Satan...666

Rottenbucher: Explain "End All, Be All 2012" - the track is the lyrical oddball of the album.

Elixir: Ahh, you noticed that? This particular track was and is very different lyrically than any of the others. This is more about Metaphysical Prophecy, inspired by the ever present notation that the world is coming to an end. Sooner the better in America, Government needs to be destroyed, our money system needs to be destroyed, and all the religious propaganda needs to be banished from these western lands. The only way to achieve and get change is too annihilate the past / old ways of this system that doesn't seem to be working in this country any more. Truly the only way to achieve peace is through war! As an American, we are at war with this ever present societal system that keeps on raping the masses of our society and silling the strength of American integrity.

Rottenbucher: What does the band have in store for promotion of the Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999? Any more tours?

Elixir: The release date is Oct. 27, 2009, worldwide, under the Moribund Cult Label. Satan's Host Legions are able to purchase their own copy directly from the label (www.MoribundCult.com). We are trying to get hooked up with an American/Canadian Tour for this new CD in 2009-2010. Getting over to the European lands would be great, though only time will tell. It all depends on the opportunity at hand, we would like to do a tour with other Left Hand Path Metal Bands. Though we believe, Satan's Host are in league to tour with the big boys like, Slayer, Heaven and Hell, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Lamb of God, etc... Ave. Lucifer...999

Rottenbucher: If Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999 is perfection, how will Satan's Host top this album? You've already been working on the follow-up?

Elixir: Satan's Host will do so, by our commitment to excellence and hard work; by conveying our love of this metal ...666. True, we have been working on new songs for the next CD. Have about five songs penned, lyrics are flowing and are very direct and to the point. The music is very melodic, tapping into a wide array of styles and emotions. Drums are solid, very much an enhancement towards all the melody of the riffs. Bass is very diverse, helping the songs in movement and diversity. Which is something new for us, to write songs with a bassist in the room. This alone, brings in a new element towards our writing styles and techniques. Very excited to hear how this will take form in 2010. Lord Ahriman + 418.

Rottenbucher: Anything you'd like to add?

Elixir: Truly looking forward to taking this newest Satan's Host metal, Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999 out to the Legions / Fans across America and Canada. Moribund Cult and Odin did a great job, in getting this CD completed in these times of financial uncertainty. J. Petagno did some very evil art work on the cover this time around. It helps when working with a master of occult painting. Sending out our Satanic Magick unto the Legions / Fans around the World. Your support is the catalyst of our Grotto, it is the Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection 999. SITRA-AHRA.




Interview with Eli Elixir (vocals)

Interview conducted by Michel Renaud


Date online: October 15, 2009

I recently discovered these Colorado Satanic metallers through their newest album, Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999, and the damn thing literally blew me away. Seeing that this band has been around, having formed more than 30 years ago, I just had to ask their articulate frontman some questions...

Michel: I'm a bit late to the party, having just discovered Satan's Host with Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999. I was surprised to see that you guys formed in the late 70s. What were you doing during the first years? (I see that you didn't release your first album until 1986.)

Eli: Well, late bloomer to True Satanic Metal, we are honored to have you aboard this Demonic Metal War Machine known as "SATAN'S HOST." Basically, trying to get guys in the group, you know dedicated individuals who would be able to finish out a live lineup. Spent the early years writing, working on structuring songs and getting it together. Then once there was a solid lineup, as with songs written and completed, we went into the studio to record an album.

Michel: Satan's Host didn't really take off until 1999, at which point an EP and five albums followed. What happened between the first two albums (1986/87) and 1999? At which point did things get started again?

Eli: Correct, all was very stagnate and complacent in the early years. Lot had to do with the fact that this band was very young back in these early days. Most of the individuals at that time weren't focused and dedicated towards the future. Some of the members quit and went on to do other things in life, as with self destruction. Then when the 90's hit, after the 6 years of our Magick Manifesting, it was time to find True Satanic Metal Warriors, who had the Strength to carry the torch of Satan forward into the future. This is when everything changed, not only in the music industry, but in the evolution of metal in general on a worldwide scale. We saw what was happening and embraced the ever present change and marched forward, developing a whole new sound and style, as with attitude towards the industry and the psychic vampires running it. So by the mid 90's we had redeveloped ourselves, with an arsenal of fresh new songs, and a whole new sound as well as a new mentality. Satan's Host recorded two CDs in this era, which were self-financed, as with self-released under our own label (Black Magick, Inc.). Again there wasn't a whole hell of a lot of support from record labels around the world, other than our Will to create and record Metal 666. So we continued moving forward, even with the revolving door of members within this grotto. Seems like every year or three years, there was someone new in this band, so as to have a live lineup to perform the Metal. Ave. Lucifer...999.

Michel: It's worth noting that most of your new albums were independent releases. Had you looked into label support at all at the time, or did you simply decide not to bother and just adopt a "do it yourself" approach?

Eli: True they were all self-financed, until 2007's Great American Scapegoat...666 and the newest, 2009's Power˜Purity˜Perfection...999. We did look for label support from all around the world. Indie labels, major labels, American labels, European labels, Japanese Labels, nothing was happening for us. So we said fuck'em, and did it all ourselves for the longest time. We did score a distribution deal in 2004, for the Burning the Born Again CD, which was like a ray hope for us. lol! Then by the mid 2000's, around 2005 I believe, we were getting some interest from Moribund Cult. It took a few more years before any action was set in motion about getting us under this label. So yes, we did and still do have the "Do it Yourself" approach. Hail Satan...666

Michel: Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999 and its predecessor The Great American Scapegoat 666 were both released by Moribund Records. How did you get in contact with the label, and are you satisfied of the cooperation so far, after the experience with a few independent releases?

Eli: By perseverance! Hell I had sent out at least three or four promo packs, to Odin throughout the millennia. Then finally the timing was perfect for the inevitable Satanic alliance. We are satisfied with what Moribund Cult has done with the products, you know the CDs, artwork, shirts, and the distribution. Touring still needs work, though we did do one tour for the Great American Scapegoat album, which lasted for three weeks across America back in 2008. Hopefully, there will be a hell of a lot more touring for this new CD.. Both in America / Canada and Europe, but only time will tell?. Shemhemforash...333.

Michel: What's the meaning of the title Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999? That 999 is especially intriguing... ;)

Eli: You like this Title Metal Brother, Great! Well it has been a decade of my Luciferian studies' culmination, which has finally come into fruition within the Satan's Host Grotto. See, as a Luciferian, and one who has been studying and practicing this newest movement since 1999 - first I must give thanks unto Michael Ford author of, "Luciferian Witchcraft", "Bible of the Adversary", and many other books of this movement. Along with Robert Tucker author of, "An Age for Lucifer." Anton Lavey, "Satanic Bible." What was done, is a stacking of the all mighty number of perfection which is 9. Giving it symbolism with the addition of triplets, as with words which could represent what the numbers possess. Hence, (Power, Purity, Perfection), which are what we in the Satan's Host Grotto strive to attain in our lives and in our Art. So when you take 9+9+9=27. Then add 2+7 which equals 9. There is a manifestation which will always be. "Power˜Purity˜Perfection...999" SITR-AHRA.

Michel: Your touring activities seem to have been concentrated in Colorado and western/mid-western U.S. Are there any plans to expand your territory in the near future – maybe a US/Canada tour for starters?

Eli: That is what Satan's Host would like to have happen. It's the only way to get the Metal out to the Legions / Fans – touring. Only time will tell. See, in this industry if they don't want you to tour they, the "Psychic Vampires", can hold you back. Perhaps this new CD is the one that will break the band through into the next level of what it takes to bring the Satanic Metal to the masses around the World. Only time will tell, so keep in contact with us at our web page for updates on touring. www.SatansHost.com

Michel: Your first couple of releases were of a more traditional Heavy Metal style, but your return saw you get into a more extreme style of Death/Black/Thrash. What's the story behind such a drastic change?

Eli: Evolution! Evolve or die, or get left behind. This is very apparent in this industry, not only with the bands but with the fans as well. Times move forward, not backwards! We just embraced what we were evolving into, and created the best Metal that we can in these present times of entering into the recording studios. Applying a wide array of metal styles into our own sound, and moving it into the future of what is to be the standard of this Satanic Metal Industry. It was a natural evolution for us, due to the fact that we are big fans of Metal. Always in tune to what was going on in the industry throughout the past twenty-five plus years. 333.

Michel: I found the name "Satan's Host" to be quite an eye-catcher and that's today, in 2009. Surely 30-some years ago and especially in the paranoid 80s your band name must have prompted a few extremists and religious nuts to give you a run for your money?

Eli: Yes indeed, hell even in these present days, it still strikes a chord of fear in the weak minded. There were organizations that just had to pontificate their insecurities towards Satan's Host. It was the funniest of times when this bullshit was happening around us. Even in present times, we still get ostracized by the industry due to the name of this Grotto. This shit still makes us laugh at the ways of the western civilization.

Michel: In metal, especially in Black and Death metal, a lot of emphasis is put on anti-Christianity. With Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world, do you think some bands should have the guts to take a shot at this other major religion – or maybe simply adopt an "anti-religion" attitude and simply attack everything at once?

Eli: Nice question Bro. Hey if that's what the band is into then run with it. Hell, Deicide is all about poking at Christianity. Other bands do poke at Islam, or politics. Whatever gets your ass up and in gear, is what that band should do. Satan's Host is more about The Black Arts, and the philosophies, theories and practices that shape our consciousness, as with our subconsciousness. A working of Demons and rituals, into ceremonies of a live performance through the Metal. To each is his or her own to do with what thou will.

Michel: Alright... "Christian Metal". Thoughts? ;) There's a lot of on-going debate on this – many of these bands play some killer music, but there are a lot of people who think the Christian lyrics make it "not metal". Have you heard any such bands, by the way?

Eli: No never have, nor do I have the desire to listen to this hypocrisy. Fucking unbelievable! These mentally unbalanced fools, run around calling their sound Christian Black Metal?. What the fuck is that? A contradiction in terms and philosophies of existence. This shit makes me laugh at how shallow minded the Right Hand Path followers are in the Metal scene. Create your own term of Metal, "Church Metal." lol! Hail Satan...666.

Michel: You have a couple of videos available on YouTube (other than the live videos.) Where were those shot, and when? Are you planning on releasing more videos following the release of Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999?

Eli: The videos were shot in Colorado, under our own budget, which was basically nothing. We had some of our fellow Metal Brothers, with a video camera come on down to the studio. Fill them in on our concepts for the tracks, and just went for it man. You know the whole "Do it yourself Attitude!" Thanks go out to Don Rottenbutcher and Ivan Agala for all that they did to make these happen for the Satan's Host Legions World Wide 9. As far as doing any under the label, for the new CD, only time will tell. Though if too much time passes without results, Satan's Host will take the initiative and do one ourselves, under our own budget. Ave. Lucifer...999

Michel: With Power ˜ Purity ˜ Perfection...999 completed, are you already working on a new album?

Eli: Yes, Satan's Host is presently working on some new tracks for the next CD and planning on getting back into the studio next year, spring 2010. Satanic Dark Melody, which will be filled with evil leads and Luciferian Lyrical Poetry. Drums will only get more brutal, as with the bass much more powerful than ever before...999.

Michel: That's all I have for now... The last words are yours!

Eli: We give thanks out to the Satan's Host Legions / Fans around this worldwide 9. All our friends that we have made throughout the years, both on a street level and in the industry. Our sponsors, Schecter Guitars, Engel Amps, Ddrums. Odin and his crew at Moribund Cult Records. Club and venue owners, as with promoters that actually paid the band. Your Support is our catalyst, "Power˜Purity˜Perfection...999." "Power of Satan Compels Us too Greatness 9." Hail SATAN...666

New CD and shirts available:

Contact info and videos:
www.SatansHost.com, www.myspace.com/SatansHost, www.YouTube.com/SatansHost418